Candy Crush Saga Level 315

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 315

Moving the side ingredients is the hardest part of the level, but keep at it because this skill is essential in future levels. (The easiest maneuvers to recognize are: 2 same colored candies above the ingredient with a third off to one side and similar candies above and below with a third off to one side.)

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34 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 315”
  1. Kemp75

    Love your tips- thank you! But it always makes me laugh when people call them acorns. It’s CANDY crush, you don’t put acorns in candy!! They’re clearly hazelnuts. Even when you hover over them on a collecting level it says ‘hazelnuts.’


      Thanks! Lol, we even get it wrong too, aha!

  2. Marcia

    That was awful — not even close to being fun. Conquered it by using the hand and a hammer. Hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

  3. sheryl

    Bye…bye. This level has done nothing but take all the fun and challenges out of this game. Sadly Many of us got this far and this is where we quit. Was fun while it lasted. Nobody gives a crap that this level just sucks. Will warn my friends to get out before this frustration.


      Some levels are much harder then others! But before you give up, try playing this level on a different device as you may just receive the board you’ve been waiting for!

  4. Ina

    This was an easy one. Just happened to get a good board. Got a stripe/wrap at the beginning. Another towards the end and then a color bomb/stripe to clear the board. No stress level for a change. Great tips as always from Patricia.

    • Ina

      Oops..this was for level 316. Well, you all know now that the next level is easy compared to this one, which I was about to quit before I gave it a chance. 315 was just one of those levels you didn’t look forward to playing after the first and second try. But it can be beat.

      • Soncie22

        Really? Please tell me how..I’ve been at this level all day–going from removing all but one acorn to not being able to move any at all. Would someone PLEASE help me with this level? I’m not a quitter and would hate to allow Candy Crush to make a liar out of me.

        Any and all suggestions are welcome!

        Thanks in advance!

        Frustrated Candy Crusher

  5. Ina

    I guess I should give myself a pat on the back for getting this far. But I hate this level with a passion. Got all three in the middle with one row to get the ingredients out and ran out of moves. Tried again and absolutely found no enjoyment in playing at all and didn’t care. Didn’t even want to play again. So this might be it for me. I’m playing for enjoyment not to be frustrated and disillusioned. I can see why so many of my friends have stopped playing.

    • Ina

      OMG…Just past after my rant. Figured I’d try once more…Guess I needed to rant and rave and give it another shot. Very tough level. Glad its behind me..hope the higher we get on these levels it wont get tougher than this one.

  6. JanC

    wow! got it! took about 10 lives: after a couple tries, came here for Patricia’s strategy. then tried again, concentrating only on moving the two outlying ingredients into the center. twice, got all three there & ran out of moves (grrrr!) but after a bit of practice, it did get easier to move them, and passed. btw: helped to start that sidling sideways from the very top!

  7. Nancy

    Hi Pat – thanks for all the help! I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. I still get the little envelope with saved lifes on the top of the screen. As long as I don’t take all the lifes out of it, it remains for me to use.


      When it comes to tips, Pat’s your lady!

  8. Momo

    not a nice one
    3 exit
    8 try then got it


      Well done again, you are definitely on a role this week! :D Happy crushing

  9. Brandi

    I hate this board. I’m so frustrated with it. I know it can be passed because I have almost done it, twice, but didn’t have enough moves to get them to the bottom. After several moves you will know if you are going to get anywhere on this board. This board isn’t even a fun board.

  10. Marie

    I came back. Stacking the candies 2 above really only works when you have one stuck on a shelf. Works better to surround with the same color if you have that luxury. I ended up buying my way past this one. And as others have said,I am about to quit and go back and replay levels. It is one thing to make the game a challenge, quite another to make it impossibledepending on luck only and no strategy

  11. Marie

    Work to get 2 candies of the same color stacked above the cherries then watch for the same color to be in the to net to your candy in order to slide it over. It’s a tough level for sure.

  12. hazel

    Thank you!

  13. Reva Hanson

    I have noticed I lose lives if I collect more than 5 at a time so when my pink heart says it is FULL I go play those games off and then go back and accept 5 more from my friends.

  14. carol

    Thank you for your excellent tips. I was able to pass this one after a number of attempts, and the key is to move the cherries and acorns to the middle. Interesting though, the game I played had 3 cherries and 3 acorns to bring down so ours was even a bit harder. Thank you again


      You are welcome carol! Just a questions.. were you playing on mobile?

  15. Candy Queen

    Took about 12 tries to finally get thru. Tricky little devils – just when you get them lined up – they change colors and run the ‘set up’. Like most hard Levels, keep going til you score a good one. Check all three cherrys after each move.


      Thanks for sharing your tips Candy!

  16. Lara

    After level 312….the one where you have to explode the rows of blocks at the bottom, this is NOTHING…


      So may we guess you did it?

  17. James

    Oh my, this was a tough level. I only managed it in the end with 3 Extra Moves given to me by a Facebook friend. The tips at the top helped, but it is mind-numbingly tedious trying to move ingredients to different columns. Combos/Specials are a waste of time here, which is a shame because they’re the fun part!

    Don’t worry about the middle ingredient, that will sort itself out. Just work on moving the other two.


      Thanks for sharing your strategy James! Keep crushing!

  18. Mary

    Why did I just lose all of my lives? I had 23.


      Please contact King in order to express your complaint:

    • Gmommy

      I have noticed that if I accept more than 5 lives I lose the rest so I only collect ficve at a time until my pink heart in the upper left hand corner says it is FULL , then I go play them off , come back and accept five more.

  19. Lei

    I spent few days in this level very difficult but passable.
    There are 3 ingredients located in 3 columns. First step is bring the ingredient in the first column down. Remove the coconut wheel sideways, it is more of a hindrance for me than a help. Always check the 2 ingredients if you can move it sideways.
    Then the difficult step is move the 2 ingredients to the middle. To make it easier to move it, make sure all the sides of the ingredient have same colored candies to make switching easier.
    -Additional tips, do not load all 3 ingredients together makes switching difficult.
    -In every move always eliminate 1 licorice blocker because if you don’t more licorice will come down.
    -keep the ingredients located on the sides in the upper rows as it is very difficult moving them when they reach the last row!
    Good luck all!

    • MystiDC

      Great tips. Thanks!


        you’re welcome Mysti

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