Candy Crush Saga Level 305

The last level of Episode 21 (Candy Crush Level 305) is beatable for sure! Just read our tips and watch our video to pass it

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 305

The toughest blocks (and jellies) are the bottom ones in the 2 outside columns. Use striped/wrapped combos or even just vertically striped candy matches to keep hitting them. The jellyfish may help if you’ve cleared a lot of the jellies first.

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42 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 305”
  1. Ina

    I just finally passed this level using a lollipop. It said episode completed and showed me moved on towards the train. I could not ask friends. The little circle in the corner was going around and around but it said I was connected to Facebook. I logged out and it won’t log back in. I’m afraid I will loose my position…Will I? I did a screen picture that said episode 21 completed and a screen picture where my face moved up to the I have proof. What should I do?

    • Ina

      Didn’t loose it…and I asked friends so just waiting..need two more to unlock. I was so afraid I’d loose the win after reading other player’s post on problems. So while waiting, I’m going to do what I always do before starting a new level…check Patricia’s great tips and watch video.

  2. Ina

    Wow…this level is really hard..have tried on PC, iPad and iPhone and just can’t seem to get all the jellies. The closest was 3 jellies left and ran out of moves because there was no way to get the colors close enough to remove the jelly. Frustrating. The 3 extra moves that my friends send don’t show up on the iPad and iPhone after I accept them and click to use them. I don’t know why that is. They work fine on the PC. I had a lumbar epidural today and am just relaxing and playing. Doesn’t seem like I’m ever going to get through this one. Hope I do because I love this game and don’t want to get so frustrated that I quit altogether. The tips from Patricia and other players have been great for me so far and have helped me get through so many levels but this one seems impossible no matter how many tips I try.

  3. Ina

    I have not started this level yet..I just read all the tips and watched the video. I’m already feeling the frustration. Was very disappointed to see the paint brush and a lollipop used in the video. At the moment I have none. Playing the wheel I get the same free boosters, hardly ever a lollipop, which to me is very useful and NEVER a jackpot. And I play it everyday. So hopefully, I’ll get pass this level without too much frustration. at my age and with a failed hip replacement, this game entertains me during the day. I don’t have the patience I use to have…feeling nervous about it already by what I have read.

  4. big john doe

    Don’t be critical of King’s money-making machine…or they will ‘moderate’ you into oblivion.


      We moderate our comments to help prevent bad language or hurtful behaviour and so on. Again we would like to note that we do not work for King, simply offer a support community. Thank you

  5. Mary K

    I am really having trouble here. I’ve read everything and have come soooo close..70/71. My free booster wheel has disappeared..sad about that. I am on an iPad. Any new suggestions? Thanks!

    • Mary K

      Also.. The video shows 2 boosts being used. A paint brush and a lollypop hammer… I would like to see a video without boosts, if possible! :)

      • Mary K

        Finally did it without boosters…3 stars! It just took perseverance!

        • Mary K

          And my wheel is back! Yay!

  6. LLinFL

    Has anyone else noticed on the video, the player used a paintbrush to change two of the candies to a stripe/wrap combo???? What is that??? Looks to me like some kind of power up!!???

  7. Ankit

    cleared 71 out of 72 many times…still unable to clear it…on one occasion 1 jelly to clear and 12 moves remain…hot a striped candy but it didnt clear the jelly and was cut down…frustrated as hell

  8. Kivuti Kariuki

    Been stuck for over a week now doing little else. So frustrating!


      Have you read all the tips/discussion available here?

  9. MaryCS

    I finally lucked out& got a color bomb next to a stripe early on when I also had other stripes & wraps on the board. I was able to get a few more special candies before triggering the bomb, which cleared most of the board, with 40 moves left& was able to clean it up with 20 moves left.


      Thank you for sharing your experience :)

  10. fabian

    not so hard… you only need to think every move, carefully


      can’t agree more!

    • Rhonda

      Aarrgghhh! This level…..I just got 67/72, which is my best so far. This last game all I did was to concentrate on one side only, as near to the bottom as possible. I haven’t beat this stinkin’ level yet, but by golly I will eventually!!!

