Candy Crush Level 283Target
Score 30,000 points in 90 seconds.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 45000 points
3 stars: 55000 points

This a pretty tough level to put up 30,000 points. You have 4 hit blocks in the first 2 rows and all the way at the bottom 5 hit blocks to get to the mystery eggs. Aim for horizontal matches to hit more blocks at once and make striped candies whenever possible. Try to get to the +5’s and the mystery eggs as soon as you can as they will help you score faster, but it is really what lies in the eggs and pushing through to the bottom fast that will make or break you on this level.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 283

Unless you can make striped candies, aim to make as many matches along the upper row of blocks to get through to the +5’s and the mystery candies.