Candy Crush Saga Level 297

Unable to pass Candy Crush Level 297? Then utilize our strategy and watch our video in order to find whot to beat it

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 297

As long as you can release the color bomb (even if you don’t use it), and make a few striped candies, you should have no trouble with this level.

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13 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 297”
  1. Kate GS

    First try got it for me! Of course the initial cascade netted me two color bombs next to each other so that didn’t hurt. Pure luck, yay!

  2. Gary Groth

    Using a iPad 2. My target is 150000 to get through. I have no option of 11000. Any others have a fix for this?


      Hey Gary! Thanks for letting us know, King has updated this level so we will need to update our tips, your target is correct, our target is the previous score

      • Gary Groth

        Thanks for reply. Thought it was just a few of us with the problem. Should give us a few more +5s or a few more seconds like 30. Not complaining love the game. This level is a b#%£h though.

  3. Stevo

    I also have this as a quest to go up to the next level. 15 seconds to get 150000 pts is impossible. This is stupid”

  4. Ina

    What is the mystery quest and what do you get for it?

  5. Jason

    It says 150,000 points just for one star for me too. I’m playing on an iPhone, I guess it’s a glitch.

  6. kayla

    The way to get 3 stars is to keep the +5 falling. I’ve finally discovered that if you create multiple matches in one move ( meaning match candies at the bottom for cascade effect) that will make more +5 candy appear. So you can keep playing longer. Try it really works


      Thanks for the tip Kayla! It helps a bunch :)

  7. Cjb

    My level 297 has no option for one star and 11,000 pts. It just says 150,000 pts to pass. I’ve played 40 times and can’t get it. What would cause me to not have a level one? I guess I’ll just have to quit playing since I can’t get the 150,000 in 15 seconds.


      Which device are you playing?

  8. Peter

    I’ve gotten up to 156,000… 95% luck.

    To keep candy falling fast and not kill time… I use color bombs on normal plain candy or bombs.. or stripes dont stall much either. whatever to get falling combos faster, because that’s how to get the +5 seconds.

    Not certain, but I think you get extra points when the color bomb is used to clear a +5sec candy.

    So the 3 things you need for the big score…
    - color bombs
    - +5 sec candies
    - luck (pssh!!)


      Good guidance here Peter.. Thanks for that!

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