Candy Crush Saga Level 319

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 319

After you remove the bomb, keep clearing the board—this brings new candies down and eliminates the color changing ones.

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6 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 319”
  1. JanC

    got it on second try; bomb got me first time. early on in second attempt i made a choc sprinkle ball & used it on a candy the same color as the time bomb. while this did not eliminate the time bomb, it allowed the chocolate to grow over it, which did eliminate it harmlessly. the rest was easy; used a second choc ball to match the color i needed most of, & cleaned up with 8 moves to spare.

  2. Candy Queen

    Got thru on the 5th time. A combo choc ball/striped almost cleared the board of purple and orange. I always made matches as near the bottom as possible — then the cascade usually scored some orange or purple.


      You’re on fire candy!!

  3. John59011

    Easy enough if you don’t panic due to chocolate, and just concentrate on the objective of the level. Took me 4th or 5th attempt. Of course always aim for maximum cascades if you get rid of much chocolate.


      Hey John! Hope you are great!! Thank you so much for the tips! 4,5 attempts is too little! Bravissimo!

  4. James

    Nice to have a few easy levels for a change. First time pass for me.!

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