Candy Crush Saga Level 304

For those of you that can’t complete Candy Crush Level 304 you should give a go to our tips. Also watching our vid would be helpful:

Patricia Frederick’s tips for Candy Crush Level 304

You need to find (or create) several color bombs in the mystery candies to fill this order.

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 304”
  1. Ina

    Passed today after a couple of days. I found that the color bomb matched with a stripe is the only thing that got me through this. I only had two of those combos. The wrapped/ stripe help but they do not remove many stripes. The trick for me was to have more moves left than the stripes I needed. Once I fell below that I couldn’t get enough to pass this level. So I would concentrate on matching color bombs with stripes..that is where you’ll rack up the stripes to pass.

  2. Crazy Nurse

    Combining color bombs with striped candies definitely helps you finish this level.


      Thanks for sharing your tips CN!

  3. wiztax

    The strategy is to match sprinkled choco-bombs with striped candy. I did that twice and won with three stars. The first trick, however, is clearing enough work space on the board to match the five to get the choco-bomb. That is mostly luck and took about eight lives.


      Good tip Wiztax! Thanks for sharing!!

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