Candy Crush Saga Level 280

Candy Crush Level 280Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 25,000 points in 25 moves.

1 star: 25000 points
2 stars: 60000 points
3 stars: 90000 points

To clear all the jelly here, you have a + shaped double jelly pattern in the middle of the board and double jelly in all 4 corners of the board with 5 hit blocks surrounding the outer border. You are also given 3 jellyfish frozen to assist you in the harder corner pieces. Try to remove the middle jelly and work on the top left and top right areas to try to get to that jelly without using the fish.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 280

Clear the easy jellies first and use the fish to get to the outer corner jellies. Striped/wrapped combos can help with the remaining layer of jellies the fish don’t get to. (Even just exploding a wrapped candy next to the bottom corners can work for that.)

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7 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 280”
  1. Ina

    Tried several times and always ended up with one or two jellies and/or a fish I couldn’t match. So I tried my last life with the fish booster, cleared the middle with one left on the board and one corner. Two fish left that took care of those jellies and passed. ????

  2. Mpn77

    Argh!!!! I figured out the fish try my 2nd turn, but no matter what I do they will not eat the jelly. They eat just 1 layer and then go for candies ( not in jelly) how do you get them to clear a double layer jelly? Is it a glitch in my game?

  3. Mary

    Thanks for the fish tips… Worked like a charm…


      You’re welcome mary!

  4. Sara Wiebe

    Just clear all the center jelly without activating the fish. I did accidentally activate a fish leaving me short for a jelly block but was able to land a color bomb next to main last remaining fish. That tool care of everything left over as well as the last jelly block


      thanks for sharing Sara!

  5. Lei

    I cleared the + jelly which was simple. The released all 3 fishes that cleared all double jelly in the corners.

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