Candy Crush Saga Level 337


1 Star: 60000 points
2 Stars: 180000 points
3 Stars: 240000 points

A helpful walkthrough video on how to pass Candy Crush Level 337

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 337

Color bomb/ striped combos are really good for this level. All the ingredient dispensers are in exit columns so be careful NOT to move them to alternate columns or you’ll spend moves moving them back.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 337”
  1. JanCj

    lost track of how many lives it cost me, and in the end it was a lucky board: got a choc sprinkle ball next to a stripe within the first few moves and that made a huge difference. then i had a few more. ended up with three stars & a half million points. if i had to be stuck on a level awhile, this one was a fun one to be stuck on :)


      Thanks for sharing! And congrats for finally passing it :)

    • Addicted Steven

      This strategy worked for me: keep resetting until you get the first nut/cherry above the center column. Then blast away in the center column as quickly as possible. The only way to get all six cherries/nuts to drop before you run out of moves is to get a couple of them through early, so make that your chief objective. Maybe I was lucky, but all of the six set up in the center area—perhaps following where the first one was set up and where prior ones had gone through.


        Great tip and thanks for sharing!

  2. Sandra Kenny-Veech

    The first few times it was stingy with letting the ingredients drop- but the 6th time I got several lucky swaps early…the ingredients dropped ( the last cherry came down with just 2 moves to go, but fell after a good combo)- and it finished with a seemingly endless cascade of candies exploding.


      What a show! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Jo74!

    Only 4 ingredients drop on this level but says there is 6 in all!!!
    WTH!?? Is going on!!??


      You could be experiencing a technical glitch and as we are only a support community, you should take up your query with King themselves as they handle all faults, bugs, etc on their game. So here’s the link and we hope your problem will be sorted sooner rather then later :)

  4. Karen Cartwright

    Another really easy level. As it says above make sure you don’t move fruit over into wrong column x

  5. Sadnky

    Update to previous comment. Just played my 63rd life and only one acorn dropped. Had all 3 cherries with 20 moves left, but the last two acorns never appeared. Playing on iPad with all iOS updates . Good-bye candy crush saga…

  6. Sadnky

    Just played this level for the 35 th time. Had lots of color bomb/striped combos and more explorers than I could count, but none of the acorns dropped. Last game only one acorn and one cherry dropped. Ridiculous.

  7. TimBluesWin

    1 Star: 60000 points
    2 Stars: 180000 points
    3 Stars: 240000 points


      thanks for that Tim!

  8. Cj

    Hate to hear its a bug when ingredients don’t drop down. Thought it was me. I want to clear this level sooooooooon?


      If you ask me, i believe the ingredients drop down regularly. You need to make them fall through the arrows! Take Pat’s tips into serious consideration to avoid wasting moves

      • cj

        Ok. I had cleared all columns to freely let the ingredients come down to win and at this time I had 17 moves left. I just knew it was my turn to win.

        But when I got to One move left and I took a picture. I had one acorn in play and still needed a cherrie to appear.

        Of course I didn’t win and continue to struggle. I will not pay to bring ingredients down having no idea how long it will take and then to complete this one as it’s not fair. And I’ve paid to win quite a few to move on with the game but this one appears no way to win without extreme good luck or pay to play.

        Thanks for listening.


          That was TOO close, don’t give up CJ!

  9. basha

    Did anyone else have lots of moves left, lots of exploding but no ingredients came down.

    • Lynn

      Basha – I had the same issue. Not all the ingredients dropped. I still needed 2 cherries and 1 nut. They never appeared I hope they fix this bug soon.

    • Laines

      Me too.. REALLY frustrating!!

  10. Candy Queen

    Another Exploding Level. Ingredients get stuck at the very bottom, need exploding Combos on either side of row or several hits from above in the same row


      Thanks for sharing your tips Candy!!

      • Rhonda

        After struggling with this level for a few days, I decided not to count ingredients. I focused on the center vertical row and just bashed the heck out if it! I still had side blocks that hadn’t even been touched, but the ingredients must have fallen so quickly that I didn’t realize I had won. Working only the center of the board worked for me. Good luck!

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