Candy Crush Saga Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 130,000 points in 45 moves.

1 star: 130000 points
2 stars: 230000 points
3 stars: 270000 points

You have a TON of double jelly to remove and 2 chocolate fans on each side to make things more complicated. Adding to that is the chocolate already on the board, your one reprieve is the 3 jellyfish at the bottom, avoid using them until you need them if possible. To make it even MORE complicated, you get bomb dispensers on top of the chocolate fans! You should be able to create a color bomb or two to help you clear out a lot of this, but once you remove that chocolate above the fan, the bombs that come out are only 8 move bombs, so do your best NOT to release that chocolate until towards the ends. Additionally, all the chocolate has double jelly under it as well.

Our Walkthrough Video and a few Tips on Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275 Tips

  • Its really important to combine the fish with a packed or striped candy and you need to take advantage of it as late as possible
  • You should try playing on the bottom to benefit from the cascade effect
  • Don’t use vertical striped on the first 2 columns of every side

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 275

Work the middle. Try to keep chocolate around the chocolate factory as insulation for the bomb dispensers. Clear as many jellies as you can before you break the chocolate around the upper corners. If you do break the chocolate early, don’t panic. Bombs are only 3 moves, but they are colored candies and can be used to make matches and special candies too.

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100 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 275”
  1. roxy

    OMG….. So been stuck on this level for a few weeks now. But today, Feb 21st, My game app updated and the level has been changed!!!!! They now have those 2 hit block things blocking the bombs (So you don’t have to worry about vertical Striped Candies) AND, most importantly, the bombs are now 8 move – bombs! ! :) I now have hope in beating this level. Oh ya, you now have 45 moves to clear the jelly


      Those updates can come in handy! Happy you finally beat it!! :) Good Luck.

  2. Dennyboi

    This is a very hard level. The only way I won was purely by luck.

    Kamikazee Strategy :
    I accidentally won when I had accidentally unblocked the top corner square with a bomb in it, and I knew I had lost, so I just did a Kamikazee move and combined the Chocolate Bomb with a Stripped Candy and blew the whole board to bits.

    I completely wiped out whatever was left with that move and thus passed the level. So, if you are playing, and have a majority of the jelly already gone, you may want to try the Kamikazee method, and just do a Weapon of Mass Destruction move with the Chocolate Bomb and Stripped Candy Combo. It doesn’t hurt if you’ve already exposed the 3 Move Bomb from one of the top corners.

    1. Playing in the middle, lower area does help, it keeps the candies from unblocking the Bombs in the top corners.
    2. Do try to keep the fishes for last, you will need them to target the squares with the bombs in the top corners.
    3. Every now and then I noticed the chocolate would recover the squares with the bombs in it, and if I had accidentally unblocked one of those squares, I would get lucky and the chocolate would recover the bomb and thus it would not explode. So, even if you unblock one of the bombs and its early in the game, just do a couple moves and see if the chocolate will cover it up.

    Good luck and BONAZAI!!!

    • Maureen

      Chocolate never covered my bombs. I don’t know how many times had at least 30 moves left and bomb came and had no way to get rid if it and chocolate never covered it, so had to leave game. I have lost so many lives playing on 3 different devices cell, tablet and computer, Nada. The person who keeps putting bombs and chocolate together needs to die a slow painful virtual death. At least have one or the other, not both so we have a fighting chance.

    • Bob

      This is my first time commenting. I just want the makers of this game to know that I went from ‘enjoying the game very much’ to ‘as soon as I beat level 275, I’m deleting the game from my phone.’ For every other level (including some very difficult ones), I could see and understand the logic and strategy necessary to complete the level. Over time, I figured out the strategy for this level 275 and confirmed that the strategy was sound by reading some of the posts on this site and others. I have been employing the strategy for several days now, 5 lives at a time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played my first move (a nice, safe first move in the lower middle part of the board) only to have a cascading effect leave me with a bomb in one corner or the other that, no matter what I might do, cannot be wiped out in the three moves that you get. Or, if by chance I can wipe out the one bomb, it’s immediately replaced with another one that can’t be wiped out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cursed in my head when a smart move is ‘rewarded’ with a bomb that cannot be destroyed. Simply put, I no longer have an interest in playing this game. I’m not going to keep playing and subject myself to further levels of this game where success is determined by blind luck and can only be achieved after countless hours of frustration. Some element of luck combined with a litte skill makes a game interesting. Skill that is thwarted by a game that gives you no chance to win makes a game frustrating. I will beat level 275, no matter how long it takes. And, then, “Boom” my bomb goes off on the Candy Crush app. See ya, Saga.

