Candy Crush Saga Level 311

Clear all Jellies and score 45000 in 35 moves! Yellows are removed after the last update

1st Star: 45000
2nd Star: 130000
3rd Star: 160000

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 311

Striped/wrapped combos are good here, but wrapped/wrapped combos can create more damage if you can make them low enough on the board. The jellyfish are more effective if you can pair them with a special candy.

If you find it tricky to beat Candy Crush Level 311 you also need to watch the following video:

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17 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 311”
  1. Margaret

    I still have yellows…..I don’t know how to update until my phone (android) tells me to. Keep ending this with 5 jellies left……………..argggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  2. Jo

    Had been stuck for days, read these tips, concentrated on bottom only and managed to pass on second attempt with 2 spare turns! Thanks heaps!


      Woo, woo! Well done Jo, glad we can help :)

  3. Bonnie

    For me, toughest level yet. Took a week, must have played over a 100 times. A couple of color bomb stripe combos one early and one right at the end was the ticket.


      but now you’re already in 313!! You finally beat it!

  4. GoGo

    Man…this level looks so easy to beat but for some reason I use most of my moves trying to break the blocks on the bottom and still get nothing. Plus the changing candies are not really helping. By the time I do break through the blocks I’m out of moves….
    And am I the only one who thinks the fish are sometimes useless??


      Hey Gogo! It’s definitely tough but you should carefully read everything about the tips shared here.. Patricia, Lei, Matt are amazing CCrushers and their strategies is like Gold!

  5. Don

    Not sure what everyone is talking about I still have yellow candies. I have used 478 lives so far. Very tough.


      did you update to the latest version?

  6. sandra lee

    I passed this level in 2 days..
    Played it in my android, and its very hard, and it couldn’t be done even i create many wrap/stripe comboes.
    Then i read the comments about they updated this level in pc, how they removed the yellow candies, i tried,and i passed with just 1 attempt.
    tips: wrap/wrap combo is the best. I created 1 wrap/wrap combo and 2 stripe/wrap combo and i still have 4 moves left. And dont forgetFocus in bottom line. Good Luck


      we are working hard in order to update all tough levels that are changed after the update with new tips! Glad to see that this is helpful for you!

  7. James

    I passed this on about the 6th attempt. Do folllow the tips. Ignore the top, and just focus on making specials as low on the board as possible. The top takes care of itself with the cascades.

    I have passed 40 levels in one week and not spent a penny.


      thanks for the positive feedback james!

  8. Lei

    After a few days i finally passed this level! Whew! I just persisted and rewatched every strategy in the videos and people’s tips.
    To pass this level, do not use up all your moves on the top jellies. Every move must destroy the jellies and blockers in the lower portion. Wrapped+ wrapped combo is the most useful. If you formed a wrapped candy do your best to let it fall in the middle lower portion, it can easily destroy the 4 hit blockers. Wrapped + stripped combo is useful too. Chocolate donut + stripped is not so useful.
    While destroying the lower blockers and jellies watch out for a move that can also clear the upper jelly but that is not your priority. Maximize destruction of blockers. Good luck! – LEI


      Thanks for sharing dear!

  9. Lei

    Please post more tips in this level? I have been stuck in this level for a few days..


      Of course you passed it at last Lei, cause you are an expert!

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