Candy Crush Saga Level 300

For those of you that are stuck on a Candy Crush Level 300, why don’t you give a go to our tips? Also watching our vid would probably be proved helpful

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 300

Vertically striped candy matches will help break the cream blocks, but striped/wrapped combos hit a 3 column area. Use those if you can to break the blocks and clear the jellies underneath them if the candies that fill the jellies don’t provide any matches.

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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 300”
  1. Kayte

    I’m getting soft porn ads on this site. Is there a way to remove them?


      You may have a virus on your actual computer or your pop ups are not being blocked. Get it checked and hopefully it will be sorted soon :)

    • Melissa Gallegos

      Me too! On the left hand side there is an ad for one of those “hook up” sites! The pic is pretty graphic and offensive…especially cuz there might be kids on this site! It’s not a pop up I know i have those blocked and i have norton so i’m pretty sure i don’t have a virus!


        Yes our sincere apologies, we found that these ads were coming from our end and since then we have successfully removed them so our site is now kid-friendly again. We are very sorry we didn’t realize it sooner, but the matter has been taken care of

  2. Lei

    Tips for level 300: i guess you would need to open up the middle column so new candies can fall down from there, matching would be easier with that column opened.
    Stripped + wrapped combo is the best, 2 of that combo eliminates the blockers. Chocolate donuts + stripped is a good combo too! Good luck!


      Thank you once again :)

    • MystiDC

      Great tips. I used a wrapped/striped combo, which clears out a complete layer on the large top square (if that makes sense).


        Keep Going MystiDC

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