      • Scott

        Then you’ll be happy to know the level got changed in the update. Above the chocolate factories is now a double foil thing, and the bombs that come out have 8 turns on them instead.

        • Betty

          I guess I do not have the updated version. I still have the “3″bomb on level 275. How do i get the updated ersin. I am on an i-pad and I don’t have any updates.

      • Soncie22

        Bob–I understand exactly where you’re coming from..I experienced the same thing with this game; specifically with level 275!!! and it’s starting to p*ss me off–especially when the bombs come out of nowhere with only 2-seconds to destroy it, without a single option in sight. So your only options are to watch the seconds tick on while frantically looking for the impossible–meanwhile, all you can think about is options..Do I allow the seconds to tick by, while I lose the game or do I purchase additional time for the low,low price of $1.99 for five moves? Yeah…not happening!

  3. Lesly

    Guess I’m lucky. I played about ten times before I beat it. I was very careful to eliminate all the jelly without breaking the top corner chocolates. I did those last.


      Great job Lesly!

  4. Sarah G.

    I just beat level 275. None of the tips were helping. I got so frustrated that I started experimenting & it paid off! I accumulated a variety of special candies in the middle of the board (close to the bottom without disturbing the fish). I managed to accumulate 12 of them. 3 fish, 1 color bomb, 5 striped & 3 wrapped. I had only 1 move left. I combined a striped candy with a wrapped one. That set off a huge chain reaction that completely cleared the board!


      Thats great Sarah, Well done :D

    • Soncie22

      Congratulations Sarah!

  5. Apache

    If so many are unhappy with level 275, why not help them out with a small change. These people have played hard to get this far in the game and I am sure they really dont want to quit. Just my two cents worth……….:)

  6. Mary K

    Don’t give up! I just completed level 275 with 2 stars. I followed Patricia’s advice. I took my time and made sprinkle balls when possible (3) and then ignored them til just before I ran out of moves. I didn’t break the top two chocolates until I had about 4 moves left… I used the sprinkle bombs to clear the board. I finished with one turn left. It feels great! If I can do it, fellow crushers, you can too! Good luck!

  7. Anne

    I’m sorry to say that I give up Candy Crush now. I’m so stucked at level 275, and I just can’t pass the level. I’ve been at level 275 for weeks now. It’s not possible for me to do anything more. I have enjoyed the game until now, but enough is enough.


      Have you tried switching devices from PC to Tablet to Mobile? Crushers find that some levels work better on a particular device. So give it a go and let us know :)

      • Anne

        I play Candy Crush both on PC and mobile, and I can’t pass the level 275. I can’t win the level with the two 3- move bombs on the top. I just can’t, and I’m sooo sorry , because I love this game but I can’t use weeeeks on one singel level playing both on PC and mobile. The problem here is the two 3-move bombs. There’s no way I can manage to pass this level. I’m sad, I really enjoyed this game.

  8. Ray

    I took. Nicolas advice, managed to get two striped candy / wrapped candy combos and blasted most of them, then made a colour bomb/stripe, which helped a few more moves and I was DONE!!!!

  9. JayJay

    I did it! After three weeks I am out of Level 275 and can say goodbye to the unpleasant Holiday Hut. This entire series has been a chore. I took a holiday from it periodically to replay old games that I hadn’t scored three stars on yet – that seemed to help as I usually won when I returned. But 275 was the toughest for me so far. Play in the lower middle to start, use striped candies judiciously. Avoid using the chocolate sprinkle candy or the fish until the end when you have some straggling jellies left. Avoid the top corners and keep them and the squares next to them covered in chocolate until the end. If they get uncovered, move the bombs if you can, otherwise make three moves somewhere else without breaking any chocolate and the bombs will get covered again. Bye bye Horrible Holiday Hut!


      Phew! i bet your glad that’s over and very well done! Thanks for the tip too, I’m sure it will come in handy :)

  10. Anton

    I finally did it! For me the trick was to swap the bomb with a candy next to it


      Congrats, thanks for sharing :)

  11. Kirsta Frey

    Wow..must have had a lucky board…passed it on my first try. Used the cascade effect. Only one bomb appeared the whole time I played and went out when cascade occurred. Maybe they changed the level recently. Thanks a bunch for the great tips. This is my go to site before every level!


