Candy Crush Saga Level 318

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 318

Use striped/wrapped combos or vertically striped candy matches to get to the bombs and clear the blocks, but be careful the ingredients stay in the teleport columns or you’ll waste precious moves to get them back there.

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12 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 318”
  1. Ina

    Don’t know why my post says the 21st when it was the 20th. Today is the 21st. And I played so much last night on 3 devices and all today. Getting nowhere. Got one ingredient through. It’s not a level I look forward to playing and will not waste my time day after day if I can’t pass. I have even used color bombs I get in daily spin but nothing helps. There have been levels much harder than this and I didn’t give up but the bombs here are annoying and ridiculous where they are located and so often I realize I’m not going to get them and end game. I didn’t get this far without strategy and tips. This could be it for me. I don’t like the frustration or how anxious I get when playing these levels. It’s just not worth it no matter how much I love the game. Give us a break candy crush..not all of us are heavy game players and it’s annoying to see boosters and paint brushes being used in the videos when most of us don’t have them or want to buy them.

    • Ina

      Passed this level having to buy lollipops…wasn’t happy about that. I won’t ever do it again. Had stripes at the bottom but ran out of moves and was afraid the two stripes would go opposite of what I was buy the lollipops or quit because I was ready too. I don’t know why I never get lollipops on the daily spin. Think that is rigged for sure…color bombs and jelly fish mostly. Never a jackpot. Though it looks like I might get one…it moves one more. That stinks. I think the lollipop is the most useful and you can use it anytime where everything else you have to start the level off with and doesn’t do much good in the beginning of the level. Most people need help towards the end. That’s where candy crush gets you..

  2. Ina

    I don’t understand how people are passing this level with ease. I can’t seem to get any wrapped/stripe combos or color bombs/stripes. Stripes are few and far between and never on the end in the outer column to get rid of bombs. Even the only two wrapped/stripe i did get in all the games I played were in the middle and no where near the bombs. Got the ingredients over to the right side once but candies drop down even after you clear it and you end up with no moves left to get them down. Not liking this level at all and Not a happy camper with this one…for sure.

  3. Joan Powell

    Am I missing something? What use are the right side boxes on this level. I can’t manage to get to the bombs before they explode. Very frustrating!

  4. Laura

    I don’t know how or why but I can play 5 lives on my iPhone, 5 lives on my iPad, and then 5 lives on my PC. And that’s without resetting my clock on any devices. Sometimes I get lives from friends on all devices as well. All 3 are linked to my fb.


      Well that seems like a technical glitch working in your favour! Haha, don’t think we’ve heard of this one before – you could take it up with King Good Luck and Happy Crushing

    • Bobbi

      Same here. From what I understand, the lives are not synced between accounts, but neither are the “bonuses” (the things you get either by buying or spinning the wheel). So if you get them on your phone, for instance, they are not available on your pc. While I LIKE that the lives are not synced, I hate that the bonuses are not!!

  5. KayDenis Brewer

    Can anyone tell me how I can keep playing when 5 lives have run out
    Find it very frustrating waiting. Do not like pressuring friends


      Sometimes you just have to be patient, but check out our video walkthroughs for level 318 for when your lives do return.

    • Marie

      If you are playing on android, set your date ahead. You can also change the time ahead 3 hours to get a full set of lives. After you finish playing reset you clock and calendar. You need to remember how far ahead you set your time because you’ll need to do it again every time you need lives.

    • Jo

      If ur on an iPhone go to ur phone settings click on general then click on time & date. If u have it to set automatically click that off then click on the date and advance it one day now go back to ur game and u should have full life. Before u start playing go back to ur time & day setting and set it to automatic and it will be set to the correct day & time. Now u can go back and play ur game with 5 full lives. U can play continually by doing this. Just don’t forget to go back & set your day to auto before u play each time or your clock will be all screwed up.


        Thanks for sharing :)

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