Candy Crush Saga Level 302

Not being able to complete Candy Crush Level 302? You should then take a moment and read our tips as well as watch our vid:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 302

If you can move the ingredients out one column towards the sides, they’re easier to get out (there are less blocks in the way), but be careful not to move them beyond the exits.

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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 302”
  1. Ina

    Just passed this level. Was not having any luck with combos and there was a lot of reshuffling. Only got one stipe and one color bomb, not together and one coconut wheel exposed. Concentrated on sides and keeping ingredients close together. Best thing is to get the ingredients all down to the bottom and use a the wheel to knock out the bottom row. They all passed through at the same time.

  2. Jasmine Huston

    After reading some of the comments I thought that this level might be hard as the ingredient levels are not always my best, but I beat it on my first try no problem with 11 moves left and 3 stars????
    Just blast away with whatever it gives you of course but it might help to focus on one side and if you’re lucky enough to line up a stripe with a coconut wheel (which I was not) all the the better. As always stiped/wrapped or color bomb/striped combos are highly effective.
    Don’t give up you will get it!!


      Thanks for the tips and encouragement Jasmine! And congrats for beating an awful level :)

  3. Rhonda

    Okay, so this level is eating my lunch! I just can’t seem to get anything moving here; 3-match candies ain’t gonna do it. I might get lucky every 5th game and manage to get one stripe. I just don’t get it…..ugh. If I can’t match near the bottom then I’m just scratching for matches on the sides, which don’t do anything but waste moves.

    • Rhonda

      Finally! I must say that while all of the tips are very helpful (I come here before starting all levels now), I did not find that any one tip did the trick. So much depends on your opening board. Working as much as possible on the lowest rows, I also found that striped combos were easiest to make on the very top row. So while you need the most action around the coconut wheels, don’t forget to check out the top row now and then for special matches. I beat it with 2 moves left.

  4. Lei

    You have 4 ingredients.
    You have a + shaped blockers in the middle and 2 coconut wheels in the bottom of the board.
    The number 1 thing that you need to do is release the coconut wheels. I just focused on one side only and made sure all my ingredients are on one side only so i dont need to blast everything in the board.

    • Barbara Williams

      Having a few problems with this level but shouldn’t be that hard to beat. After dealing with Holiday Hut this episode has seemed pretty easy!


        So did you finally beat it?

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