      Glad we can help! And if you come across any tips, please let us know :)

  12. Kim

    I finished this level after about 25 tries. In many (more than half) I would inadvertently uncover a bomb in the first few moves. Occasionally I got closer so I knew it must be possible. On my last life tonight, after the board before uncovered a bomb in the very first play, I got it. I made 2 doughnuts next to each other. I did that by luck. But then I cleared as much of the board as possible before setting them off. My fish hadn’t been used either so they finished it off.


      Thank you for sharing your experience with us and Good Going! Please keep us updated on your progress Kim, Happy Crushing!

  13. daniel

    This level is frustrating. You can crack a chocolate even when you are not trying. It’s completely unfair because of two reasons. 1) you have three chances to clear the bomb 2) the same color candies does not drop at the top so you can get rid of the bomb. I have had enough. Good bye Candy Crush!!!!!!

  14. Simon

    I liked this level. Very difficult and a bit reliant on luck not to expose the bombs at the top but it’s fun to play – and I completed it within 2 days :-)


      Very good going, well done.

  15. Dallas214

    This level is so frustrating! I read the tips and did just what was recommended. The key for me was combing 2 sets of sprinkled chocolates with a striped. Finally passed the level! Thx!


      Bravo Dallas! Keep crushing.. stay focused and calm :)

  16. Linda

    I give up! This level is so frustrating! I’m not going to waste anymore time trying to get past it. This game used to be a lot of fun, but now…….it’s not. Goodbye Candy Crush Saga!!

  17. Gb

    This level is borderline unfair. You can try all the tips in the world but this level comes down to dumb luck. Just getting the right combo. I love a challenge, but this level takes all the fun out of the game. Any game that ends 4 or 5 moves in because it popped a chocolate, thanks to a cascading effect is silly. I’m almost numb to this level when playing it. Stuck for about a week now with no end in sight. It’s not enjoyable, but one of my friends have beaten this level, so I know it’s possible, just not very probable.


      Tough level indeed, many complaints but you can beat it. Please read tips/discussion that took place here!

      • Linda

        I don’t have time to go through all the discussion posted here…….Any good tips should be posted up at the top!


          best tips are posted at the top but you can also discover gems in the players’ discussion!

  18. Amber

    I finally cleared this level after a week. This time I had accidentally gotten one of the bombs early in the game, but I had already cleared most of that side. I was able to swap it for a regular candy, clear the rest of that side carefully, and eventually chocolate took over the spot as I was working the other side. I did use a few horizontal candies and one striped/wrapped mix at the bottom near the end to clear things out a little more easily.


      Thanks for sharing your experience Amber

  19. Sue

    This is the worst level so far for me!!!! A lot of frustration and almost stopped playing the game because it is no longer fun. Desperate I used 3 lollipops because my bomb was ready go off again. Good luck for those of you that haven’t passed it yet!!!!


      did you finally beat it?

  20. Netra

    Seriously frustrating level.. Stuck for the last 10 days and still counting..


      it’s a tough one, for sure.. did you try to take advantage of our tips/strategies/discussion?

  21. CrushingCrap

    None of these tips mean squat if cascading exposes the corner bombs. And that has happened – not exaggerating – the LAST TWELVE TIMES I’ve tried this retarded level!!!! I would really like to meat the f**ktards who created this so I could blast them in their heads. Adios Candy Crush. And all things King.


      Though i feel you, i would say that with so much frustration is not evitable to beat a level. I need to make clear that we are not connected with King, we are just a support community.. having said that i would suggest that you try again when you are focused and cool!

  22. Dave Young

    I finally beat this level after 125 tries… My tips… If you’re an aggressive player, put that all aside for this level- it doesn’t work. You have to avoid trying to unleash the two 3 count bomb candies in the top corners until the very end. Try to start in the middle with simple matches – the closer to the top the better and vertical matches are much better than horizontal ones. Once the chocolates show up, use them as a buffer to make matches along both sides to get rid of as many jellies as possible. The ideal situation is to get a clustered / striped candy match but try not to use it too soon as once those 3 count candy bombs show up, you’re finished – 98% of the time.


      125 tries!?! Ouch! You re persisent! You deserve a huge “bravo”! Keep crushing Dave

  23. GoGo

    This level is like 65 but on major drugs!


      hehe, can’t describe it better!

  24. nancy woodman

    thanks to Pat and her helpful tips, I passed this one, I just have to say I HATE BOMBS! but to those of u still working on it, 276 has no bombs or chocolate yay! Pat, thanks for always being encouraging!


      we owe our sanity to Pat! noone doubts that!!

