Candy Crush Level 272Target
Bring the ingredients down (5 acorns, 5 cherries) and score 100,000 points in 45 moves.

1 star: 100000 points
2 stars: 220000 points
3 stars: 280000 points

You have a lot of ingredients to move down and they only come from the 2nd and 4th dispensers. The 1st, 3rd, and 5th dispensers toss bombs at you. You have 2 coconut wheels at the bottom to help you out. First things first, clear the chocolate at the bottom which will most likely unlock the coconut wheels. Use the coconut wheels horizontally to shoot a striped candy up and let the pieces begin to flow. Whenever possible, make a vertical striped candy and shoot it through the column with the ingredient in it to zip it right through. If you can make matches up top to remove the blocks in front of the ingredient dispensers without having to use the coconut wheels, definitely do that. Points aren’t an issue as the ingredients are worth 10,000 each. A neat little trick is to only open up one of the ingredient dispensers so all of the ingredients come out in one column and you only have to focus on one side.

Thanks to Matthew Dean

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 272

If you can make any matches to break the block under ONE ingredient dispenser, do it. Then break the chocolate as much as you can to release the coconut wheel on that side. The ingredients should come from one dispenser making it easier to get them out.