Candy Crush Saga Level 325

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 325

Try for a striped/wrapped combo to break some chocolate, but make any vertically striped candy you can because that –if in the same column as ingredient—will propel it through the chocolate. Use whatever you can make to break chocolate—even a color bomb when matched with a color candy that touches chocolate will break it. If you bunch up a few ingredients and make a striped/wrapped combo, you can remove several at one time.

NOTICE: After the last Update the licorice Dispenser is removed on the FB Version, which makes the level MUCH easier!

Still having troubles with Candy Crush Level 325? No worries, watch the video below:

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73 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 325”
  1. marcella

    I’ve been playing this level for 2 weeks. I’ve used boosters, extra moves, and I’ve watched the video but have not been able pass this level. I run out of moves before the last 3 ingredients even drop down. I don’t know what else to do and the joy has gone out of playing the game. I think I’ll be quiting the game if nothing happens in the next day or 2. Frustrated!!

    • marcella

      I finally passed this level. Nothing but pure luck. I kept getting chocolate sprinkle balls. Twice I got 2 chocolate balls next to each other which helped me clear the board twice and pass the level.

  2. Ina

    Amazed I passed…last ingredient was close to the top. Thought no way with one move left I was going to pass. Had two wrapped next to each other in the same row at the bottom. Used them on last move and it blew up and cleared the ingredient. Finally!!!

  3. Ina

    Once again..been playing all night on 3 devices. Iphone seemed strange because I was pretty sure I moved more ingredients through than registered. Of course never enough moves. PC was easiest to play…came the closest..even got the last ingredient halfway down and of course…as candy crush plans…ran out of moves and absolutely refused to buy the 5+ moves…I most likely would have passed if I had…but not going to get sucked in…there are future evil levels ahead..its just a matter of time before a level will wear me down to quit altogether, if not this one…At 61 I no longer have the patience I did to do the same thing over and over and over again. Boring

  4. Ina

    And to think I was ready to quit at 323. Well this level says it all. Got 8 out of the 12 through. Needed 4 more cherries and only one showedon the board. Had double color bombs, two wrapped/stripe combos, single wrapped and lots of stripes and this is as far as I got before running out of moves. This level definitely needs some adjustments. It is not one I will continue to play for days or weeks. After 323… Another level like it or worse will put my app in the trash. So not worth the frustration and stress to work so hard on a level and just not pass because the creator of this level had to be high when creating it. It’s unrealistic.

    • Ina

      What a joke this video is..regardless of the licorice and annoying chocolate. Only ten ingredients was needed. Well having a paint brush and 2 lollipops got this guy through and they think that video is encouraging or helpful? Seriously!!!

  5. Sally Prinzmetal

    I also have 6 & 6. the best I have done is 6 & 4 with the second to last ingredient just dropping on the board – I have never seen the last ingredient, my guess is that it won’t drop until I have 6 & 5. My best games have been with 2 choc sprinkles right next to each other & lots of striped/wrapped combos – I thought that I had pretty good boards/strategy, but not even that close to beating this level – if I ever see that last ingredient I will deal with it!


      Good Attitude Sally, You’ll bring that last ingredient down no problem as soon as you get your hands on it! :) And you do have a good strategy, don’t forget about the boosters available on the daily wheel – they definitely help.

  6. Angela

    The video shows 5 cherries and 5 acorns to bring down somehow my version has 6 of each. How come? I have tried to update but still get the version with 6. I have played on my PC, iPad and mobile, I have not seen any more than 8 of the cherries and acorns come down, definitely a bug in this level. Why can’t candy crush have the same version on all devices, and fix this level, this is just ridiculous

    • Melanie

      I have 6 & 6 also, My problem is that they usually only come 1 at a time otherwise wouldn’t be a problem.

    • Mel

      6 & 6 is the latest update. After weeks of being stuck on this level (with 5 & 5 and licorice), I finally decided to look whether an update is available and so it was. I don’t have fb. Updated, tried again and got through the level in one try – yay!!! I found that while the level now requires you to drop 6 nuts and 6 cherries instead of only 5 each, with no licorice, this was so much easier.


        Thats great Mel! Thanks for sharing


      Hi cherrie, yes we need to update our video as their has been an update on this level! No bugs your side, so good luck :)

  7. Wendy

    Wow that was a nasty stinky level. I play on my iPhone & never got the update with no licorice…but I just passed the level. :) I’m glad I didn’t give up…almost did

  8. Simon

    Found Level 325 difficult on my Android phone so followed the tip on here and tried it on FB. Completed it within about 6 tries on there.

