Candy Crush Saga Level 266

Collect all the orders (5 striped/striped combos) and reach 25,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 25000 points
2 stars: 180000 points
3 stars: 260000 points

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 266

Clear the chocolate first to give yourself room to create the striped candies. The outer 2 lower columns are bomb dispensers but bombs can be used to create the striped candies. If you play high on the board, near the center chocolate factories, you can avoid the bombs. Just make sure everything explodes above the bomb dispensers!

This level is a bit complicated because of all the chocolate fans on the board. With the fact that you need 4 candies in a row to create a striped candy, you have to clear up the middle of the board and try to make matches and let them fall to the bottom. Once they are down there match them as soon as you can and keep controlling the chocolate as you attempt to keep matching and mixing.

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45 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 266”
  1. Ray

    This is the most frustrating level yet and frankly not worth the effort. This is supposed to be a fun game and one were the maker makes a lot of money from extra purchases. I dont mind buying extra moves sometimes but this level has stopped me as a customer of candy crush. Sorry but my money is being used elsewhere.

    Fun shouldnt be total frustration.

    Perhaps a good thing as l will get rid or an addiction.

    What a shame as it was a fun run

  2. Theresa

    266 might be the level that does it for me…it is too,frustrating when you can’t crush the bombs in time, wack the chipocolate as well while trying to keep those striped candies from exploding or saving the came after only 10-15 moves before losing…it is ridiculous…I may just hit delete and forget about it…it is too frustrating and I probably will hit the kill viputton for the game!!!!!

  3. Peggi

    WooHoo, thanks Pat!
    I was getting frustrated with this level due to what other CC players cited: the bombs, the seemingly “spontaneous” bursting of striped candies and the inability to maneuver those striped you do get to collect the orders. BUT, I read your tips and after two more tries, voila! I beat it!
    I am glad to say I have never paid for any bonuses and have 0 gold bars now but I am determined to get to the end without paying one single cent!
    I am bookmarking your site in the hope that if I get frustrated again, I can come here and learn some more tips.


      Pats tips are always great! We love them :) And keep that spirit until the end – You will get there! And happy our site could be of use to you :) Happy Crushing

  4. quewpie

    I’d love to know just who exactly has this no bomb “update” from a year ago. I play on two different platforms and have bombs and from the comments here so does everyone else. This is the worst level yet. Using the strategy of only working the top of the board only results in the few striped candies you manage to create cascading into mass explosions that erase any progress you’ve made and start the bomb dispensers. Then you might as well quit no matter how many moves you have left.


      Yes unfortunately the bombs are back as Patricia so rightly informed us. will shall be updating our comments, videos and tips throughout the week so please bear with us in the meantime. Also Pat is kindly going to go through each and every level and then inform us of any changes :)

  5. cathy

    Frustrating because many attempts to set up striped candies explode before you can use them! Was on this level several days and finally I realized if I concentrated on the top half of the board, I got further along. So, I tried to totally avoid the bottom of the board, to the extent that it sometimes filled with chocolate. All the better, it kept the bombs from coming out! After the 16th move, I let myself play on the bottom cuz then I didn’t have to worry about the bombs exploding.
    It did feel like the Candy Crush Gods were giving me the set ups I needed though,… on the game I finally won. Maybe they could sense my readiness to quit.
    This level wasn’t fun! :/


      That’s a great tip Cathy thanks! :D And well done for beating a frustrating level!

    • Mohit Trivedi

      Absolutely rockin’ tip, was struggling but your idea got me through in the first attempt after that. ROCK ON :)

    • Marlene

      OMG!!!! EUREKA!!!! I followed your tips and , I got it on the very next try. Very frustrating level. Thank you.


        Your Welcome :)

  6. LLinFL

    Where is the video walk-thru for level 266???


      Hi thanks for letting us know, we have just updated this level with a walkthrough video. Good Luck :)

      • LLinFL

        Thanks for the video but I noticed you don’t have bombs!!! I know I can pass this level if I didn’t have those rotten bombs!!! What device are you using or how do I get rid of the bombs??? My device does auto updates and there haven’t been any for Crush. What gives???

