Candy Crush Saga Level 299

If you can’t beat Candy Crush Level 299 you should give a go to our tips and vid:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 299

This level looks more daunting than it is. Start breaking and clearing the chocolate—it can’t regrow till you’ve stopped. Then keep clearing the board with striped/wrapped combos.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 299”
  1. Julieanne Bonnici

    No matter what i do, i dont get enough red candies. I have even made sure to NOT crush reds and make combos with all the other colours and i still dont get enough reds.
    How can i collect 140 reds when i never get 140 reds on the board? What on earth am i doing wrong?

  2. Ines

    Spot on. Did not focus on reds and passed it on the first try and with 3 stars! Wished I had not wasted so much time and many lives before I sought tips. Thanks!


      Glad we could help :) Well Done!

  3. Ina

    Passed this second try…187,640 and 3 stars with 24 moves left. Got lots of combos and didn’t concentrate on the red but used them when I could with a color bomb.

  4. Lei

    I passed this level today. I have tried every trick and tip.
    The tip is if you have a chocolate donut combine it with another color and not a red candy. DO NOT combine with a red candy. If you do combine it with another color the cascade will start falling and reds start coming down! Work on the middle part and lower part of the board. The more combinations any that you make, the more reds start falling down!


      Good job Lei!

    • doboy

      this is the best tip. focus on colors other than red

  5. Lei

    How come most of the candies that fall are not reds? Is there a technique?
    If i get a chocolate donut, will i shoot the teds or will i get other colors?

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