Candy Crush Saga Level 323

Walkthrough video and a tip in order to beat Candy Crush Level 323

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 323

Try to match and use as many of the mystery candies as you can–there are color bombs, wrapped and striped hiding in there (as well as chocolate and bombs so beware). Striped/wrapped combos and even just striped candy matches should enable you to clear the jellies here.
Also a new video is needed as well as a screenshot and there isn’t a strategy/points section for this level either.

Other Candy Crush Level 323 Tips

Its another classic level that is MUCH easier on PC. So connect your device with Facebook and play it on PC

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66 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 323”
  1. Kate GS

    This level is awful!!! I even had two color bombs TOGETHER after a couple of stripe/wrap combos and that still wasn’t enough. AAAAARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kate GS

      It never fails…the instant I start to go bonkers over a level, I pass it. a stripe/color bomb finally did it for me.

  2. Margaret

    Ina, Look at Jay Jay’s tips. I have discovered through those that if you concentrate on the stripes and not on the jellies, it will work better. I didn’t read these tips until I was down to 2 lives, but both those games I was only one jelly short. Much improvement over my previous plays. Good luck!

    • Ina

      Thanks Margaret…I did read all the tips and Jay jays as well. I was just chatting with my daughter on the phone and played a game after we hung up..lo and behold, I ended with one move and one jelly and couldn’t get to it no matter I used my last lollipop and passed. I got one stripe/wrapped and one colorbomb/stripe which really helped. It was an evil level I’m glad I’m beyond. I love the game and didn’t want to quit but this level would have done it for me…lol I always read everyone’s tips and watch the video although they are all unrealistic. No one gets boards like these videos get and I just watch them to see the level played. I’m sure there will be other evil ones ahead. Thanks for the tip and encouragement..sometimes you just need that. So many of my FB friends have quit earlier on on the tougher levels. Thanks again…I appreciate it.

      • Margaret

        Maybe I will have your luck b/c I’m still stuck!!!! I will keep on trying though. It gives my mind a nice break at lunch……….then back to work. Have a blessed day, Ina.

  3. Ina

    As usual, no response ever from candy crush or crushing candy. Just played another 5 games on iPad. Had 3 jellies left and refused to buy extra moves with no guarantee I’ll crush it with the way the candies move in the blocks. Already got sucked into lollipops. I so do not want to quit but this level is too much. Will play until I am either out of saved daily boosters no matter how useless the ones I get are and the fact you have to activate at start of level. Just seems no matter how close you get or think you are in getting passed this level…it’s not close enough…so I rant on here and truthfully I don’t think anyone pays attention.

  4. Ina

    I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery than passing this level. Can’t even get close most games..maybe down to 6 a time or two. The surprise candies are hard to get and are more often than not, at least for me, blocks or chocolate and a bomb or two. Never got a color bomb once. When I used a color bomb I got on the daily spin..I couldn’t get it even close to a stripe even using the ipad or iphone where I could roll over the game looking for a decent board. I think candy crush made this a lot more frustrating by not giving us enough moves and double jellies. Besides that, the daily spin is wonderful except I get the same thing over and over…seldom, if ever, a lollipop and never a jackpot. Sometimes it looks like it will be a jackpot, I get excited and then it very slowly rolls to the next booster to avoid it. I never expected to get this far in the game and it seems that as these level progress to such difficulty and gives no hope of passing…there will be one that will stop me cold. This one is already making me feel that way. Makes me sad…I love this game.

    • Ina

      No wonder they call 323 the Number 1 evilest level in January…That’s because it is!!!!

      • Ina

        After playing all day and yes..taking breaks. I’m really beginning to hate this game. The video is a joke and it’s impossible to make combos to help. Some of those blocks under a mystery candy you have to waste 6 moves if you need to get rid of it. This level is ridiculous and not worth the anxiety and frustration. Finding it on other king games as well. When I’ve used up the boosters on all 3 devices..since I was stupid enough to pay for some…I’ll be done. I can’t be all that bad a player to get this far. I hope candy crush realizes they are chasing their players away.

  5. scoopy

    This level proved to be quite impossible. After several days of trying I started a round with activating all free boosters there are.

    On the first move I (luckily) could create a striped candy which landed next to the color bomb. Combining those left me with only 10 jellys more to take care of. Has been a piece of cake from there.

  6. Jay jay

    It took me over 3 weeks, but I finally beat Level 323. My winning game used one Chocolate Bomb and three striped/wrapped combo candies. The game is mostly luck, but there are still things you can do to sure you win when you get that winning layout: Play as if the goal is collecting striped and wrapped candies and making combos with them – the jelly will take of itself. Favor vertical moves over horizontal to maximize the cascade effect. Work all four boxes to keep everything lively. Open every Mystery Egg since they are often helpful. Lastly, if you can exit out of a game before you make any moves without losing a life, only play games with layouts you like, such as games with easy to make four-in-a-row combinations. This game is winnable without extra help, but does require some patience.


