Candy Crush Level 267Target
Score 100,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 125000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

100,000 points is a lot to score and with chocolate fans on the bottom spinner dispensers on the far left and right and bomb dispensers in the middle covered up with blocks, this is a real time crunch. You are going to have to get into the bombs right away though to make the score. 3,000 points a piece is going to help you here and there are 4 frozen +5s for you in the middle of the blocks. Clear them out and try for as many powerup candies as you can.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 267

Work through the blocks as quickly as you can to get at the +5’s in the center and then use the bombs to help create specials to raise your score. You can’t stop the chocolate, but making the specials with the bombs should help. (Sometimes if you’ve got a bomb about to explode, check your score and then the board—if you have enough special candies, do not make a move–let time run out. Your specials will explode–taking any bombs in the way with them–and continue to raise your score.)