        • quewpie

          I play on my phone and PC and I have bombs too.

  7. Judy

    I replied yesterday regarding the near impossibility.. Saying that I loved the game but this level has got me… Been playing it for about a month and havnt even gotten close… I read the tips to no avail…. Also was wondering why my reply yesterday was declined… It was a perfectly nice text.. any who doubt I will beat my head against the wall much longer… And ps I still have bomb dispensers??

  8. Ina

    Once again, another level that i cant deal with anymore. Either the bombs go off, the stripes explode or you get down to needing one more striped combo and you can’t get them together because there is one in the way and not enough moves. How frustrating after playing so long on this level. None of the levels have been easy lately and my friends have obviously stopped playing because I’m getting so many requests from other games. I have to say that I’m proud of myself for getting this far but not enjoying the stress and frustration of these levels that are getting harder and harder with no break.

  9. Donna

    And if Candy Crush changed and went back to the bombs, it means that too many people were passing the level. GRRR!


      We can feel your frustration Donna, but stay calm and keep going. We’re sure you can beat it sooner then later :) Try switching playing devices as crushers have suggested this helps when trying to beat a board

  10. Donna

    Anyone who thinks that the creators of Candy Crush and its sister games are in it for anything but money needs a good head check. Why do you think they make certain levels almost impossible – if not impossible – to pass, while at the same time intercepting between levels with their sneaky “Looks like you’re having trouble! Why don’t you buy _______?” And then there are the paid boosters at the top. A friend of mine told me that King makes over $900,000 PER DAY! I hate to admit but I’ve been one of the contributors! At least I was in the past. 3 tickets to get to a new level? Run out of lives and waiting for friends to help or the clock to wind down? With their seductive and hypnotic music (that I turned off long ago) and their “challenging” (read: unless the board is stacked a certain way, there’s no way you’re going to win it anyway!) levels, it’s the same as being hooked on video slots at a casino. These companies pay programmers beaucoup bucks to find ways to keep people hooked.

    That said, I thank God for Patricia. I’m dealing in the 200 levels and I can tell you that without her hints, I would have been complete toast. At least she puts me in the ballpark. But if ruthless King enterprises decides that you’re not going to get out of the level for a long, long time, plan to be in there. I actually believe that they program some levels to take longer to pass for certain players than for others, and that part of the programming has to do with the $$$$ they’ve managed to get out of a player. Don’t think for a minute that this can’t be programmed into your individual levels!

    None of this eviscerates their greed or makes the levels more easy to get through, but at least knowing it helps keeps me defiant. A friend told me that she got to a certain level (somewhere in the 300s) and after spending more than two weeks on it quit Candy Crush cold turkey because she refused to donate another penny to these thieves. If I ever get to the point where a level feels totally impossible to pass, I’ll do the same thing.

  11. Judy

    First I love Candy Crush….that being said… I am on level 266 and have been for a month… I have tried the clues but the closest I have gotten is 2 matches left… There have been tough levels before but this one is killing me… So far getting to this level I have only paid abought 4.98 and that was just being impatient to keep playing so bought extra lives…. I will keep checking for new tips…
    Wish me Luck!

    • Judy

      Ps I still have bomb dispensers… I play on Ipad…


      We wish you all the luck Judy! And if you come across any more tips then please let us know :)

  12. Karen

    How do you use the bombs to make striped candies?

  13. Karen

    I have played this over 100 times, I just don’t see a way to beat it. If it’s not the chocolate boxing you out, the bombs get you every time!! How do you update to the new version? I have been playing on my laptop through FB for 8 months or so and have never updated. I also have another issue. When I run out of lives or need gold, when I click to go to ask friends for help or buy gold, I only get a blank screen. No friend’s list appears and when I want to buy gold, I get the screen to but it, but when I click on what I want to buy, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  14. mark

    This level is garbage. Never thought I’d have 1 that beats me. Even the so called hard levels I had no problem with, but this one…bombs, chocolate, striped pieces that unexplainably blow up, pieces that disappear completely in the bottom center? Tried staying in the top half and seems impossible to make enough striped to even come close Won’t say I am done, but definitely if their is a level where luck is a bigger factor than skill…this one is it. Anyone have some advice?


