Walkthrough video and tips for Candy Crush Level 316

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 316

The hardest part here is breaking the blocks. Keep an eye out for any specials you can make on the left side that will help on the right side (after the blocks are broken). A striped/wrapped combo will really clear out loads of jellies on the right.

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug

ALERT! During the last 5 days we located a new bug on Candy Crush Level 316 that is tantalizingly nudging Candy Crushers to despair!  We received thousands of hateful messages from our visitors reporting that (on mobile devices) the game freezes when all candies are cleared from the left side of the board and you just can’t advance! We did confirm the bug, reported the issue to King and we hope they will fix it asap. It seems the recent Candy Crush Saga update for mobile devices brought this bug on iPhone, Android, iPad etc.

We will update you when we receive a response or when we confirm the issue is solved!

Is there a solution?

Sure! The solution is pretty simple: First things first, you need to connect your mobile device with your facebook! Then you need to play this level on PC   in order to pass Level 316 and then continue with your mobile device!

Stay tuned for updates!

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug

Candy Crush Level 316 Bug