      Thanks for sharing Jay Jay and great tip! Good luck :)

      • Valerie

        I have been on level 323 for a couple weeks and finally broke down and made the 5 extra moves and 3 hammer purchase for .99. Because I had only 3 jellies left and was totally frustrated with it after getting close numerous times. After confirming purchase the window would not exit off the screen and I could see the moves and hammer but could not see the screen to make the moves. Finally after trying everything I could think to do to get the message to close, I had to exit out and when I went right back in I had no moves and no hammers and was where I was before purchase. I want to know what I need to do to not be charged for this purchase and I probably will never purchase anything else from this game. Utterly ridiculous. As if this level isn’t bad enough, I get ripped off and still haven’t passed it…thanks in advance for a reply to me.


          Hi Valerie, we’re sorry to hear this, what happened to you really is not fair! Your only option is to get in contact with King and raise this issue! Please follow this link –

    • LB

      Thanks for these tips! Been stuck on this level forever and your strategy helped me pass in less than 10 tries! Thanks!!


        Your welcome, glad we can help :)

  7. Andrea

    I have been on 323 since New Year’s Day.
    In a few days on February 1st I am quitting.
    One month is too long I like to play in the
    evenings while watching TV to relax
    and unwind. This level is so frustrating
    that it no longer is relaxing. I hate to do it but
    will have to quit.

  8. JanC

    just chiming in to say that i just passed it on my iphone after countless lives: one star & glad to get it! geez louise, a tough one indeed!


      Well done Jan!! :)

  9. C

    I’ve been 2 away twice and the game shut down on me. See that this is a glitch! Anyone else still having this problem? Lost 2 lives. Only play on I-Phone.


      We’ve had this problem ourselves C! Unfortunately this happens more often then we would have liked and particularly on iPhones – however hopefully King gets this little issue sorted our sooner rather then later :)

  10. Paola

    The only way to get through this level is with chocolate candy+ Striped candy, that’s how i did it


      Thanks for the sweet tip Paola!

  11. Merrilee

    After many tries on both my IPad and PC with NO luck, not even close, I tried it on my Kindle. Woo Hoo, all four boxes cascaded with every move, and although it froze up and kicked me out twice just as I was going to hit the final jelly, on the next try I was successful. I think I’d still be working on it on my iPad! Thanks for all your input, Patricia!

    • Merri Lebo

      How do you get this game on a Kindle? These paths do no roll like they do in
      the video.


        Each game is different to the last, so no level will be exactly the same as our video. But if you use the tips provided here, you’ll have more of a chance and beating this level! Good Luck :)

  12. Marty

    I’ve been trying to pass this for 2 weeks on andriod app, switched to PC and got it after 4 attempts.

    Had multiple candy wraps/stripe combos, but kept hitting same areas, then on 4th go I got lucky and hit a double bomb made it easier to complete – dunno how I managed it but PC seems to be easier (for this level anyways). completed with 3 moves to spare….scary


      That’s a very close call Marty, so Congrats! And thanks for tip, sometimes switching between devices really does help :)

  13. Anton

    they have changed the level. It’s impossible now. If anyone has tips to beat it, please tell me.

    • marsha

      I am on a PC and only 2 portals move. I cannot beat this.


        Have you watched our walkthrough video? Plus you should playing this level on your mobile or tablet to see what results you get there :)

        • Minx1000

          I finally beat it using 2 hammers from the wheel.


            The daily booster wheel has been a great help!! Well done :D

  14. gerorin

    If you use a booster, say a chocolate bomb, will it disappear if you roll the board? As in keep entering and exiting the level until you think you find a seemingly preferable board? Or will you lose the booster when you do that?

    • Sherry

      All boosters are only good for one game on one board, if you choose it before you start the game.

  15. SummerCandyQueen

    It took a while for me to work out a tactic for this level but when I worked it out, it took me 3 tries to pass it.

    I passed it with 3 moves to go, one of my free candy hammers (I won it on the spinning wheel) and without paying for anything.

    I only used my hammer because I could. It was on my last Jelly. I still could’ve gotten it completed without it.

    Firstly, use the spinning wheel to gather as many free items as you can.

    The tactic of this game is simple. You stick to the bottom right and top left hand boxes primarily to get the candies moving, and only use the other boxes when you get good combinations. You stick to columns in which you try to make vertical color combinations etc to get the candies moving down.

    By doing it using the columns (primarily the middle ones) you will start to get combinations of special candies, including candy bombs, fish, stripped candies, wrapped candies. The color bombs are incredibly useful.

    Keep in mind, that every level of candy crush is passable. There are always tactics to the games that once you work out what works best, that tactic will usually get you through the level.


      Great enthusiasm Summer! And thanks for that fab tip!!

  16. Judy

    I am trying to play level 323 and there is definitely something very wrong. Twice the level has frozen, twice more it has stopped and put me back to my main page( lost that game) had to start over and now it continued to cascade for over five minutes until I gave up, closed completely down and rebooted. Can I get a fix for this level on my IPad?? Can’t skip the level and move on, so now what?? I don’t have another unit of any kind, am I finished or is there a fix coming for IPad?? Thanks.