  25. Arm


    I just finished this level, have to say it is one of the most frustrating ones where you need real LUCK!
    I finished it in about 15 attempts but I know that if I wasn’t lucky enough this could have taken much much longer therefore this level is very difficult.
    I just received a good board and managed to make some candy wrap bombs in the middle and combined them together causing the most part of the middle to get cleared then worked my way carefully to the sides.


      the value of a good board is huge, but we need to live with that

  26. C.Hammond

    This level is evil!


      Did you take advantage of our tips?

  27. Trisha

    Took me 4lives to get this level done. I broke as many jellies as possible starting from the middle and around the chocolate fans. Since it is a double jellies, make sure to pop them at least once. Here is the tricky part, make a chocolate candy and then a striped one and mix. All jellies should be cleared with this and the level is complete.


      thank you for sharing your tips Trisha! Keep crushing!

    • Sherry Decker

      That’s not true…I have mixed several candies, of all varieties, 2-3 times in one game and they did not clear the board. I even mixed 2 chocolate bombs and it cleared most of the board but once the bombs break you’re not going to get a match, most of the time, to kill it or swap it out. A 3 timed bomb is also very unfair considering you get 50 moves. I went through 5 games in 5 minutes! Crazy!!

  28. LoganM

    Finally, finally, finally…I did it and passed this level! I don’t really have any huge insights, but I *did* try to get the chocolates on the sides out of the way first. Be careful, though. There’s no real need to do any fancy moves, as cascading/falling candies can reveal the bombs before you’re ready to do that. Try to keep the bombs covered in chocolate as long as possible. Keeping the squares next to the bomb covered in chocolate as long as possible as well really helped me, too.

  29. jeanvic

    I cleared this level without uncovering the chocolate at the very top left and right (so I never released a time bomb). There is no jelly underneath those 2 pieces of chocolate.


      Thanks for sharing your experience Jean!

  30. LoganM

    I already hate this level, and I’ve only been on it for a few days. 3-move bombs? WTH? How are you supposed to get past this round when you have to deal with bombs that explode in THREE MOVES????? And, if they are set off by a chain reaction of some sort, you might as well forget it. The jewels that drop are never the ones you need to get rid of those damn bombs…

    I’m not going to give up, and I REFUSE to buy anything, so I guess I’m gonna be on this one a while. One of the most frustrating levels yet… :-(


      I feel you Logan! You need to be calm and focused! And you will definitely do it!

  31. James

    Hello. I’ve been playing this game for a month or two now, and have just completed this level after about 20 tries. I want to tell people not to give up as the tips here are really useful and the longest time I’ve ever been stuck on a level is 1 week. This game is mostly skill combined with some good luck. Most of the levels are pretty straightforward. I have never spent a penny either.

    So, do keep going!


      Thank you so much for the positive feedback James!

  32. CandyCrushMama

    I followed your tips and after several close calls finally completed this level! Thanks CrushingCandies!


      You’re welcome CCmama

  33. Emma

    I found this level to be frustrating but easy and passed after 10 attempts with the tips given.
    I would also like to say it makes it easier to complete if you start in the middle of the board and work out. Use the fish as the last thing to hit the bombs up top then you’ll only have a couple of jelly on the sides to knock out.

    Happy playing and good luck.


      Thank you for the positive feedback Emma :) and thank you for sharing your tips

  34. Lei

    I just finished this hell of a level what a relief!
    The most helpful tips were:
    start eliminating jelly from the bottom going up.
    Do not let chocolate block the topmost row as your candies will stop coming down.
    Form a wrapped + stripped combo in the middle w/o hitting the bombs.
    Do not eliminate the chocolate covering the bombs.
    Never use a chocolate + stripped combo because it will always expose the bombs!
    Use the fishes and chocolates for last minute jelly elimination .
    If you have exposed the bombs just restart. New bombs just keep on falling down there.

  35. Ron

    I ve clear 275 couple of times n ve two to thre star n y can’t to go next stage where it shown a spanner

    • Team

      did you also clear all jellies?

      • Ron

        Yes, it’s shown me 3 stars for high score n retry same stage or next stage .
        When next stage, it show ; To be continued ……soon there be more land to be explore. Until then you can replay previous level to gain higher scores and more stars.. Is it under construction ???

