Candy Crush Saga Level 295

Issue with completing Candy Crush Level 295? Why don’t you spend two minutes to watch our walkthrough and read our tips?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 295

Watch the corners and the locked candies for any matches before you make any moves—they can be the toughest to clear. Striped/wrapped combos or a color bomb/striped candy match can be great here.

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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 295”
  1. Ina Leventhal

    passed this level with 250,000…3 starts…and 20 moves left. think third try.. had a couple chocolate bombs…set them of and got another one I set of wih a stripe and it cleared the board

  2. Margaret

    ummmmmmmmmmmm, does anyone have any actual tips for 295? I just started on it and after 3 times with one little jelly hiding, came here for tips. Not whining. I think this website is very, very, very helpful!!!!!

  3. Liz Bateman

    Shame on you who whine and complain about this….errrrrr FREE SITE who is here to HELP YOU! Why don’t you become more of a sharer and less of a taker? Tytyty guys for helping us and giving us a place to perhaps help others!


      Thanks guys, we’re glad our site can help you crushers! We’re here to support and help each after after all :)

  4. Chloe Clark

    I have noticed that when the levels are pretty simple and straight forward, they don’t have a lot of content, but they give you everything you need to pas this level. i cannot believe people are complaining. on levels that are much more complicated i am sure they will have longer tips content. i am relieved when i see few tips because that usually means passing this one will be fairly easy. lighten up on them people. they do this out of the kindness of their hearts.


      Thank you for sharing :) And Happy Crushing, don’t forget about our walkthrough videos too!

  5. Lisa Buckley

    I agree what has happend to this site! I dont like it. Loved the old set up. So much more information! Did you loose the man who gave all the really good tips. I think I wont be using this site so much any more. Bring back the old format!


      The same crushers provide the tips.. Pat is someone everyone should thank for offering hundreds of really helpful tips.. and other crushers like Lei keep contributing… the format has nothing to do with the tips we provide! All information presented before is still here!

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