Candy Crush Saga Level 316

Walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 316

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 316

The hardest part here is breaking the blocks. Keep an eye out for any specials you can make on the left side that will help on the right side (after the blocks are broken). A striped/wrapped combo will really clear out loads of jellies on the right.

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug

ALERT! During the last 5 days we located a new bug on Candy Crush Level 316 that is tantalizingly nudging Candy Crushers to despair!  We received thousands of hateful messages from our visitors reporting that (on mobile devices) the game freezes when all candies are cleared from the left side of the board and you just can’t advance! We did confirm the bug, reported the issue to King and we hope they will fix it asap. It seems the recent Candy Crush Saga update for mobile devices brought this bug on iPhone, Android, iPad etc.

We will update you when we receive a response or when we confirm the issue is solved!

Is there a solution?

Sure! The solution is pretty simple: First things first, you need to connect your mobile device with your facebook! Then you need to play this level on PC   in order to pass Level 316 and then continue with your mobile device!

Stay tuned for updates!

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug

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55 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 316”
  1. Susan

    I was just about to update…when I read your alert. Thanks to your tip I just finished 316 without freezing! Crushing candies is THE place to be! Thanks!

  2. Patty

    Got this on my first attempt (fluke!) A lucky candy bomb, and I paired it with the predominant colour on the rhs. Once I could make moves there, I was able to clear the jelly. Another lucky candy bomb on the lhs and I took out my last piece.


      Luck does play a factor Patty, but well done for passing :)

  3. Cindy

    i have been having this freezing problem for 2 days – very frustrating!


      what device are you playing on? there seems to be quite a few problems with the Android update at the moment, but hopefully its sorted out soon. In the mean time give King a message

  4. Momo

    did it on first time
    on my mobile galaxy s4
    no facebook


      Thanks for sharing :) Please leave any tips if you come across them, good luck!



  6. Hum

    Ok seems like I’m talking to myself. But just to let you know I updated the game and now it works :)


      You’re not talking to yourself! And we are glad the issue is solved!

  7. Hum

    Do you think it might be because I have not downloaded the latest update?


      Sorry we weren’t able to answer before you do it. The good thing is the issue is solved!

  8. Lori

    These posts are from February. Apparently this Bulgaria has still not been fixed. Does this mean that it will not be addressed?


      The issue with 316 is solved a few months ago! Do you still experience issues?

      • Hum

        Hi. I am still experiencing the same issue with the level crashing and freezing. I can see you have said the issue had been resolved some time back so i am not sure why it’s continuing to be a problem for me :( – come so far on the game and now I’m stuck – not because of my expertise on the game but because of a glitch on the game :(


          any other facing the same issue???

          • Annette

            Yes, I’m also have the issue with level 316 freezing.


            Which device are you playing on?

          • Katie

            Yes, I am having the same issue when playing on iPad. Once I break through the blocks, the candies pile up and the game freezes.


            Hopefully King can fix this technical fault soon, be patient and happy candy crushing

  9. Candy Queen

    Dang Hard. Used the “Hammer” to get thru this one. Could of kept playing over and over — but, just wanted to get thru it after the last two hectic Levels”. Would like to find a FUN one !!!!


      sooner or later a new Fun level will come!!

  10. James

    I just passed this level first time on the iPhone, so they must have fixed the bug.


      Yeap the bug is fixed since a long time! They received our report and fixed it!

  11. Gundula

    even after you break through all the blocks on the bottom of the left, and as you are working the right side, be sure to keep watching the left side for any horizontal stripes and/or combination that can help with the right side.


      Thanks for the tips Gundula!!

      • Candy Queen

        GREAT — Thank you.

  12. Chook Mooi

    Cannot complete the level 316, freezes once the left side cleared. Tried so many uncountable rounds. How to solve ?

    • Team

      did you even read the article above?

      • KathyBly

        No point in contacting you guys,you do nothing for us .i think everyone should boycott until the issue is resolved..

        • Team

          what exactly are we supposed to do for you? we are only a support community for you.. we try to help all of you.. the best solution is to report the issue.. we can’t do anythinge else

  13. Kira

    There allot of us who don’t have a pc we only have apple products. This should’ve been taking care of by now! It ridiculous

    • Team

      yeap this is really annoying, i agree with you

  14. Heloisa Campoo

    Mine freezes too, on IPad. So frustrating

    • Team

      read our article to find how to solve it

  15. Candy

    I started playing this about three weeks ago. I got to 316 and everything came to a screeching halt! No PC s to play this level so , I join the rest of you with frustration. Time to look for a different game!

    • Team

      hope it will be fixed soon

  16. deebadgeid

    I have this problem too. Will pc and mobile synchronizes?

    • Team


  17. tracier

    When does anyone think this bug might be fixed? Any word?

    • Team

      no updated from King till now.. if we have any news we will let you know!

  18. Rose arboleds

    Until when it will be fix??? Months???

    • Team

      no idea.. if we have any news we will update you

  19. Peanut

    George DUH. What if you don’t ave a PC??????

    • candy

      then you need for the bug to be fixed

      • Lisa

        After 5days still no solution for I phone app this is ridiculous went back to zynga at least we get quick curtious service not to mention game play items for our trouble

        • Team

          try it on pc

  20. Yep

    And if i dont got facebook, what to do?

    • candy

      then you need to wait for it to get fixed

  21. Mariah

    We shouldn’t have to play it on the pc to pass. Bug should be fixed for mobile devices. If we don’t want to play on pc (I never do) we shouldn’t have to bc there’s a bug that King obviously doesn’t want to fix. That’s bullshit. Come up w an actual fix for it and stop keep saying we need to play it on the pc that’s just annoying.

    • Team

      totally agree with you

  22. Jerica

    I am playing on my iPad and my iPhone and once I clear the Jelly on the left they both freeze. How do I fix it? I hVe turned the devices off and I have redownlaoded the app and it still freezes!!!!!!!

    • candy

      please read the post above to find how to bypass the bug

  23. Chris Gum

    What do I need to do to prevent the candy from piling up on the right hand side on level 316. It just freezes up i cant figure it out and is it not supposed to do this or what??

    • candy

      its a bug.. read the post above to bypass it

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