        • Ron

          And jelly is not cleared , it will end with Out Of Move!
          And I won’t be seeing three stars

        • Alexi jorda

          I have the same issue- level 275 passed with 3 stars and a message after there will be more land to explore soon…. Keep playing prior levels to get higher scores and stars….
          I should delete this game

  36. PJ

    I finally made it thru this level, tho needed a couple extra moves to do so (had one jelly left). I found your tips helpful, tho a lot depended on luck as well.

  37. David

    Come on, what did u think with a 3 moves only bombs? That’s totaly stupid and impossible. 99% luck-frustration +1% fun!

  38. booklady710

    three times I got to the end, chocolate covered the bomb and the game freezes. I can’t get it to unfreeze and I lose. I’m ready to just stop playing. solution?

  39. Cheryl

    Well I think I’m going to join Clair in deleting game. Must of tried over 100 times, literally to pass this level. Impossible for me :( now to see what new games are out there. Any ideas?

  40. Tim

    My tip for 165 seemed to be useful for many people.
    Now, I was stuck in 275 for a while and finally passed it after learning about some tips and tricks that I was not aware of.

    I’ve documented it here

    hope it’s useful, and please comment if it works for you.

    Good Luck!

  41. Cheryl

    I have tried every which way with all these tips, without success. I really do believe its by shear luck

    • candy

      its important to combine the tips with a helpful board.. never denied that!

  42. clair

    Just deleted the app andtwo morefriends todayalso has because it near on impossible. well candy crush. Move on to a new game thats actually possible to do..

  43. clair

    This level is a totally rip off!!!! Its impossible.. Just wants you
    to psyfor extra moves

  44. P

    I too am thinking about just deleting the game. I’ve been stuck on this level for over a month. Tired of it already!

    • candy

      did you also try it on PC?

  45. Jenni719

    I have a tip for those of you struggling on this level. Try not to break the chocolate below the bomb generator, of course. But if you do don’t panic. Just try to make a match that switches the bomb with another candy. If you replace the bomb with another candy, the bomb generator will not drop another bomb.

    • candy

      thanks for feedback and tip! if you are interested in supporting our forum and site by helping frustrated crushers just contact us at

  46. CreepyD

    Adding that three above start worked, I passed the level 10 goes or so later.
    Left dodgy square taken with a fish. A majority of the left and right I took with a stripe+bomb.

  47. CreepyD

    I’ve been on this level for a couple of days, maybe had 30 goes our so.
    Twice I’ve had 1 jelly block left, v unlucky. This is the hardest level so far I’d say.
    Tips wise, ignore the tips above!
    You need to be slow and AVOID large cascades. If you have a colour bomb, keep it in case you reveal a bomb to give you more time.
    If you do reveal a bomb, you must move it to its side so a non bomb takes its place, otherwise u get after bomb.
    Try to keep the fish at the bottom until near the end, then use them when the squares next to the chocolate of doom squares are open, with some luck the fish well take those and u won’t have to reveal any bombs.
    Left right stripe candies are useful and u should try to clear the each side first.
    Defo need a lot of luck how ever u do it, but coming so close twice this all works.

  48. Flo

    The tip to combine a fish with a striped candy is useless – every time I do that one if the resulting striped fish creates a horizontal striped candy on the top row and exposes both bombs!

    • yael

      Can’t believe it. I just passed this @!?:@ level!

      • candy

        good to read this.. keep going!

  49. lee johnson

    It’s obvious the game wants you to pay money on levels like these since even if you did keep all your boosters from previous levels non of them are any good in this level. Pure luck levels aren’t fun to play since it could literally waste weeks of your time just to get a lucky board. I have made it this far without paying any money and I will not be giving in now. I will just have to consider the level before this one the last level of the game for me and throw in the towel.

    • candy

      King claims there is no need to pay.. and if you ask me, i know many crushers who didn’t pay a cent and are on level #350

      • lee johnson

        Right, they must have kept trying all the time until they got lucky since this level is all luck. I got this far with skill and some luck but this level is all luck which I cannot control.

  50. Anna Taylor

    I have just watched to video and it is sheer luck. Everytime I play the cascade effect reveals the bombs and even if I clear one of them the other one appears. Even if the bombs do not appear the board is covered in chocolate at the end and you cannot clear the gel. I agree about strategy as I have reached this level without much difficulty but there is also too much luck involved and it is very discouraging. I get the feeling we are just expected to buy the boosters which I refuse to do. Therefore I am erasing the app!

    • Kay

      I also refuse to buy boosts! Totally agree – anyone help?

      • candy

        there is no need to buy boosters.. all levels are beatable with no need to spend money

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