Candy Crush Saga Level 290

Candy Crush Level 290Target
Clear all the Jelly and score 35,000 points in 50 moves.

1 star: 35000 points
2 stars: 70000 points
3 stars: 95000 points

You have 8 jellyfish in here to help you out, but the top portion is 4 hit blocks with jelly, and the bottom portion is 5 hit jelly pieces. Do your best to set up striped candies to zip through multiple pieces as often as you can and when you can’t make one, make something that hits multiple blocks at once. The bottom portion of all of this is the hardest part to remove.

Here is a walkhtrough video for Candy Crush Level 290

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 290

With all the heavy blocks, you need heavy duty combos here…striped/wrapped combos, wrapped/wrapped combos or even a color bomb/striped candy combo will help.  Try matching the jellyfish with special candies to enhance their effect.

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29 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 290”
  1. Rose

    How do you use the daily prize as a booster? Does it have to be selected before the game starts?


      that depends on the boosters you have collected from the wheel, some have to be selected before the game begins, whilst others can be selected throughout the game such as the lolli pop hammer and free switch booster

  2. Ina

    OMG…finally passed…had one move left and one jelly I couldn’t get, so used a lollipop. I didn’t believe I would ever get this close and didn’t want to take any more chances or getting stuck on this level for weeks. Thanks for the daily spins…though I hardly get the lollipops, I find they are the most useful booster. Now hoping the next one will be easier.

  3. Ina

    I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong that I can’t even get close to passing. The combos waste so many of the jellies and there is no control over them. This level is not as boring as some of the harder levels but I just can’t seem to clear those bottom rows because of the 5 hit blocks. Help…what am I doing wrong?

  4. Ina

    Having so much trouble with this level…making stripe/wrapped, color bomb/stripe and double wrapped and still can seem to clear the bottom completely. Getting very frustrated with this level and don’t think this is one I’ll pass.

  5. Ina

    I have been playing and playing and only once was left with 1 jelly. This level may just do it for me. It just doesn’t seem possible. I keep coming back to see tips from other people but nothing is helping. I have been playing all day on 3 different devices. There is just not enough combos or moves. With a failed hip replacement and pretty much in bed all day I play often but the frustration level is rising with each unpassable board.

  6. Margaret

    Man! This one is so deceiving!!!!!!!!! Been plugging away and just can’t seem to win. Will keep trying………….Didn’t come this far to stop now!!!

  7. Anna

    What is the “booster wheel”? I keep seeing comments about winning boosters, but I don’t see anything like that on my version. I play on a kindle fire, if that makes a difference.


      The Booster Wheel is also known as ‘Daily Spin Wheel’, King brought it out a little while back in December and many Crushers have been able yo use this wheel with success. Unfortunately this wheel has been disappearing lately or hasn’t appeared at all (such as your case). We sadly do not know the answer to this, but it could something to do with the fact that you are playing on the Kindle Fire. If anyone has an insight into this, then please let us know! :)

      • Patricia

        I don’t believe you can use the Daily Spin booster on the Kindle. I tend to play on one of my Droids, so I have an opportunity to spin every 24 hours.

  8. Mary K

    Whew! That was tough. I came over to this site ready to post that I needed some more help to pass this level. I re-read everyone’s suggestions, watched the video again and by then I had one more life. Thought, “what the heck” and I beat 290! Thanks to everyone! This site and the insights (hehe) are all really great!

  9. Rhonda

    Is anyone else sick and tired of this level? At one point, I had 6 (that would be SIX) Choco-balls on the board, along with multiple stiped and wrapped candies on the same board, with more than 30 moves left, and still did not beat it. Now, I know that IF I keep trying then eventually I will get ‘the’ lucky board. But I’m telling you, my opening play has never started like the one in the video (and I’ve played this level at least 70 times! ) C’mon, CCrush, give us die-hard gamers a break once in a while!

    • Jane

      Yup, I just got down to one jelly left and could not do it! Unbelievable!!!! Break time:(


        Give our walkthrough video a go, you’ve almost beat level 290 on your own but this video could help you beat it completely :)

        • timbellina

          Yeah….must be really ‘difficult’ when you get two or three chocoballs drop down just at the right moment.

          Nothing but pure luck!

    • Rhonda

      Whew! Tough level. Wrapped, wrapped and more wrapped candies got me low enough first on the left side, then the right. The middle took care of itself. About 1/3 down on the left side I managed to get a choco-ball to the very bottom, with a striped above and one to the right. I left it alone and worked on the right side where about 2/3 down I worked another Choco-ball down a row, and left it alone! With 10 moves left and about as many jellies left, I hit the left Choco with one of the stripes. I finally beat it with 2 moves left! Definitely not a level for those that like to fly from level to level. Lots of planning for me, so don’t play when you are frustrated. My advice is take your time, don’t always make the stripes if you see a possible wrapped a move or so ahead. And if you can resist that urge to use your Choco, then let it fall as far as possible. Now, to wait for tickets to the next episode…Sooo glad that level is over.

      • Mary K

        Thanks Rhonda! Your suggestions really helped!

  10. Cherlyn Lim

    I was panic after a few tries very tough level indeed. Then suddenly I was lucky to line 2 color bomb side by side and a few more striped and wrapped candies and I did it!
    Thank you crushing candies!


      Good to know you keep crushing Cherlyn! Great job!

  11. MystiDC

    Ok, I think this is the evilist level yet. I usually don’t get stuck for days like this. I’ve come close (1 or 2 jellies left) a couple of times. I’ll keep trying. The video and tips help, so now it’s just getting lucky with the moves.


      sooner or later luck will visit you :)

      • MystiDC

        It just did! A kind friend gave me extra moves. I came down to the wire, but I’m onto the next episode. Thx for the support!

      • MystiDC

        Oh – from the time stamp on your message, it looks like I beat the level right after your reply came through!


          Another expert Crusher is rising!

  12. Lei

    After a few days i have moved on from this stage.
    This involved a lot of luck..i formed about 6 chocolate donuts consecutively, i dont even know where they shot.
    You really need to do major damage right from the start, you should have cleared half the board by the time you reach 30 moves.
    Stripped + wrapped candy combo is good but wrapped + wrapped candy combo is the best! Good luck with this hellish stage everyone!
    Thanks crushing candies for the good written walkthrough!

  13. Lei

    Very tough level! Im trying to pass it on my second day


      was Matt’s strategy any helpful to you?

      • Lei

        I need more tips and will i save the fishes for last?
        50moves is not enough to eliminate all jellies. The best i have done so far is i got 2 jellies remaining huhu!


          but you did it finally! Amazing how soon you succeeded to beat 10 levels !!

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