      There’s always one level that stops us in our stride for a while, but you’ve made to level 266 which is pretty impressive so stay calm, keep going and hopefully you do get a little luck on your side :)

    • Donna

      Mark, when a garbage level appears, it means that Candy Crush is counting on you to eventually break down and buy their boosters. King enterprises is ruthless. Don’t believe otherwise. I had a friend quit the game cold turkey when she realized that she couldn’t beat a level in the 300s after trying for two straight weeks. She refused to buy anything from Candy Crush to help her win. Good for her. I’ll do the same thing if I find I’m spending too much time on any level. This particular level is bullspit. This could be the one that finally does it for me.

      • Gammj

        Or you could just download a hack and get past the garbage levels.

        I’m the same way, I’m not going to pay to bypass obvious garbage levels where you MIGHT get lucky and get the right combo of candy once every 50 tries. But it’d like to keep playing with my friends too. So we just hack past the garbage levels. Easy.

  15. Jan

    I find this level extremely aggravating…Ive tried using the top level and all the strategies…nothing works…maybe time to find a new game…there are too many bombs and chocolate…I thought this was supposed to be fun…its frustrating..I too refuse to buy any more gold bars or extra moves..maybe I”ll try again when its revised…it ridiculous for it to be this difficult.

  16. Angela

    This is the worst level, played a over 100 times and the most stripped candies I got is three. I tried to update to the new version but I keep getting the old version. I am quitting

  17. Melissa

    I thought you said the bomb dispensers were removed after the latest update. I still see them on the iPhone and iPad after the update this week.


      As everything is still in the transition process, this could be the cause of why you are still able to see the bomb dispensers. Just hold on and be patient, if not you can always try playing the game above the dispensers as this could help :)

  18. Darcie

    I continue to try using upper half to make make matching stripes and it seems the higher it is, the more likely it is to explode prior to getting second one near it! The tip said they took away the bomb maker….as of 11/15/13, it’s still there sadly. If you have any addiional advice I’d LOVE to read it! This level is so fustrating! All it’s missing is a timer to make it the worst level possible.

  19. Lori

    This really works! Only use the board above the bomb dispenser. This level can be cleared!

  20. Andrea Ralston

    I’ve played this level, probably 100x with no luck and I REFUSE to give you one more dime. This level is impossibly hard and I don’t believe anyone’s passing without paying, therefore I will have to quit because of level 266.


      if you ask me, this level is not impossible. please read the tips/strategies/discussion here and you will beat it in the next 10 tried (IF you are focused and calm)

  21. nancy woodman

    just passed 266 tonight yay! just as others said, work on top and center, I must have played a hundred times, but finally the matches came, some came after I was down to the bombs so I finished last 3 on bottom of board, last order filled with zero turns. you can do it too!!! thanks to pat, u keep us sane!


      Great news nancy! Keep crushing

  22. Rochelle

    Hi! I do not start or even open the next level without reading your tips. I just started playing a month ago and gladly, I’m now on level 267. Thanks to you! Some levels were really fun and easy while a few others could almost give me a heart attack! Haha. With a few moves left and just one jelly or order lacking, this game is really a challenge. I believe I advance this fast because your tips are really valuable. Other crushers ‘ tips also help a lot. Happy crushing everyone. I’m excited to overtake my friends. Hehe.


      thank you so much rochelle for your kind words! this gives us the energy to continue!!!

  23. Laura

    Patricia, thank you! Using the bombs to make striped candies did the trick! 2 tries later, i got it and moved on, had been stuck at this level for quite a while :)


      Pat is a real expert! We are happy to be helpful for you :)

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