Candy Crush Saga Level 296

Still stuck on Candy Crush Level 296? Take advantage of our strategy and video to beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 296

Try using the first coconut wheel to unlock the candies on the left. (If it falls too low for that, then use it to hit the blocks below—you’ll still have the second one for the candies on the left.) Try to keep the ingredients in the 3 center columns or you’ll waste moves moving them there to exit that side.

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 296”
  1. Danielle

    I’m having problems with the blocks on the many times do you have to hit them!

  2. Kris

    You used to give details on previous levels, eg how many times to hit a block before it is unlocked, etc, but now I have to read all the comments to get the details and tips. What’s going on? The videos don’t help me.

  3. LLinFL

    Trying to figure out which way the coconut wheel moves when hit!!! Can anyone clarify this for me??? Thanks for all the tips!

    • Daniel Fonvielle

      Pull down to go down
      up to go up
      left to left
      right to go right

  4. Ian

    The really important thing is to clear the locked candies in the box on the left. The coconut wheels do this, but you need to get the three striped candies that they create aligned with the locked candies. If the coconut wheel falls, as they often do, then wait till they fall to just below the locked candies and stroke them up instead of down. For the blocks at the bottom, striped candies are the thing, ideally with wrapped. If the box on the left is empty when the ingredients fall through then so much the better as they will pass unhindered.


      Thanks for the great tip Ian :)

  5. Momo

    first try and finish


      Well done! what an achievements! Good luck on your next level :)

  6. Lei

    This one has locked candies located at the left box that is where the ingredients need to fall.
    The right box is where the 2 coconut wheels where located and the blocks are.
    I used both the 2 coconut wheels to destroy the blockers then when it opened i had a chocolate donut + stripped combo that removed all the locked pieces in the left.
    The ingredients just followed and fell down.


      you need to join our team for sure! Contact asap :)

    • Cristyn

      Wow, just tried this after no luck with what I was doing and got it on the first try! Thanks!


        Congrats on completing and thanks Lei for even more helpful tips, once again :)

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