Candy Crush Saga Level 273

Candy Crush Level 273Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 75,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 75000 points
2 stars: 115000 points
3 stars: 150000 points

Clearing the jelly looks simple until you make it all the way down to the bottom and notice the bomb dispensers! The first row is simple single jelly, then you have 2 hit blocks, then 3 hit blocks, then 4 hit blocks in the last row. The one thing that makes this level hard is the bombs, because they are only 7 move bombs. All the jelly after the first row, it is all double from there on out.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 273

The heavy blocks require lots of striped/wrapped combos. Be careful of the bombs—they recycle through the teleports, so remove them as soon as you see them.

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43 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 273”
  1. ClaudiB

    What I don’t get are the complainers. Nobody is forced to play this game. I’m stuck on 273 but I know I will pass it eventually. Just like all the other “stinkers”. When I run out of lives but still feel like playing I set the time ahead on my device and keep at it. Haven’t spent any money and don’t intend to, but I will continue to have fun. Plus, the hard levels certainly make all the other ones a breeze. So quit your griping and enjoy the game. Or quit Candy Crush and play something that suits you better.

    • timbo

      timbo dam straight

  2. Jason

    You people complaining about not passing a level after a few hours or a day? Geesh, try for a week, THEN you can complain.

  3. Ina Leventhal

    I keep trying and just can’t pass…last try 3 jellies left…out of moves. Too frustrating and have been playing this level forever. Im at the point that I just don’t want to play it anymore. I open it up…look at the board…start playing and it turns hopeless. There are way too many bombs on this level. Guess I’m just not that lucky.


      Some levels do involve more luck then others, but if you hang in there and maybe play on a different device you could end up beating this level once and for all :)

      • Ina Leventhal

        Thanks for the encouragement. After playing on my iphone at the dentist today and my ipad 1/2 ago..I just miraculously passed on my PC. I just checked the next level, read tips and watched video…all I can say is:
        “Lions and Tiger and BOMBS!! Oh My”

  4. Ina

    OMG…I have been obsessing on this level, especially since yesterday, playing constantly on 3 devices. I get so close and I’m getting palpitations playing this level. Not sure that’s a good thing…my heart is racing…may have to stop playing…sadly.

    • Ina

      Why is nothing working for me on this level? Please candy crush, give us seniors in our 60′s a break. I’m obsessed with passing this but not sure it is worth the palpitations I’m getting playing this level.

  5. Bobbie Howard

    This games sucks can’t enjoy the games for the bombs can’t get close because of the bombs thanks for the stress


      bombs do make these levels tricky, but keep at it and you’ll be able to defeat them :) And remember to take breaks too!

  6. Bobbie Howard

    This is so wrong levels are to be fun to play how do u expect a level to be fun if u have more bombs than plays I know it’s suppose to be challenging but this is ridiculous yea u have people who passes it but who knows how many lives they use or money if this games is to make money to play than fun ya really know what to do an ya know to do for real some of these games or terrible to play

  7. Ina

    Here we go again..another frustrating level with way to many bombs. I have had 3 or 4 jellies left and bombs explode or run out of moves. As much as I love this game, levels like this, one after another, are setting my nerves on edge. You never get a board like the video. Tips are great but if you have no way to dispose of a over. Can’t get the combos…game over. I’m so frustrated with this level. I want to just quit playing. Please candy crush..don’t take the fun out of this game. I’m truly sad over this level.

    • Ina

      Getting so crazy..been playing this level for over an hour on cell, iPad and computer. Can’t get pass this…it’s no fun at all : (

  8. tracy

    so done with this level! ready to just quit the game all together!

  9. Wvrsof6

    This is by far, for me, is the hardest and most frustrating level yet! I have had one jelly left only three times and I have been working on it for at least two weeks. Fortunately, this is the only level that has taken me so much time in attempts to finish. I ALMOST caved in and purchased the $1.99 package that lets you continue just to finish the board. However, I am proud to say that I have NEVER paid to complete any level so far and I refuse to do so. I also know that if I were to cave in and pay to pass the level that I won’t feel like I have accomplished anything. This level is so hard that I am finally getting bored playing Candy Crush.


      Just hang in there! You’ll be able to defeat this level. Try switching devices and see what board you get then :)

  10. MM

    Has anyone have trouble connecting to Facebook through candy crush on my iPad ? Have not been able to connect for 5 days. Help

    • NissanFixer

      Yes. Turn your iPad completely off, then back on it will reconnect to FB. I have to do that every couple of days.

