Candy Crush Saga Level 265

Candy Crush Level 265Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 40,000 points in 30 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 95000 points
3 stars: 115000 points

This is a little tricky as all the jelly is double jelly, off to the sides and you have bomb dispensers once you eliminate the pieces. The helpful part is all the jelly is in the same 4 rows so you can can create horizontal striped candies and set them off in those rows, that’s the most common way to get through this level. If you can create a color bomb and mix it with a striped candy you can do major damage and it will make it a lot easier to pass this level in 30 moves. The hardest part is keeping track of all the bombs and making them disappear when needed.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 265

Use horizontally striped candy matches or a striped/color bomb combo to remove the bombs. Also look for any opportunities to swap out the bombs with regular candies. A striped/wrapped combo can also take out some bombs and may be easier to create.

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22 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 265”
  1. Sparkles

    Read your tips first, and finished this level on 1st try in 26 moves. I lucked into a sprinkled candy and mixed with a stripe, and it cleared the board! Thanks!

  2. Susan

    Finally crushed it after five days! On the iPad version too! Use the sprinkle bombs to zap bombs!

  3. J.L.

    Swapping the bombs for a regular candy, once the jelly space the bomb occupies has been cleared, is the way to give yourself breathing space to clear this level. Once I found that out, the rest was much easier to deal with. Once a regular candy is under a bomb dispenser and you don’t have to hit that space anymore to clear a jelly, it stops that dispenser from dropping another bomb, leaving you free to try to make combos.


      Thanks for the great tip :D

  4. Patrick

    Ok, time for some update on that level. I’m surprised that nobody noticed the reason why some have MAJOR difficulties on that level while a mojority just breeze through it; simple, mobile version is WAY more difficult. It doesn’t start you with visible candies on the side, instead, it’s filled with meringue. And it still only give you 30 moves. Now, that’s a very different challenge. 16 hits needed to reveal the candies like normal version have. Unfair. I think thay mess something in the adaptation of the mobile version.


      Your right Patrick, there does seem to be a couple of different versions for a few levels, depending on which device you are playing on. So if you can switch devices, give it a go and see if you can beat this annoying level :)

    • Karina

      Well, the sides on my tablet and on my desktop computer are filled with meringues at the start. So what is going on? There are visible candies on the sides? Not here. No wonder I cannot pass this level.

  5. Candy

    When you move a bomb out it doesn’t get replaced with another bomb. If u leave it there when matched up, another bomb immediately replaces it.

  6. Sharon

    I am having a problem with levels not syncing from my iPhone to desktop and vice-versa. I should be on level 266 on both. It’s showing 265 on desktop and 266 on iPhone and the iPhone is not still showing my pic at 255? Whts going on??? Can u sync both @266
    Thanks u


      Yes you should be able to sync both Sharon. Try refreshing your page or turning both devices off, wait a couple of minutes and then turn them back on again. If the problem persists then please contact King by the following link –

  7. Jill

    Wow, read the strategy and comments and went Peggy Lee’s way of not breaking jelly until right the end. Worked first attempt!

  8. John Taylor

    Try moving other candies into the spaces where the bombs fall, this will give you extra time to get horizontal candies or color bomb combos set up.


      Nice tip John, thanks :)

  9. Deb

    What’s the Peggy strategy?

  10. saif mohammed

    I now will try Peggy strategy wish me good luck especially peggy


      We all wish you good luck :)

  11. Doug

    Finally got it using the Peggy technique!


      Let’s all say a big “Thank You Peggy” ! Keep crushing Doug!

  12. Danniella

    I have used about 40 lives trying to pass this board but with your tips, hopefully I’ll now pass it


      You will definitely do it! Keep fighting

  13. Cherlyn Lim

    I followed Ms Peggy Lee’s strategy. One attempt and I am done, thanks Peggy!


      congrats Cherlyn! And thank you Ms Peggy

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