Candy Crush Saga Level 334

Can’t Pass Candy Crush Level 334? Don’t get frustrated! Just take advantage of our tips and walkthrough video to beat it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 334

The hardest jellies to clear are on the sides of the chocolate factories. Use a color bomb/striped candy combo to get things started, then use the bombs to make special candies—even a striped/wrapped combo.

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 334”
  1. Ina

    Finally passed after trying all the tips. Made as many stripes as I could on top with a stripe next to the colorbomb provided then worked the bottom clearing what I could. Set the colorbomb/stripe off and had 3 jelly’s to clear. Wiped out two with a stripe already set on top and used bombs below to clear the last one. Lucky board for a change. On to the next level which I expect to be hard since it’s the last in the episode and they usually are more difficult. Finally noticed that each episode adds an extra level to pass.

  2. Karen Cartwright

    I have got this far without buying ‘help items’ so won’t be using the hammer etc. unless its a gift. I’m stingey you see x


      That’s great gameplay! If you’ve got enough patience and you carry on using our tips, you shouldn’t need to spend a penny at all and that’s even up to Level 500! So good on you Karen and happy crushing :)

      • Karen Cartwright

        I could tell it was just a matter of getting the right board that would demolish most bombs and sure enough it happened after about 10 attempts. Keep up the great work crushing candies although I sometimes feel like giving up as always I come back after having a few days break if I get frustrated. It’s a fantastic game x

  3. Candy Queen

    Start w/the top section, free up the striped w/o setting them off. Soon as you activitate the bottom section, the bombs start their count down. Gave up after about 15 tries and used the Hammer to bob the last two candies.

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