Candy Crush Saga Level 322

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 322? The tips and vid below will be proved definitely helpful

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 322

There are no jellies around the chocolate factories. The toughest ones to clear are the corners, but use striped/wrapped combos or wrapped/wrapped combos to clean house.

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6 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 322”
  1. Patricia

    Ok, so I won the level with over 233,000 points on the “umpteenth” try and decided to use my next life in the “Dream World” section of the game. Well, I play a round of that ,
    with two lives left and when I go back…IT DID NOT ADVANCE ME TO THE NEXT LEVEL!!
    wHAT????? really. So, now…..I get to do it all over again.

    No where to voice a complaint either as this is the third time this happened to me that I passed a level. One of them I passed TWICE because every time I cleared the board, it locked up on me. I’m getting disgusted. I started this as a way to “unwind” after a stressful day. But, not THIS is starting to stress me out! UGH!


      Ah we can feel your frustration here Patricia! Have you turned your gaming device off and back on again since these issues have been occurring? Also have you sent a message to King at all to see if they can figure something out their end? Here’s a link to follow if you need it –

  2. JanC

    got it on second try. choc sprinkle balls weren’t hard to make. used a second one to match with a stripe & done, with moves to spare. three stars! (have played every level on an iphone, no boosters, no facebook: just this site’s advice — tyvm :)

  3. Candy Queen

    Got thru after 5 tries. Used the Hammer for the last jelly. First ck if can make combos. Work near the frozen ones first to get down to the jelly. Keep an eye out for combos.


      Great news Candy! Keep crushing!!

  4. Lei

    A fairly easy level you do not need to eliminate the blockers surrounding the chocolate factories. Just remove all the visible jellies. You can start removing jellies without opening the chocolate factories. Open it up when you need to clear the jellies located in the lower part of the board.

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