Candy Crush Saga Level 335

Here is a walkthrough video and a few tips on Candy Crush Level 335:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 335

It’s not necessary to waste moves getting to the color bombs provided. Clear enough space to create your own.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 335”
  1. zak powie

    Where’s the ‘skill’ and ‘stategy’ in this? Like Naomi says – just keep pushing the colours round like a halfwit.
    A chimpanzee could do that.

  2. zak powie

    All ‘tips’ and ‘ hints’ rubbish as usual. Pure luck, that’s all, pure luck.


      Some levels are just based on pure luck but our hints and tips have helped out many Crushers in the past and will carry on doing so. Sorry they could be of no use to you

  3. Naomi

    I sure would love to know how so many folks are actually making their OWN choc bombs. I have used a good 20 lives and have not created anynor broken through to the premade ones. Just sitting here moving colors around like a drone…

  4. Gail T

    My starting board had no possible moves, but it wouldn’t reshuffle! It kept trying to tell me to move a candy into a position where I couldn’t move it (because that spot had a layer over it that needed to be cleared first!) this has happened before….where it flashes a suggested move that is impossible to make. Has anyone else had this happen? Or am I missing something?

  5. Candy Queen

    335 Rainbow candy is back w/a vengeance. I made my own Color Bombs too. Watch for chances to make bombs.

  6. Lei

    2 color bombs

    Just remove the locked candies in the middle so you have room to make a color bomb. I made my own 2 color bombs i did not use the 2 frozen ones.


      Thanks for the tips Lei!

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