  17. weazzy

    My lines do not all fall at the same time..What is up with that


      Try switching devices to see whether you experience the same problems or not. If it persists then please send a message to King

  18. Nick

    This level seems to be genuinely impossible now that the portals are gone…


      Keep up the good work Nick, you’ve made it this far so you can definitely beat it!

  19. CCERfornow

    I think there are patterns to how the columns move. If you do a vertical move in one column, sometimes it starts a chaotic cascade, but sometimes it moves only one other column. I’ve been watching and think that the columns are in 8 pairs. Move something in one, the other one moves.

    I named the four big blocks as 1, 2, 3 and 4 being top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and then each column within a block from left to right and create a two digit number for each column in each block. For instance, 32 is the second column in the lower left block. 23 is the third column in the upper right block.

    I am fairly sure of the following pairs:

    11/22 (ie, move something in first column upper left and it will also move 2nd column upper right)
    13/32 (third column upper left, second column lower left)

    I am at maybe on 14/21

    And somehow, it works both ways. If you move something in 43 it moves 12. If you move something in 12, it moves 43. I’m not sure how that’s possible because they both can’t be underneath each other, but it seems to work when initiating a move.

    Does it matter? With so many cascades it’s impossible to predict every combination once the move starts. But I have referred to my list several times when I need to shake something up in an area. I was down to one square with no matches in that whole block. So I went to the “sister” column of the square and moved something there or something nearby. I had 4-5 shots at it, and moving the sister column kept the candies moving in around and through the last square. I didn’t get a match, but I did get 4-5 opportunities.

    Finally, first level where I’ve run into a glitch. This level has frozen twice, and then CC simply shuts down. Sadly, one of these was during the Sugar Crush after I’d beaten the dang level. When I restarted, it did not show the level as complete. But I’ve been within one or two a few times since, so I know it’s just a matter of getting lucky and using the sister columns when one of the blocks is “dead” and I need to shake up that area.


      Thanks for the helpful tip! It is annoying when the game shuts down occasionally, but good luck and hopefully you complete it sooner rather than later!

  20. Christin

    every time I am about to beat the level and I have 1-2 moves left the game just closes up on me! what’s going on here?

  21. Karen

    It has gone into a continuous loop twice now. Frustrating to say the least.


      I feel you ! Keep cool and keep trying!!!

  22. mlwstuff

    So … I am on an infinite loop and have watched this quite awhile. I’ll have to quit it soon. There is a pattern, but each column goes to a different box and different column – always the same way, but pretty bizarre. I don’t think it helps in strategy to use the pattern, however. Too hard to track.


      I feel you, its tough! Please read all the conversation and tips about this level, it will definitely help you! Keep trying, don’t give up!

      • Joni

        I have had two games where they candies would not stop dropping on PC.

  23. mlwstuff

    I’m playing this on my pc – first attempt. Fun to watch the candies drop and try to figure out the sequence. However, I must have hit a glitch, because the candies have been dropping for about five minutes now – and don’t look like they are going to quit any time soon. I may have to abort this try. Anybody else had this happen?

  24. Paula Karr

    Didn’t understand this one even a little bit, but got 3 stars and scored 794,760 on the first try on my PC. Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than skillful. LOL.


      luck is always welcome when speaking of Candy Crush, isn’t it?

  25. Lei

    After i updated my candy crush, this level became very fun! The candies continuously fall thru.
    I just made combinations in the lower left and right box. But i was watching for good combinations in the upper boxes in my every move. I stopped and check after every move. If you see good combinations go for it. Do not wait for more better moves because once you move one candy everything starts falling everywhere.
    Good luck everyone! -LEI

    • Rejeanne Paulin

      How do you update Candy Crush


        Android users got an update of another 45 levels just a few days ago and it seems that King has also added a Dreamworld feature that hosts 65 levels. So crushers can look forward to that sometime this week. Hopefully this helps but we are still waiting for more updates :)

  26. Aimey

    I was able to complete this level on my iPhone in 4 tries, no need to play on PC. I did follow the steps above, clearing out the two bottom boxes and then going for the two top boxes. I also used wrapped and striped candies….
    Thanks for the tips!


      Thanks for the positive feedback Dear! Keep crushing!

  27. Hans

    Looks like things have reversed. Now you better play it on Ipad or Android instead of the PC.

  28. Kitty

    It’s just made my iPhone screen frozen lot the second time so I’m done playing in iPhone.

  29. Pam

    You have to do this on a PC. Then when playing on the PC, concentrate only on the two bottom boxes – even if there are switching options in the top two boxes – until the very end. It only took me a few rounds when I did this to complete the level. Each of those two boxes cause a cascading effect with the other 3, letting you match candies multiple times in each box each switch you make there.

    • candy

      thank you for your tips pam!

      • Lana

        This tip worked on my iPad!

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