Candy Crush Level 276Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 90,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 90000 points
2 stars: 180000 points
3 stars: 220000 points

To clear all the jelly, you have to work your way down and the blocks get bigger and badder as you work your way down. The first level is one hit, second level is mostly 2 hit and the blocks in the middle in the bottom row are 5 hitters! There are two wrapped candies down there to help you get a couple of shots in on the blocks, but all of them have jelly on it, so focus more on getting down as opposed to removing the jelly. Dropping a horizontal striped candy down here is great to make a big impact.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 276

Striped/wrapped combos are needed to break through the heavy blocks to clear the jellies. Color bomb/striped candy combos are also great here.