Candy Crush Saga Level 288

Candy Crush Level 288Target
Bring the ingredients down (2 acorns, 2 cherries) and score 40,000 points in 55 moves.

1 star: 40000 points
2 stars: 75000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

4 ingredients to get down to the bottom and only one on the board to start with, you need to work on the 5 hit blocks to get to the locked pieces and then send the pieces down and out. Try to make as many vertical striped candies as you can, shooting them through to get moving through faster. Try to make non striped candies that hit at least 2 of the blocks at once if not creating a striped candy. You can also try to drop a horizontal striped candy to the bottom of the top half and shoot it off to help clear up the top.

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 288

Vertically striped candy matches (or a color bomb/striped candy combo) are really essential to get the ingredients out. Be careful not to move them to alternate columns or they might get stuck and you’ll waste valuable moves moving them back.

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31 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 288”
  1. Amanda

    I think this level, like all tough levels, just requires waiting for the right board. I played several games where there were just no big moves and then, eventually, you seem to get a board with big moves that will get you out of the game at long last. More than anything, tough levels of candy crush require patience because you can’t do anything until you get a good board.


      This is very true Amanda! So never let it kill your spirit as patience is a virtue :)

  2. Ina

    This is a tough one for sure. If not for the tips and video (although videos always make it look easy) I would have never made it this far. I have wanted to quit out of frustration on so many of the harder levels. Kept coming back checking all tips and would finally pass a tough one. This one I’m not so sure of but I will certainly give it my best shot. The candy crush replies to my comments always encourage me to keep trying. Since I have a failed hip replacement and pretty much homebound, this is my source of entertainment to get me through some tough days.

    • Ina

      Passed using a bonus lollipop…didn’t want to use it yet but was afraid my frustration level would get too high.

    • Soncie

      Wow Ina!! Great minds really do think alike; I too have been contemplating quitting the game, but for some reason find myself giving it one more chance..I should probably have my head examined..oh well. Sad to hear about your hip replacement surgery, I hope you’re healing properly.

      Question: Just bought another Kindle Fire, and if I de-register my old kindle will I lose the progress I’ve made on the game?

  3. mejane

    why do not my go down through when i do get a vertical stripe? dont get it???

  4. Mary K

    I finally realized how to beat this level. You have to clear the bottom row early. You do this by freeing up one of the frozen stripes with either a color bomb or a carefully placed stripped bomb. Then you need to explode it sideways. It will give you a good head start on clearing that first row. Then…if you can make a color bomb, match it with one of the now free remaining stripes in the bottom row. The bottom row is now clear and it is far easier to clear the ingredients. Whatever you do, don’t move the ingredients out of their rows! ultimately this was fun to figure and really fun to watch when you win!

    • Tai N

      This is one of the key tips to the level. I’m not sure why it’s not part of the main strategy. The key is to unfreeze at least two of the frozen striped candies. Then, activating one of them will set off a chain reaction which unfreezes the rest and provides enough hits to completely clear the meringue blocks. While doing this, make sure not to clear any of the candies below the frozen candies or else unfreezing any of them will cause them to drop down and you won’t get the necessary cascade.

      Once you clear the bottom meringue blocks, clearing the top blocks and making vertical striped candies in your ingredient columns is “relatively” easy.


        Thanks for the tip!! :D

  5. Neil

    Firstly….thanks a lot for this website, its a great help,

    Level 288 has been a thorn in my side for days, but i persevered and finally managed to crack it,
    as mentioned, striped / wrapped combo’s help massively, i didn’t keep count of how many i got, but it took a LOT !!

    a massive tip to remember is to position the ingredients correctly so they drop through the bottom, they are a bugger to move if out of line with the hole.

    thanks again,



      Glad our site could help! And thanks for adding a tip :)

  6. JenD

    This is the first place I go for tips – level 288 still sucks but I haven’t quit. Yet. Anyway, your tips have been a lifesaver more than once! Thank you!!!


      Glad we can help, Crushers like yourself have got the best tips around and if you pick up any yourself, be sure to let us know :) Happy Crushing

  7. Brandi

    I love your site, so helpful.
    I hate this board. No fun at all. I’ve lost all patients with CC at the moment.


      Glad we can help, but don’t give up. Keep referring back to our tips and videos – let us know your progress.

  8. Jolene

    Thank you for all the great advice. I have recommended your site to all my FB friends so they can have fun playing. Your hard work is really appreciated.


      Thank you, we appreciate your comment. Happy Crushing :D

  9. Kev

    I agree. I wouldn’t be nearly as far as I am if not for you guys. I too check with you guys first if I can’t figure a level out on my own.


      That’s a great honor for us.. thank you so much !!

  10. Rach

    I love your site. This is the ONLY site I go on when I need help, but I have a feeling I will be stuck on this level for about a week. lol.. I recommend this site to everyone I know that needs help on their level. Thanks for taking time out of your day to make this site or I wouldn’t beat half of these levels. haha.


      Such a kind words! thank you soo much Rach!

  11. Hp.fruity

    I always come to this site to check strategies if I’m unsure what to do.


      Thank you so much for the positive feedback

  12. Meesh

    Been stuck on this level for over a week….ready to pack it in! Haven’t even been close….


      Did you try to follow Pat’s or Matt’s Tips?

      • Meesh

        Yes…..the biggest roadblock are the blocks in the first lower row. They take so many hits to remove….


          I feel you!! If you keep trying i am sure you will do it dear!

  13. Den

    Out of all the other sites, yours explains verbally instead of just a video that other sites use! The videos never contain the same set up! The explanations are brilliant even though I still can’t get my head round this one!!!


      Thank you SO MUCH for the positive feedback

  14. LoriV

    You are the best site for understanding the different levels of Candy Crush. You make it very clear what it takes to beat each level.


      such comments make us much more confident and give us the energy to continue! Thank you SO MUCH

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