  9. Toni

    I’m getting the licorice version on Firefox, and the non-licorice version on IE. I’m finding both of them frustrating. I’ve dropped ingredients that I didn’t get credit for, and haven’t had enough ingredients to win, even after clearing the board numerous times with bombs, striped/wrapped, etc. This may be the death of Candy Crush for me.

  10. Kodi

    Super happy about the FB update without the middle row of licorice! I, like most people here, played this board what seemed to be hundreds of times without getting close (closest was two left). I notice many posters may be under the impression that the last fruit(s) don’t drop until the end. Really, they drop whenever the one before it does, so it IS possible to clear the board without boosters, etc. I used a “3 extra moves” on what was my 3rd try on the PC (without the middle row of licorice) in desperation and seriously ended up beating the level with 21 (yes 21!) lives left. No boosters at all. I understand how frustrating it can be at a level this hard and definitely recommend people to try the FB version. For those who don’t see the “new” version, I also recommend clearing your browser’s cache. I’m not sure how that helps but that always seems to be the answer when those sorts of things help. Good luck!


      Thank you your tips have been very helpful. Good Luck with your crushing future :)

  11. kayk

    The person who designed this level is obviously a sadist.


      Many would had similar thoughts! In any case make sure you read the tips/discussion! It Does help

  12. How to beat level 325

    The Facebook version of level 325 has been updated to REMOVE the licorice dispenser. After trying a few dozen times on my iPad, I beat level 325 on the first try on Facebook version. Good luck!!


      great tip Paul! Thanks for sharing!

      • Peg

        I have not received the updated version of level 325. I also have the problem that the ingredients do not always fall. Believe there is a problem with this level.


          I would like to make clear that is only a Support Community and it is not connected with King. You should drop a message to King expressing your issue:

  13. X

    Another bugged level. The centre column doesn’t always dispense anything at all.

  14. Babs

    I’ve been stuck here for a few days–this morning King CHANGED THE LEVEL so it is easier–no more licorice whips! I was able to beat it in 2 tries! If you gave up on this level, time to come back!


      This is what we are talking about.. when stuck on a level for a long period we strongly suggest that you wait till the next update is launched because an easier version of the levels will probably come!

      • babes

        But that takes a long time.

  15. Beau Nerr

    This level is not designed to allow you to proceed. It is designed to lure you into purchasing moves and power-ups.


      This is what people think when they find it difficult to pass a level and this theory makes sense.. but if you ask me there are hundreds that passed it with no boosters!!

      • Beau Nerr

        When the final ingredient doesn’t drop until the end, it isn’t theory. Like many aspects to this game, it is based more on luck than skill.


          Luck is almost necessary. Skill and solid strategy is also necessary! When these two factors are combined it’s about time to proceed to next level

  16. harhap

    Goodbye all. This is a specifically designed level to generate people to purchase power-ups and extended play. Therefore, I will conclude my time on this exercise and go back to juggling knives. I understand it is a business, but I did not initiate playing a free game to waste money, even a meager $.99. Yes, I am that cheap. Free ? $.99.


      I absolutely agree that you shouldn’t spend even $.99 !! But if you’ve reached 325 then you can definitely beat it with no boosters at all!

      • harhap

        I have combined several strategies to attack this level; all have failed. The final ingredient does not drop until the end, therefore, impossible without some stroke of luck or buying moves.


          Luck is always welcome! So i guess you need to keep trying in order to combine your skills with luck!

        • X

          The last ingredient doesn’t drop until you’ve scored the ninth.

          I just managed to complete the level at about the 18th attempt when I lucked into a double C-bomb swap having managed to engineer two or three stripe/wraps. It’s not pleasant, though.


            thanks for your feedback X!

  17. Eugene

    OMG – I GOT IT
    It just happened – got a stripe/wrap combo in the right place and it worked – I thought I would be stuck forever
    I did have a plan that might work for someone else though – I got as many as I could above the chocolate – I had 8 when I tried this with 10 moves left. Then I released the bubblegum troll – it takes out all the chocolate underneath and freezes the chocolate spinners. most of the ingredients dropped out – one got stuck on the licorice – so used a couple of moves to get that out – the other two fell but just didn’t have the right board….but it might work for someone else


      Guess the relief can’t be compared with anything at the moment! Keep crushing Eugene!!

  18. Hp.fruity

    When I played on my pc yesterday I was unable to continue, no moves left but dd not flash or reshuffle. I lost a free pink wheel booster that I had and extra moves gifted by a friend. I noticed that middle column ones not fill like it does on iPad and some combos not bleating chocolate. Came close only needed a few moves on iPad. Very unhappy about boosters lost yesterday :(

  19. CrushingCrap

    The latest, most retarded level created by those who hate games and the people who play them.

