Candy Crush Saga Level 307

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 307

Use striped/wrapped combos to clear the jellies. It is unnecessary to unfreeze the striped candies in the upper section (in fact, it can waste moves).

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20 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 307”
  1. Ina

    Passed on 2nd try…concentrated on bottom and the blocks. The middle kind of takes care of itself. Make as many combos and stripes as you can and crush the blocks since you need to get the jelly under them. Use the color changing candies to your advantage. They only change into two colors and as Patricia said its hard to remember them all but you can still use them to your advantage by concentrating in one area to clear the jelly.

  2. Westchaser

    I agree about the candies flashing. Horrible- very annoying. Did they think about epilepsy? These could throw you into a seizure. They need to change this!

  3. Judy

    Can you tell me what ” the sleeping Owl” means, it has appeared on my crushing candy level?? I’m sure it will be a plus to help me pass a level; but, Idon’t know what it is?


      The sleeping owl takes you to a spinoff version of Candy Crush – Dreamworld. At the moment King is randomly selected users to play this level, so if you can see the owl then you can click through to their Dreamowrld version of 65 levels so far. You will experience a different colour scheme, different music and a ‘dream scale’ in which the owl will sit upon – this feature adds extra strategy to these levels as you have to keep this scale straight so that the owl don’t fall off. Check our article section later on this evening where we will upload and informative article about this spinoff Saga. But in the meantime happy crushing :)

      • Shelby

        I have now got the sleeping owl and I cannot play either version, anytime i try to open i, all it does is delete my lives. Any ideas on what I can do ?


          Here’s a link to King as it sounds like you’ve got a technical fault going on – send them a message and hopefully their support team can fix it!

  4. Judy

    What is the “sleeping owl do? It came on my candy crush game, but I don’t have a clue why?

  5. Momo

    4 try and passed
    not good for the eyes


      Well done for completing! :)

  6. kjh

    Why is it I can not always get my extra lives? It seems like if I try to use more than 2 in a row, I lose them. The only way I can use them is to bring up a gameboard, use the door icon to go back, grab extra moves and open a new board??? Why so many steps??

  7. TSR

    I am done. My eyes are aching before I get halfway through one level and my stomach is nauseated. I went to a second one to see if it was all of them, but it is not fun if it makes me ill. Way to chase away the players Candy Crush.


      Sorry to hear that you feel like that, maybe when you feel better you can try our walkthrough video for level 307

      • TSR

        I am not ill. The flashing irritates my eyes and nauseates me. The only thing I can compare it to, is when I got new glasses and they got the prescription way off.
        I think they need to rethink this special effect. If I hear it changes, I will be back. Until then, I am over it.
        What were they thinking?

  8. Nancy Goldstein

    I usually agree with you, Patricia, but on the point you made about not wasting moves on unlocking the wrapped candies at the top, I don’t, really. If it doesn’t take many moves to unlock and use them, it is really helpful to knock out the first layer on the first or last row in one fell swoop. Otherwise, I find your tips very helpful????.

  9. Debbie

    I thought I was the only one getting headaches from these flashing, color changing candies. At least with the flashing bombs which also give me headaches, you can cover the specific flashing bomb with your finger.


      this is something King should take into consideration!!

      • Lori

        These flashing colors are giving me such a headache. And they hurt your eyes as well. Not worth continuing with this feature.

  10. Mary

    Why did I just lose all of my extra lives?

  11. MystiDC

    I’m going for the Excederin too.

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