Candy Crush Saga Level 277

Candy Crush Level 277Target
Collect all the orders (19 wrapped candies) and reach 20,000 points in 40 moves.

1 star: 20000 points
2 stars: 130000 points
3 stars: 160000 points

There are 7 locked pieces on the far right and then a row of 5 hitter blocks protecting you from the chocolate fans. In the left hand column you have 9 wrapped candies frozen for you, but don’t start with them yet. Try to make as many wrapped candies as you can early and set them off towards the top so you don’t need to worry about the chocolate fans just yet. Once you make the 10 you need then shoot 2 horizontal striped candies over first to unfreeze and second to set off the wrapped candies and you will clean up those 9. Make anything you can from the beginning though. Note that once you break through the locked in pieces on the right that the chocolate will start growing up.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 277

Do not release the uppermost wrapped candy in the left column or a stream of bombs will enter the picture. Delay unlocking the candies at the extreme right because once they fall into the last column, chocolate begins to grow. Ultimately you will break the blocks and chocolate will grow anyway, but wrapped candies can be difficult to create even without distractions.

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36 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 277”
  1. Ray

    I am afraid this level is the final nail in my CC coffin. It was a fun ride and no doubt l contributed some funds towards their kitty, but when a simple game gets horribly frustrating as this level, why bother.
    I always found CC to be an escape from the everyday chaos at work, but not its getting way too frustrating.

    PS if you are going public l would think you would want to keep your customers not frustrate them to the point of leaving.


  2. Barbara Humphrey

    I’m done with CC. I understand they make it harder with each level, but to make it so difficult it’s no fun anymore, then I’m done. I’ve been wanting to quit for a while but now I a going. Not that CC will miss me but nevertheless, sayonara!

  3. Ina Leventhal

    Amazing…I just passed this level with one move left. Although the bombs released, I really had no problem with them. They kind of blew up with everything else. Can’t believe i got through this level…feeling happy.

  4. ina

    Oh gosh….another insane level…passed 273 and moved right along passing the next 4 levels with ease. Finally had fun again…and now this. First try..needed 4 more and ran out of moves. this level is a bit confusing. Hope my frustration does not build on this level like it did on 273. I’m not as calm as I use to be in my younger years. Read tips and watched video…will try my best…but sometimes my best isn’t always good enough.

  5. Bobbie Howard

    Just tried some of the tips got down to 7 again an got a strip to get the wrapp candy on the side ran out of time I feel like the others it really makes to want to quit or u use most of ur lives trying why do king makes it so hard to play these level it’s suppose to be fun I see why people trying to get u to play other games that’s may not be a bad idea u also use all of ur gb

  6. Bobbie Howard

    They are right it’s not as easy as u say I got to 7 Togo an couldn’t get a sprinkle or a stripe to get the ones on the left it’s eighter one or the other Ive gotten down to 4 an run out of time just when u are having fun ya throw in another hard one tips works not for everyone an some of us only have phones to play on an u say keep on trying that easy for u to say or ya playing the game the tips do work

  7. NJoy

    Used to enjoy this, now upset every night with it. Try to approach fresh and optimistic and it is the same BS all the time. Got down to ONE move to set off last wrapper, then never even close again. Followed all the advice, really thought I had a knack, but I guess I am a moron, cuz I can’t do it.


      Definitely not a Moran NJoy! some levels are simply harder then others and some levels appear harder or easier depending on which device you are playing on. So maybe have a switch around and see if you can beat this level on your mobile/tablet/computer :)

  8. Jason

    After 3 weeks of trying, I finally passed it with a bit of luck. Definitely one of the harder levels! As some have suggested, I worked the middle of the board first until I accumulated 10 wrapped candies. Then used striped candies to set off the ones on the left.


      Great tactic Jason!

  9. Mary K

    I too found Shirl’s advice to be good! I crushed three at a time, made wrapped candies and judiciously used chocolate sprinkle candies. Took some patience, but totally possible! I got three stars! Thanks Patricia and Shirl!

  10. CB

    Played this level for weeks on my phone. Hate to play on desktop, but decided to try it. Passed level with 4 tries on desktop.


      Congrats CB and with one life to spare :D

  11. Deborah Mcgrath

    This level 277 has been impossible for all the tips and tried them…this one is the only level I feel frustrated enough to QUIT…the most I have gotten in 2weeks is 16…What’s up???????


      Just keep going Deborah, you’ll be able to defeat it! Have you checked out our walkthrough video too?

  12. Katherine

    This may be the level to make me delete and never look back to cc. I feel like if you switch a sprinkle ball and a wrapped candy you shoul get the same effect as switching it with a stripped got seven teen out of eighteen and still feel no hope

  13. Rhonda

    I am checking out the tips/strategies before attempting this level and it sounds evil. Patricia, you have been here for me through many, many tough levels, lol. Let’s see if I can put these tips to good use! ~crosses fingers~

    • Rhonda

      I tried my best for 2 days (practically non-stop, lol) then my 19 yr old daughter gave it a try. She beat this level on her 3rd try! She made a few moves, then the wrapped candies just made themselves. Btw, she is on level 213 on her game.


      good luck.

  14. Kist

    I tried Shirl’s method of crushing rows of 3 & I just passed this level. Matching 3 in a row almost always placed candies in position to make the wrapped candy. This was a Great tip! Thanks, Shirl. And thank you, :-)


      You are welcome Kist! Don’t hesitate to share your tips when you feel like that!

  15. Shirl

    I was on this level for weeks- then I tried this and it worked- instead of getting four in a row when I could, I looked carfully because instead of taking the four I did three- almost everytime it was a wrapped candy- look before you move. It took me two tries but I got it- and 3 stars. I hate this level, I almost gave up candy crush


      good news shirl! Keep crushing! Thanks for sharing your experience

    • Dan

      Shirl’s way worked for me! Do not get the striped candy until you have enough wrapped to bring down the rest from the left. Putting three together instead of for leads to many wrapped candies appearing. Thanx Shirl!


        That’s the point here.. if everyone was sharing his/her tips there wouldn’t be so much frustration

  16. nancy

    I finally got all the blasted wrapped candies! I was dreaming about them, sad but true.

    I was down to 1 w one more move so I bought lollipops and smashed that sucker!

    such a relief…


      this is good news! keep walking nancy!

  17. nancy

    I hate wrapped candies lol! got close, only needed 2, why can’t it be 17! and,, just curious, are there always 9 wrapped candies on left?

    keep on crushin everyone!


      you were so close! don’t give up nancy!!

  18. Pat

    I’ve given up. This one is not possible


      oh you shouldn’t ! Just added Pat’s tips for the specific level! Give it a go please!

  19. Meesh

    This level may be the end for me! It is impossible…..


      don’t give up! Be persistent and you will do it! did you try to utilize matt’s detailed strategy?? !

      • Meesh

        Yes….there are just not that many opportunities to create wrapped candies. My highest score was 14…..


          it’s not that far, is it? Don’t give up!!

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