Candy Crush Saga Level 30

Bring down all ingredients and reach 30000 points in 60 moves to complete Level 30 on Candy Crush.

1 star: 30000 points
2 stars: 40000 points
3 stars: 60000 points

This level contains 6 ingredients and 25 jelly blocks. Find tips and a helpful video in order to complete Candy Crush Level 30

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 30

The hardest part of this level can be getting started.  There’s no need to get rid of all the blocks at first—work the area where your ingredient is.

Other Candy Crush Saga Level 30 Tips

  • You need to focus on your ultimate goal which is to get the required fruit down (to the arrows area at the bottom of the board)
  • You need to start with the White Blocks to clear them and bring down the ingredients
  • Get a vertical striped candy above/below an ingredient and blast it, it’ll drop to the bottom quickly
  • You should have in mind that once you remove one ingredientthe next will drop into the play-board after your next swap so make your next move in an “easy” column

If these are not enough please visit our forum thread on Level 30 and ask your questions

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36 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 30”
  1. Kevin

    This game is crapp candy just as I think i have it I don’t make it because when I have my last fruit left and 20 moves I get set up with no more Combos to take it down happens every time


      Unfortunately Kevin, sometimes it is just the luck of the board we get handed. But keep going and good luck!

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Candy Crush Saga Level 30 Tips and Walkthrough | < Loved it!


      Always a pleasure :)

  3. momrobinson

    Can’t past 30


      did you take advantage of our tips?

  4. April

    Thank you for these tips!! I first just tried getting the blaster candies but the really helpful tip for me was getting rid of the frosted blocks FIRST then going for blasting!! Took about 2 tries and all the moves but it worked!!! Thank you!!

    • Team

      we are so happy to have the privilidege to help you :)

  5. sharon

    i guess what im thinking when a game is so stressful instead of being fun it may be time ti quit

    • Team

      this makes sense for sure :/

  6. sharon

    this is so frustrating….level 30 for 2 wks i just cant get it

  7. Stacey

    Last game I just played……On the 2nd to last move i had a mirror ball, next to a striped orange, which blasted the entire game board and not one cherry fell into play as a result. Crazy

    • Team

      be patient and keep trying!!

  8. Stacey

    I went to this site and got the tips straight out of the gate. Been using the strategy religiously and have gotten to one fruit shy of a win HWEVER i find that often I’m at only 10 moves left, No fruit on board, and I matter how many vertical drops I play, no fruit. ;-(

    • Team

      you are sooo close! don’t give up!

  9. Gen

    Oh my gosh, I was on this level forever. I followed what you said & passed after the 1st try & got 3 stars. Thanks!

    • Team

      this is great! thanks for positive feedback :)

  10. Joy

    Thank you so much for these tips. After trying unsuccessfully for weeks, I read these tips and passed the level FIRST TIME with 140000 points. Thanks so much!

    • Team

      great news its good to know our tips are proved helpful

  11. Gabrielle

    Been stuck on lvl 30 for a while now. Took the advice here and still have not gotten past it yet :(

    • Gabrielle

      Not even 10mins later I finally got through it! After 2 days of trying

      • Team

        great news! we are happy to support you!

  12. pshut1

    You saved my sanity on level 29! Gonna retry 30 when people aren’t bugging me.
    Thanks ;)

    • candy

      thanks for positive feedback! we are happy to provide helpful tips

  13. Annie

    I also can’t seem to get past 30. I used up all my lollipops for level 29. I have been following the tips like clearing the white blocks first and trying to get the vertical candies but I still cannot pass it. What’s a girl to do??

    • candy

      be patient for sure :) you will definitely do it!

      • Annie

        I deleted the app :( getting too frustrated

        • Dorothy

          Good! They want you to spend all your money buying the extra lives!!!

          • candy

            as King claims and many candy crushers confirm you can beat it with no money at all! They also make money if having you advertising the game on FB etc.. just be patient and calm and you will do it! did you follow our tips?

            PS: WE ARE NOT CONNECTED IN ANYWAY with KING and CANDY CRUSH – we are just a support community

  14. cost

    je suis bloque au niveaux 30

    • candy

      please speak english!

  15. erwin2377

    I cant seem to get pass level 30, any suggestions would be welcomed.

    • candy

      Did you follow our tips? Please open a topic in our forum in order for our community to help you!

      • rubyjewells

        The rips are for the PC not the iPhone right ?? The p c levels are diff then the iPhone levels I’m on level 30 on my iPhone and can’t pass


          Matt and Pat are playing on PC!

    • Dorothy

      Of course they want you to keep trying! They want you to BUY the extra Lives!! That’s how they make their money!!!

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