Candy Crush Saga Level 293

For those of you that can’t pass Candy Crush Level 293 you should watch our video and carefully read our tips:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 293

Try to keep the licorice whirls from completely filling one side by making simple matches when you can to pop them out of the way. Use the jellyfish to clear as many jellies as possible. (Don’t waste a lot of moves making special candies—too much licorice makes them pretty ineffective.)

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 293”
  1. Dennyboi

    Thank you Richard!! I could not beat this level for the life of me, and after reading his tips, I was able to beat the level in 3 tries!!

    His Tip: Play the left side of the board until about 15 moves left, or with a predominant amount of jellies removed. Then move over to the right side and finish there.

    The more licorice you can get rid of on the left side, helps the fishes to be able to just target the candies remaining. Get rid of as much licorice as you can, that really is the key.

  2. kasey

    After reading Richards tips I finally passed it. Thanks.


      Well thanks Richards!! and Congrats :)

    • Sharyn

      Everyone is saying that Richard helped them but I can’t see what he wrote. Can you help?

      • Scott

        Richard: What I did is work the left side as long as possible until there was only 10–12 moves left. Then work the right side using the jelly fish to finish the board out. this seems to keep the licorice at bay until you clear 2/3 of the jelly, and the fish take care of the rest


          Thats great Scott :)

  3. Peg

    Patricia. I NEVER get my extra moves and I have many. Can you direct me where I can find out how to get them to register.

    • Mary Beth

      I hope it’s not too late to address your question about extra moves. If people gave you extra moves while you were playing a specific level, the extra moves will only be applied to the level you were on when you received them. You should see a bow appear in a previous level.

  4. Smadar

    Thanks Lei, that is the key to fight the licorice, i guess

  5. Lei

    The candies fall from the left to the right portion.
    Licorice would fall from the top left.
    Tip is make sure every move you make you hit at least 1 licorice. If you do new candies would fall down.
    If the move you make does not eliminate a licorice, new licorice would fall down and block everything.

    • Refiunus

      I found Leis tips very helpful and crushed it!


        Lei always provides some useful tips! :)

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