      • Rhonda

        Btw, I haven’t used my boosters that I won from the wheel yet, but I am loving the wheel, and getting a free booster once/day. Great idea! Thanks, CCrush

  11. mar

    can someone explain to me how this video would be helpful to anyone????
    it simply proves there is no no no way to pass it w/o paying extra$$$ for boosters.
    I prefer to spend my money on something else….
    to many levels recently, where you need ONLY EXTREMLY HUGE LUCK to be able to play.
    good buy kings and your candys


      Tough Level indeed. Did you also read tips/discussion apart from watching the vid?

  12. Mariann Cuff

    This level is very difficult but don’t give up it can be beat. I finally beat it after 5 days. Focus on clearing the bottom and getting special candies – the top will take care of itself. Take advantage of the eggs whenever possible. Wrapped candies mixed with a color bomb or striped candy does the most damage. Chocolate bombs mixed with wrapped or stripped candy also does major damage. It’s mostly a matter of luck in waiting for the right combos. I came soooo close many times with just 5 or less candies left and I finally got enough combos to beat it.


      Great news Mariann! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  13. JD

    The special candies don’t actually remove the jelly or break the blocks sometimes when they are exploded. This is a very frustrating bug and so far seems to occur most often on the difficult levels. By the comments, it seems like its been happening for awhile.

  14. Cherlyn Lim

    Super tough level!! The surprise candy can be anything good or bad. Once I got a chocolate fan!! Finally, I did it! Good luck!


      Good job Cherlyn! Keep walking!

  15. Mark Schumacher

    I agree that this level is frustrating. I get close, but it seems I get to the bottom and have no moves that will clear the last few blocks. This level is becoming tedious especially with the time bombs.


      I feel you, please try harder and you will do it

  16. COLEEN

    Combining wrapped candy with another wrapped candy seemed to clear the biggest sections for me. Otherwise a wrapped candy with a striped worked well, too.


      Good job coleen! Keep crushing!!

  17. schmittyx3

    This level is impossible. 1/2 the shit don’t break, When you do start to get somthing to break, the blocks pop up and stop you. There is no way to set up moves, the game will change the drops as they are falling, or hit a mystery block and start sending out chocolate. The game will never send out somthing that is needed. i believe the only way to complete this level is to buy helps. I also believe that will only get you close, so will be tempted to buy more helps. Send this level back to the maker to make it player friendly.


      You can definitely do it with no boosters! Thousands do it every day!! Keep trying.. try to utilize our tips!

      • X

        No, thousands don’t pass this level every day. The level has been changed to be harder and is now impossible to pass without using boosters.


          but if you read the comments of other crushers here you will see they were able to beat it. So i can’t think a reason you are not able to pass it without boosters

          • big john doe

            Your ‘tips’ are useless. Combine this with this and that with that – rubbish.
            As usual with harder levels, it’s pure luck.
            Just becomes tedious after a while. Few more tries, then I’m getting rid. Just a waste of time. Read a book instead.

            WHATEVER YOU DO – DON’T SPEND MONEY ON IT. King are making money hand over fist out of suckers like that. Let’s see how long they can live on zero revenue.


            Our tips and strategies have helped many Crushers in the past and will carry on helping Crushers in the future. Plenty of players come here to help out of players by supplying their own ‘useful’ tips. We do not work for King, we are simply a support community. We are sorry that our site could not be of any help to you, but would like to also note: that we do NOT encourage players to pay to play, just to give guidance and any other support necessary

  18. JediMamba

    I just passed level 305 it with 9 extra moves left. My Final score was 303,920 : )


      Good for you! Keep goin

  19. Langsyne

    Level 305 on the iOS app is full of bugs. Stripes don’t break any bricks I had 3 stripe/wrap combos plus 2 stripe/ candy bomb combos plus a candy bomb combo and still ran out of moves with many bricks over jellies remaining. I think the only way to pass is on pc with boosters

    • Cherlyn Lim

      Hi, same thing happened to me…. Very frustrating!!! I am going to try it on PC

    • Kris

      This is true, I wrote about it on their facebook page though I doubt they read all of it…keep complaining to them…

      Just finished the level with two dollars…so shameful…

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