Candy Crush Saga Level 282

Candy Crush Level 282Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 40,000 points in 35 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 65000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

You only start with one ingredient on the board, but you have to first clear out all the chocolate at the bottom of the left side column. As you are clearing it out, try to make horizontal striped candies to shoot through to the bottom right quarter of the board as that is where the ingredients will need to go to next. If you get lucky with the mystery eggs, you will only need to mix the 2 eggs after one shot through them to clear out the space there. Once that is clear, the ingredients can finally go to the last section the top right and out the bottom. You will probably have to make some vertical striped candies and drop them through the bottom left side and then set them off in the bottom right to expedite the ingredients through.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 282

The easiest way through this level is to use the top coconut wheel (across the columns) to break the chocolate and the bottom one (across the rows) to break the blocks on the right side.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 282”
  1. Anne Gavin

    sorry that last post went without correction at the end. meant to say i just completed e282 by combination of two stripes on the bottom line on my last go. thanks Patricia. now for th

  2. Anne Gavin

    Hi Patricia, your tips are good! this site is definitely one of the best, it is all on one page and it’s easy to move to the next one. so many times i thought i would have to just give up and admit defeat, as in levels 180 181 182 277 but i just passed 282 by aamagmgm


      Awesome, glad we could help!

  3. voodiggity

    two color bombs next to each other – it’s the key. I’m telling you. Get them right next to each other and swipe them into each other and they will knock out the licorice swirls and every other candy piece/square, etc. It’s THE way to beat this level. :)


      Thanks for tip! Its also fun to watch when you use this combo :D

  4. Ina Leventhal

    This is far from an easy level. Although the video makes it look so. All of the videos make the levels look easy. 277 was bad enough but this one is running close. Even if I get the ingredients over to the right, which is seldom,..I run out of moves to get them out. Have used lots of stripes and every combo I could make but unless you have a very lucky board and the candy falls in your favor this level is not fun and can be frustrating.

    • Heba

      DAMN RIGHT !

  5. Paulette

    This does not work properly I have a couple of times watched ingredients drop but not count but it seems mostly they are missed or by passed. To much stress and aggregation I am giving up .

  6. Lei

    Quite easy to beat level but very confusing.
    The ingredients would fall from the left box it would go to the lower right box then fall to upper right box. Use the coconut wheels and any combos.

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