Candy Crush Saga Level 267

Candy Crush Level 267Target
Score 100,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 125000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

100,000 points is a lot to score and with chocolate fans on the bottom spinner dispensers on the far left and right and bomb dispensers in the middle covered up with blocks, this is a real time crunch. You are going to have to get into the bombs right away though to make the score. 3,000 points a piece is going to help you here and there are 4 frozen +5s for you in the middle of the blocks. Clear them out and try for as many powerup candies as you can.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 267

Work through the blocks as quickly as you can to get at the +5’s in the center and then use the bombs to help create specials to raise your score. You can’t stop the chocolate, but making the specials with the bombs should help. (Sometimes if you’ve got a bomb about to explode, check your score and then the board—if you have enough special candies, do not make a move–let time run out. Your specials will explode–taking any bombs in the way with them–and continue to raise your score.)

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36 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 267”
  1. samejohn

    What’s with the bombs being at zero as soon as they drop from the dispenser?! That’s happened to me several times on this level!

  2. Marlene

    Yay!!!!!! Finally!!!! Even after following tips it still took a while. Glad to be off of this one. Although, I’m sure there are others to follow.


      Congrats on passing!

  3. Mary K

    Loved the tips! My tip is to not panic! I worked slower than usual on a timed board and looked more carefully for my matches. Worked like charm! I ended up with a lot of +5s and 3 color bombs that helped me clear the board! 3 stars! So.. Be calm and take a second or two to look!

  4. Connie

    This level was driving me crazy. Today I was up to just above 37,000 points, had two separated striped candies, and the middle of the board was packed with bombs, including two ready to explode on my next move. Total loser. I stopped playing and let the clock run out to see how much my score would rise. The entire board exploded one section at a time and I ended up with 100,580 points! I was shocked – thought my starting score was too low to shoot up that high! Only got 1 star but I am so happy to be finished with #267!


      With some levels 1 star is perfect, if you ask me! Keep crushing!!

    • Ray

      Awesome tip, about letting time run out, got thru this level after 5 tries! Thank you

  5. Teresa C.

    For those that are about to give up and quit because of this level…DON’T. You can pass this level without paying, you just have to have patience and luck. Took me about 50 tries, but I did it. Read and pay attention to all the tips, they do help. I started on the bottom of the board and worked on one side until I ran out of moves on that side then I worked on the other side. Be sure to keep your eye out for bombs cause they will sneak up on you when you get close to the top, especially if a special has been used. I had over 80,000 and a few specials made with36 seconds left, but I had a bomb with 1 move left so I just let the clock run out and hoped for the best. It worked, I passed. I only passed with 2 stars, but I passed and with this level that’s all that mattered. I have not spent any money to get this far and I will not spend any no matter how long it takes to pass a level.


      Thanks so much for all the positive feedback and optimistic view! Well done.. keep crushing Teresa!!

  6. Rhonda

    New tips? Please tell me where I can find these. I’m no idiot I’ve gotten this far, but my boards just don’t give me any option but to match up high. Bombs destroy me every game, and honestly I have no idea how to make enough points with bombs on the board and enough pts to let time run out.


      you just need to read the discussion above and you will find many tips & strategies

  7. Kathy

    I twice achieved 100k points, but failed to stop playing and bombs went off. The point is, it’s doable. You just have to stop playing when you get to 100k or else you will lose the game. I think it’s unfair. If you get the points, you get the points. Why should you be penalized for continuing? Bombs going off or not!

    • Kathy

      Finally. Got to about 95k again and just sat with a couple bombs at the 1 mark. The remaining bomb points took me over 100k. I hated this level with the heat of a thousand suns.


        good news indeed! Keep walking kathy!!

  8. Kristin

    Thanks for the tips y’all. Passed it right after reading them.


      That’s great Kristin! Thank you for the positive feedback

  9. Magdalen

    To the person who suggested you stop playing when one or more bombs are at 1 and you can’t crush them–BLESS YOU!

    For everyone else, this is the secret to this level. I’m crap at the timed levels, but with practice and luck (a color bomb is nice), I was able to get the score up around 90,000 a few times. Only then I just had to keep playing, and a bomb would kill me.

    So–train yourself to stop when any bomb is about to go off but hasn’t yet. I know, it’s excruciating with time still left on the clock, but this actually works.

    On to 268!


      Great news Magdalen, keep crushing!

  10. Julie

    Can’t cope with this level , way to hard. Tried all above tips and still no joy. Takes the fun out of the game. Think am gonna quit .


      not even close??

  11. Dee

    Got it in seven tries. Thanks for the tips :)


      You’re welcome Dee

  12. Justin

    I’m calling it quits. I’m stucked at this level for 2 weeks already. Ridiculously difficult to win this level. It destroys my fun of playing this game. Goodbye candy crush.


      No luck with our tips?

  13. Westchaser

    Level 267 is my demise. Been stuck for over 2 weeks, playing at least 15 lives a day. Sure, I’m going to BUY 15 more seconds, hoping to get the other 75,000 pts I need. This totally bites.! Sound like a broken record lol


      did you try to utilize our tips?

      • Westchaser

        Yes!! About 150 times!!

        • Westchaser

          Ok. Had someone else try to pass 267 for me. Said my boards really sucked and couldn’t pass it either, even though he isWAY past level 267. Guess I’m doomed to quit :(

  14. westchaser

    My comment was actually about level 267. I can’t get more than around 40-50,000 pts, and that’s rare. Argh! But I did get my gifted lives problem straightened out (I hope).


      Just updated the tips section for Level 267 – you can find the new tips on the post above

  15. westchaser

    Seriously-100,00 pts! This level is a true rip off. On top of that- I lost ALL OF MY SAVED LIVES TODAY- for the second time. What is going on?


      you need to keep trying.. and be patient! cause patience is a virtue.. especially with Candy Crush

      • Westchaser

        Patience about to run out on 267. I’m NOT an idiot, but cannot pass this level. Burning me out :(


          we will update the tips section asap! Hopefully the new tips will work for you!

          • Westchaser

            Maybe I am an idiot. Still trying with absolutely NO luck. And I’m not being able to keep the lives my friends send. All around bummer.

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