Candy Crush Level 275Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 130,000 points in 45 moves.

1 star: 130000 points
2 stars: 230000 points
3 stars: 270000 points

You have a TON of double jelly to remove and 2 chocolate fans on each side to make things more complicated. Adding to that is the chocolate already on the board, your one reprieve is the 3 jellyfish at the bottom, avoid using them until you need them if possible. To make it even MORE complicated, you get bomb dispensers on top of the chocolate fans! You should be able to create a color bomb or two to help you clear out a lot of this, but once you remove that chocolate above the fan, the bombs that come out are only 8 move bombs, so do your best NOT to release that chocolate until towards the ends. Additionally, all the chocolate has double jelly under it as well.

Our Walkthrough Video and a few Tips on Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275 Tips

  • Its really important to combine the fish with a packed or striped candy and you need to take advantage of it as late as possible
  • You should try playing on the bottom to benefit from the cascade effect
  • Don’t use vertical striped on the first 2 columns of every side

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 275

Work the middle. Try to keep chocolate around the chocolate factory as insulation for the bomb dispensers. Clear as many jellies as you can before you break the chocolate around the upper corners. If you do break the chocolate early, don’t panic. Bombs are only 3 moves, but they are colored candies and can be used to make matches and special candies too.