Candy Crush Saga Level 332

For those of you that can’t complete Candy Crush Level 332, why don’t you take a moment to watch carefully our walkthrough video and utilize our tips?

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 332

Try to wait to use the coconut wheels until you have several ingredients on the board. Avoid the center column (after initially clearing out that first bomb) to avoid dealing with bombs throughout.

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29 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 332”
  1. Ina

    I have been playing this level too long, since I play all day on 3 devices. I just did an update on my iphone and played a game. I know it was going well and had dropped several ingredients through the bottom but the top only registered 1 cherry…what??? That was impossible. I was totally unhappy since I know I passed several ingredients through. I’m ready to quit..this level has frustrated me to death. How could I get this far with sooo many difficult levels behind me and then get one that just urges me to quit. I rant but I’m usually not a quitter especially when I enjoy something as much as I do this game. Come on candy crush…give us a break and ease up on this level. You can’t avoid the middle row and the bombs just kill it. Will this be my last level?? At the moment I can only say it’s going from possibly to probably. No enjoyment at all.

  2. Melissa W.

    This is another one of those levels I didn’t enjoy. Probably due to the fact that beating it (which I finally did) seemed to require more dumb luck than either skill or strategy. So it was just a matter of trying over and over and over until the right screen came along. Clearly, it would be advantageous if you could wait and use the pink wheel gizmos when you had all or most of the ingredients dropped down, but most of the time that didn’t seem to be possible. And the sadist who decided to add time bombs to the mix should be dipped in boiling oil. I’m glad it’s over and I hope I never see another one like this, but I know that’s probably not going to be the case… :-)


      Thanks for sharing Melissa! We all get there eventually :)

  3. Minx1000

    On Facebook these tips do not work at all. You can’t work only one side. You run out of moves. So you have to move the ones under the middle row which releases more bombs. By the time you put all the bombs out, you have no moves to move the ingredients down. This one is a rip-off and just a frustration-maker trying to get you to buy boosters. Even boosters won’t help that much because I have gotten several stripped and wrapped and color bombs and they sometimes don’t even move the ingredients down at all. I hate that you can play along and enjoy the games and then face one like this which you’re on for days until you get lucky.


      I know its frustrating Minx, sometimes we really don’t get a helpful board at all. Just simply keep trying and good luck. Your time will come!

    • jJoyce Steinkamp



        Other Crushers have beat it Joyce and so can you! Hang in there :)

  4. Diane

    I found that if I stayed on one side of the board, ALL the cherries and acorns fell on that one side. Also avoiding the middle made it so I only saw two bombs the entire game. Took me a few tries, but mission accomplished! Next stop – 333!!


      Thanks for the tip! Well done!

  5. Karen Cartwright

    Just completed 332 after approx 10 tries. Not a very nice level but it surprised me when completed quickly on 10th attempt. I got highest score with my friends to boot. Just completed 333 an easy level. Just concentrate, initially, on clearing room to allow easy combos x

  6. Karen Cartwright

    Why is everyone being so negative towards the blog after 301 great level tips. Yes this one is frustrating and I have yet to conquer it but remember you’re on a high level and I know I wouldn’t have reached this level by now if not been privacy to the best site. Concentrating on achieving this level and post YOUR tips here! Happy Candy Crush everyone x. Thanks Patricia for your help x

  7. Sherry

    Please get rid of the porn advertisements.


      We have successfully removed these from our site and hope that they will never return. Our sincere apologies for any discomfort given and we hope you remain in our crushingcandies community :)

      • Chloe Clark

        the porn ads are still on here. very nasty. they are all over the page, but on the left where you pick the level you are on there is a naked butt right in your face. wish you would get rid of it

  8. Kami

    I never have any moves. After 1-5 useless moves, mostly not even on the side of the ingredient, my only option is to activate the special. After that it reshuffles, repeat 1-5 moves, must activate 2nd special, game over with 25 moves left and only 1 ngredient in the bag. Levels like is really suck. Its like king is trying to separate the men from the boys, so to speak, but a free game should play like a fun game, not an international chess championship.

    • Kami

      Can I also gripe and say that my ingredients never fall down as quickly as shown. I have used 10 moves with 1 ingredient stuck at the bottom and no new ones ever fall. This happens again and again. How can you move ingredients down if they never fall? I’m beginning to think these games are rigged like casino slots. You have to play 100 times before you trigger a win.

  9. Doug

    Nailed it first time using Patricia’s coconut wheel tip. Thanks!


      Thank you for sharing your feedback!

  10. BillytheMountain

    These tips are worse than useless. Center bomb is more difficult to bring down than demonstrated and discussed here. And if you do get it down, it is near impossible to not create others in order to match candies on the sides. On at least half of the dozens of lives I’ve wasted on this level I’ve had to use a coconut wheel to diffuse the bomb.


      If you’ve reached 332 you can definitely beat it.. keep reading the discussion and suggestions here, this will probably help you. Hope more crushers will share their tips soon!

  11. lynn

    But what about the bombs? I have yet to get a board where the bomb comes down that easy like in the video.

    • X

      That’s the easy bit. Just reroll the level 50 or 100 times until you get a board where you can kill the bomb on move 1.

      That’s literally all the “strategy” to this one. It’s 100% pure luck; some people will do it first time, some people will be stuck for weeks. It’s appalling design even by King’s standards of “make them want to pay for boosters”, because it’s patently obvious that no booster you could buy will help you.

      • Roni Haack

        how do you reroll the board?

        • Brian

          Hit the quit button before you make any moves and it won’t use a life. Keep it up until you get a board that looks good (this doesn’t work on the Facebook version- quitting cost a life even if you don’t move)

  12. Brenda

    Just play the side that first ingredient is on. All ingredients will fall from that side.


      Good tip , brenda! Thanks for sharing

    • Kami

      There is no “just” in the matter. I consistently get boards where the only moves are at the top or on the opposite side where ingredient is. If it was as simple as “just” then most of my FB friends would still be playing this silly game. But as it is there is a stock pile of them that gave up at 165 and I now have to play Quests because no one gives tickets anymore. I should be next… don’t know why I stlil stick with this silliness.

  13. Candy Queen

    No Rainbow Candies – Yippee. Play the sides as much as possible if NO bombs at the top of the center lane.

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