Candy Crush Saga Level 341

Still stuck on Candy Crush Level 341? Why don’t you have a look at this walkhtrough video? It will help you elaborate the right tactic in order to beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 341With a narrow space to work with on the left and liquorice whirls blocking your way to breaking the blocks on the right, getting to the 3 frozen colour bombs is the most frustrating part of the level. Make what you can, but try to focus on making the 3 additional colour bombs you need to pass the level—match them with a striped and they’ll help break through the cream blocks. Once you release the frozen colour bombs, match them to remove them quickly.

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39 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 341”
  1. Ina

    Another impossible level…I have only been able to make one color bomb. By the time I can get through tot the right side, I have 5 moves left. This level is the pits. I play and play and get even get close.

  2. Cindy

    How do you have 60 moves when I have 40?


      Thanks for noticing. Since Kings update they have changed a few features on some of their levels so we need to upload some new videos :) All in good time!

  3. Lori

    This level totally BLOWS!!! Impossible to get thru the first side or get combos that everyone else seems to be getting!!!
    There’s absolutely no strategy to this level, just pure luck I guess. Hate these levels!!!

    • trisha

      Lori, you are absolutely right about luck. When you think of all of possible combinations that can show up on your board, it’s really only with the “right” ones appear that you’ll be able to finish any given level! On the other hand, you have to be vigilant when they do show up because one “OOPS! I didn’t meant to do that!” can totally screw you up and put you back in the “waiting for the right one” queue.

  4. Jazz

    This level is not as hard as it may seem, so don’t give up!
    One effective method is if you happen to get two chocolate donuts next to eachother you can set them off and it will open up the frozen ones on the RH side so that you can set them off as well. Just start making small matches on the LH side and work your way down while trying to create chocolate donuts and if you can mix it with a stripe that will help to open up the board. It might take several attempts but you will get it!

    As always, thanks for all the great tips on this site, they have helped me immensely.


      Happy we are able to help each other out – so thank you for your great tips and your very welcome for ours and all Crushers tips. Crush on!

  5. Dixiedel

    I’m having trouble with this game, but even more, I can’t understand how to hold on to my free lives for at least one game. When I start to play, I have 5 and 3 people have offered free lives. How do you save them? (I know I’m late in the game for this question)


      If you have the full amount of lives when people offer your lives, then they simply will not be credited. If you have 4 lives or less however, when friends send you lives, those lives will be credited when you accept then via messages. Hope that helps :)

    • Beth

      Instead of accepting the extra lives you are given when you start just click the X to close that option. Then when you use up all of your lives click on continue playing. It will give you the options to buy more or ask friends. Close that window and the window telling you friends have given you lives will pop back up so you can accept them. I guess I’m slow, I just figured this out ; )


        Ha, yes it took us a while to work that our also! It wasn’t until someone informed us we could do that! We’ve wasting lives all this time haha :)

  6. JanC

    how did i pass this level? w only a couple moves remaining, i managed to match the two choc balls i made on the left. this released the three on the right. matched two of those, which detonated the remaining one on the right, & with 0 moves remaining, i expected to fail (as i had only 5 not 6) but i passed it — which given its difficulty & general all-around stink factor, i anticipated days of torture ahead instead
    … YAY!


      Thats awesome! Congrats and thanks for sharing :)

  7. Christine

    Soooooo fed up with this level ,,,, been stuck for days ,,,, I wish my board came out like the one on the video ! By the time i have crushed through the blocks on left , which then releases candies onto right board , which are usually no use , I have just about run out of moves , so frustrated, think this is the hardest level so far ,,,, have tried your tips but never seem to get a board where i can make the speckled candies required . Few more tries and then will gibe up CC ….


      As every board is different per game, you can only utilize our tips when there is a possibility to do so. Try playing the game on a different device to see if you get any luck there :)

  8. Judy

    I play on my IPad and I noticed I also have to gey 6 chocolate bombs not 3???? To pass this level???

    • Sandy Swift

      I too have 6 chocolate bombs instead of 3 and made 3without having to use the rapped ones and by that time I was out of moves, bummer! Does anyone else have this problem?

  9. Karen K

    Thanks so much for this site—it helps so much! I was so sure I would never get through this, but after reading the advice here I did it with no trouble. Since there are fewer colors, it is pretty easy to make the chocolate, striped, and wrapped., and made it through the first time after coming here. Thanks so much for everyone’s advice!


      Glad our community can help and thanks for sharing! If you come across any tips, please let us know :)

  10. Karen Cartwright

    I thought this was going to be a hard slog as I like to try before reading tips. After 3 attempts I came to here and guess what! Passed first attempt after reading excellent tips x. Thank you everyone.

  11. Doreen

    I must have played 100 times at least so far on this level, never-ending for sure!


      Did you try to take advantage of the discussion and tips shared here?

      • Sharon

        Tips here are great, but they make it sound like it’s oh so easy to make 2 color bombs next to each other vertically with 3 columns!! It’s not!


          it’s not easy, for sure! No one will doubt that!

  12. Candy Queen

    This Level REALLY cost me. After about 20 fails, I used some boosters to finally get thru. The important thing is AFTER you get thru on the left side, make striped, wrapped, or color bombs at the bottom of the left side so they get carried thru to the right side.


      The good news is you finally did it! Thanks for sharing your tips Candy!! Keep going!

  13. Shari

    I was stuck on this level for a few days, couldn’t get more than 2 color bombs before I ran out of moves and I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to pass it. I got setback to level 326 because of an issue I’m having connecting to Facebook, (still having the issue but won’t uninstall/reinstall candy crush again).

    Anyway I finally got back to 341 and passed on my second try this time around by combining 2 color bombs which released the 3 on the bottom right. After combining 2 of those I only had to come up with one more with plenty of moves to spare. I looked at this for help the first time around and didn’t see the other comment about the same thing until just now but good luck everyone!


      Thanks for sharing all these tips!! Keep crushing

    • Oranit

      Well, I read your excellent tip and I passed! Thank you!!!

  14. Briar Rose

    After many goes the penny dropped, don’t waste moves trying to break down block on the right, 2 vertical stripes combined will break the block on the left, then get a vertical striped candy at the bottom that will blow out the 3 bombs, combine 2 of the bombs and everything will break down with lots of moves left to make another 3 bombs which was easy. .


      good strategy Briar :) Thanks for sharing

    • Candy Queen

      What is a penny ??

    • X

      These tips don’t work on Android because stripe/wrap combos don’t blast through spinners, making the level essentially impossible to complete. Don’t spend money on it; instead file a complaint with King.

  15. Julie

    Shoshannah..brilliant suggestion, and nearly as hard to do as I thought it would be…THANKS!

    • Julie

      *NOT nearly as hard to do :)

  16. Lei

    I made a wrapped + striped candy combo in the right side block that freed the 3 colorbombs, the rest of the color bomb requirements i made myself.

    • Val

      Did you have to get only 3 colorbombs to pass this level? Mine says 6. ?

      • Val

        Nevermind. :)

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