  11. jane

    This level is broken. Im uninstalling this game. I like to have fun but this isnt fun. May want to fix it. Done ?

  12. Ange

    This level is fricking hard it has too many bombs, have run out of patients

  13. Momo

    i just got it
    3 starts 192580 points

    bye bye level 273


      Well done for passing! Good luck with your next level :)

  14. Teresa C.

    I finally passed level 273!!!!!!!!!!

    To anyone wanting to quit because of this level…DON’T do it. This level can be beat without paying! It took me about 4 weeks and probably 300 lives, but I finally did it and without spending a penny!

    This level is hard and it takes a lot of patience, but if you watch the video, read how others have done it, especially Patricia plus a lot of luck you will pass this level. Don’t give up, just slow down, breathe and if you have to step away for a little while then come back and try again.

    The most important tip I can give is keep your eye on the bombs, when one pops up get rid of it as quick as possible. Don’t wait cause you might forget and before you know it, it will explode and game over. Make all the specials you can and use them together, clears out a lot especially the wrapped candies together.

  15. Oranit

    This level is such a stinker that I’m seriously considering quitting. There is only so much frustration I’m willing to take and this has blown my fuse along with the blasted bombs. This is ridiculous.

    • Visit this link to our walkthrough video and strategy for this level. It could help you beat it and move, but don’t give up. Good luck!

    • Goodbye kiss

      Oranit your right. What kind of a people create a game that is this frustrating? What is wrong with these people? Were is the fun in this level?

  16. Denise

    This game is suppose to be fun. I enjoy a challenge but level 273 is ridiculous. I will not spend another dime on this game its not fun anymore you should not have to be stressed out over s game that is suppose to he fun. I would of kept playing this game forever but not aafter this crazy level all you get done is try to keep the bombs from exploding. Done done done looking for another game.


      #273 is tough but you can definitely do it without paying! And if you’ve reached 273 then you can beat it!

  17. Rhonda

    I am so stinkin’ tired of playing this level.
    I’ll bet I have tried to beat it at least 150 times.
    Maybe more.


      Don’t give up Rhonda.. it’s hard, i feel you!!! But you need to try harder! Please confirm that you read all tips/tactices shared here!

      • Rhonda

        Read and tried them all. I have gotten 2 Choco balls
        combined not just once, but twice in one game, and
        no win. I always come up one or two jellies
        short. Very frustrating indeed!


          you ‘re so close Rhonda! You need to keep trying and sooner or later you will do it!

          • Rhonda

            Holy cow….FINALLY!!! Somehow I managed
            to get the very last horizontal stripe to the
            bottom row, with 2 bottom left side jellies
            and 1 bottom right jelly, cleared the row and
            still had 1 move left. Miracle of miracles!
            Now I can enjoy my last day off!! I can only
            imagine how tough 274 will be….


            Yeaaah! YOu finally did it! Everytime you beat a hard level the feeling is incomparable!

  18. Lori

    This level is definitely beatable….don’t give up! I cleared it by focusing on one side of the board. I was able to control the bombs this way. Making horizontal striped specials is key as well as wrapped/striped. Once I cleared the left side I focused on the right side and I don’t know maybe I was lucky but it worked! All other times I focused on the whole board with either bombs blowing up or I ran out of moves. Hope this works for you…good luck!!


      thanks for the optimistic view Lori!

  19. Mrs. Linda Hanley

    Agree with all being said especially about trying to get ride of bombs most of moves wasted on this, rubbish level king need to rethink. May not be playing again, giving me a pain I can live without.


      Hello Linda! I totally understand how you feel – all of the members are found in such position – but please try to take advantage of the conversation taking place here.. there are so many tips and strategies discussed!

  20. GoGo

    This level does suck! You spend most of the time and your moves trying to kill bombs that will explode in less than 10 moves!! Half the time I’m forgetting that I have to remove jellies which are covered by these blocks that take at least 4 hits to get rid of. On top of that the jellies need to be hit twice!!! What kind of mess is that!

  21. Mark Schumacher

    How in the world can you beat this level. My first set of five lives and I only get 8 moves with 42 left. I hit a jelly and it dispenses two to three bombs. Challenging is one thing but this is just an exercise in frustration.


      Tough level indeed, you need to stay calm and focused! Did you try utilizing Matt’s or Pat’s Tips?

      • Mark Schumacher

        I did follow the tips and it worked. I cleared the level shortly after I posted. Ended up being pretty easy when following the tips.


          Thanks for the positive feedback mark!!

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