  20. Eugene

    I think for candies to fall in the middle you have to replace a licorice with a candy = move it into the spot that had the licorice – when I did that then candies appeared – it was very odd and I’ve only played it once so far – and lost…but I did get a few candies in there

  21. Emma

    My first time posting! I have a lot of problems with this level .
    1- twice playing on I pad crashed and stopped that I had no choice than starting over loosing two lives!
    2- played at least twenty times on I pad, PC, I phone, I have not been able to see the 10th ingredient ! Though I had at lest 10 moves left to finish with 9 ingredient collected , I moved the jellies aimlessly waiting for the last one to drop , to no avIl.
    My game definitely has a bug . Where I can send this report ? Can some one advise me , please?


      Emma please drop a message to

    • Sandy

      I feel bad not being able to continue – I’ve enjoyed CC. Unfortunately I only have a PC to play on, and with the middle column not usable for most of the game (I think this bug is limited to PC), it’s not possible to make combo’s of any sort. I tried everything, but you need the whole board to work this level. I went back and played a few of the older levels, I was reminded of how much fun it was, too bad to be taken out of the game by whatever causes the middle column to freeze.

  22. tricia

    been stuck for weeks, got down to one ingredient a few times, ingredients don’t appear. its the worst game for me. never been stuck so long


      did you try to follow Pat’s tips???

  23. gabrielle

    none of the tips have been much use yet. Dont think i’ll ever pass it. grrrrrr


      Don’t give up Gabrielle! So many crushers did it, why not you?

      • pp

        grrr…got down to one ingredient and couldn’t release it…


          how frustrating :/ this is the moment you need to stay calm

  24. Kzd

    This level is ridiculous and clearly designed to get the player to buy boosters and extra moves. The only thing it’s going to get out of me is quitting.


      I feel you!! But please give a go to Pat’s Tips! They are helpful!!

  25. Magdalen

    I’ve won this level three times today, but each time King has failed to record my high score, so it shows me winning but it won’t let me advance. I’ve taken a screenshot of my most recent win. Where do I send that?

  26. Paula Karr

    Hated this one so much I bought some credits just to be done with it. Sometimes, your sanity is worth a couple of bucks.


      but you did it at last, right? In case you are stuck on one of the following levels, please consider our tips, most of the times they are proved helpful!

  27. shhyeah winner

    this level frustrates me. my goodness. i guess i’m not the only one in the shoes. lol!


      for sure.. keep trying and you will beat it!

  28. Lei

    I just passed this very difficult level without boosters, in 2 days, 8moves to spare, 3 stars, and numerous attempts whew!
    I tried the tip to focus the ingredients in one side only but did not work as some moves need some candies in the other half.
    Moves i did:
    1. Ingredients come in 3 or 4′s. i placed these ingredients together or adjacent columns and wrapped + stripped combo finished them.
    2. Wrapped candy is of no use unless it is a combination with a stripped.
    3. When ingredients go down in 1 column, do your best to form wrapped + stripped combo at the top of the ingredients to bring them down.
    4. Do not waste moves eliminating chocolate. These moves can be used to bring down the last ingredient.
    5. If you allow one side to be covered with chocolate, no ingredient will come down there. Chocolate can not cross licorice or frozen candies.
    6. The last ingredient, by the way does not come down until after you have finished bringing down the 9th ingredient. Focus remaining moves on that.
    Good luck everyone!

    • Kris Massey

      Granted I haven’t passed this level yet, but I disagree with #2 and #4. I find the wrapped candies on their own ARE very helpful in getting ingredients out IF you play them low on the board. For #4, you have to keep up with the chocolate otherwise it will take over the board and you can run out of moves.

      Hopefully I will beat this level today!!! :)


        Keep trying Kris!


      thank you for detailed tips!

    • lindachicken

      Lei ~ thank you as well for your tips, very helpful.

      Patricia ~ reading this page and your helpful comments let me know if I just
      keep working I can do this…..when I am playing it I couldn’t figure out what
      I was doing wrong…I found this and LOL you play just like I do, hope! There IS hope~ :) ))) Thank you both and to all the others that left tips…..the tip about the last fruit answered everything!



        These girls are the best Candy Crushers i know ;) You can trust them!

  29. Annika

    This level piss me off. The ingrediens does not come down until a few move left and i make sure to move down down to give room and yet no cherries or nuts until it is too late!!!


      Be patient Annika, you can do it!

  30. Emma

    I’mplaying on android (Samsung s111) and have noticed that only 4 of the five ingredients come down…..WHY.

  31. Rachel

    Stcuked over 1 week. Do you have any tips for this level?

    i’m about to give up….help!!!!


      will try to update the tips section asap

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