Candy Crush Saga Level 320

Here you can find a walkthrough video and tips  for Candy Crush Level 320

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 320

Check the little wings before every move—they can be the toughest to get.  Use striped/wrapped combos or a color bomb/striped candy combo to clear a lot of jellies.  Striped candy matches can clean up any remaining jellies.

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 320”
  1. Mary K

    No problem here! Thanks for the tips! Moving forward. My goodness I never thought I would get THIS far! So much fun, I even like the owl.

  2. Neal Matsushima

    When does the daily spin become available?

  3. Marge

    Since this was the last level of this particular saga, I expected it to be hard. Was very pleasantly surprised that it was not! Definitely work from the bottom and keep checking the side moves after every move to get the ones in the “wings”. Came down to having only one left with one more move. Luckily I had spun the daily wheel before hand and had a lollipop to use! Boom! Passed in one try! Definitely take advantage of the daily spin!


      We’re glad you had such a good experience with this level and thank you for your tip! :)

  4. Lei

    This stage is so crapping funny! This is just a rehash of the evil level 65! I might collapse if I see a recycled level 65 all over again!
    Chocolate donut + stripped combo and stripped + wrapped combo are useful ones! Good luck with this stage. I finished this, ironically, with 3 stars!

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