Candy Crush Saga Level 340

If you are stuck on Candy Crush Level 340 you have to watch this. Pretty helpful walkthrough video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 340

Use striped/wrapped combos on either side to release the isolated sections. Avoid the center isolated section of striped candies until you have less than 5 moves left (it’s a bomb dispenser.) Vertically striped candy matches or more striped/wrapped combos can move things along to help clear the jellies.

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8 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 340”
  1. Ina

    I can’t pass this level…i don’t get any good combos or stripes in the right place. Feeling frustration overload.

  2. Ina

    Wow…I’m having an awfully lot of trouble with this level. Got down to maybe 4 jellly’s left but can’t seem to make combos…mostly just stripes. And the combos I do get lucky to make are never where I need I avoid the ones that will activate the bombs because the game is over for me when that happens. I keep playing and playing on 3 different devices and not one is luckier or easier than the other. Just waiting for the level that I can’t pass and get stressed out over…when I stop playing a game I love. Could this be it? Hopefully not, but there are still many difficult levels ahead.

  3. Jean

    How do you manage to get striped etc candies to the bottom jellies?

    • Breezy

      you don’t, you try to keep the middle as is. once those stripes go, it’s bombs with 5 moves that are dispensed. Try to clear the isolated boxes on left and right, by making vertical stripes in the top section. they will clear the ones in the jelly, and keep your eyes open for matches in those boxes because they color change. If you get a color bomb, try not to pick a color that is in the stripes in center. I’ve gotten real close now but ran out of moves. Hang in there!

  4. Cyndi

    May not need to clear the middle. Mine said I only cleared 17 outa 18.
    I hadn’t hit the middle. There’s 9 on each side

  5. Lei

    Holy clouds! After I posted the comment above I just passed the level with 3 stars and 15 moves to spare. What I did was i tried my best to form chocolate donut and swapped it with a candy which has majority of the colors in the jellies.
    I made wrapped candies on the top portion and using horizontal striped candies, slid it down to the jellies with maximum destruction.
    Good luck everyone!

    • Breezy

      ok you mean a colored bomb ? LOL I was like wth is a chocolate donut? You do mean the dark marble thing with all the colored dots on it right? They call that a color bomb. BOOM he he

  6. Lei

    Surprisingly a very difficult level for me!

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