Candy Crush Saga Level 342

Do you have issues with Candy Crush Level 342? Take a few minutes to watch our walkthrough:

Candy Crush Level 342 Tips

The tricky part of this level is to locate the jellies hidden on the cream blocks. Not all cream blocks hide a jelly and the block where the jelly is hidden is changing with every play!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 342

Clear as many of the jellies as you can before you release the fish so they can eat the hidden jellies. Avoid the heavy combos as they may release all the jellyfish and eat the jellies you can get yourself.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 342”
  1. Ina

    What is with these levels? I only got close the first try and had one hidden jelly under a block and not enough moves. I am getting nowhere with this level. Not happy.

  2. Kat

    This level really SUCKS!!! I don’t have nearly enough moves to even GET CLOSE!!! Just don’t understand how this could be beat….Very frustrating!! And it’s not even one of the fun levels to play – the ones that are hard but you don’t mind giving it several tries because they are fun….
    Not activating the fish isn’t really possible when trying to get rid of the jelly on top….

  3. Jazz

    Ok that was an annoying level!! I liked 341 much better!
    So what worked for me was a bit different than the tips listed here as it is quite difficult to not activate the fish but I cleared up as much as I could and managed to hold into two fish created a chocolate sprinkle then on my last move I combined it with a fish which somehow managed to beat this stupid level! Good luck!


      Well at least you beat it and sometimes we do just simply get lucky :)

  4. Jonothin

    The level is bugged. Cleared the board completely several times and will not let me pass. No merengue, no jelly left, and stuck. Both my gf and I have cleared the board several times. So at least on the iPhone version, this level cannot be done currently.


      Have you tried playing it on the PC version? To see if the same problem arises here?

  5. Rob

    Incorrect info on this page. The locations of the jelly do not change from play to play at all. There are 14 jellies hidden under the meringues in the lower three rows. Then there are nine jellies hidden in a zigzag pattern above that (most of which have fish in). Then there are the three jellies under locked blocks at the top centre.

    Total = 26 jellies. This never changes. Every meringue has jelly under it, but you cannot see when the jelly is cleared from under the meringue by the fish.

  6. Karen Cartwright

    I don’t know how I managed to complete this level. I followed tips on here but not being able to see jellies didn’t make it enjoyable as you can’t aim for anything after top jellies demolished. Feel flat Instead of elated on this level but glad I am passed it x

  7. Eugene

    I have tried and tried to get all the jellies on top before the fish are released but I can’t figure out how to do it without releasing the fish that are on some of the jellies – help anyone???

    • Eugene

      Finally got it – got a chocolate bomb and stripped and just let it go and luckily it released all the fish too and by the time they got back to the board most of the top jelly was gone and they went for the other – was shocked when the sugar crush happened though …thanks for all the great hints – I check here first everytime before starting a new level


        Thanks for the positive feedback Eugene! Keep crushing!!

  8. Lynn

    I’m so grateful for the tips. It would have taken forever to figure out the jellies change under the blocks each game. TU!!


      Thank you so much for the positive feedback Lynn

  9. Mark Schumacher

    I agree this is a weird level. I passed but cannot tell how I did it.

  10. James

    What a weird level. I passed it on the 4th attempt, but I don’t know how! The game I passed on looked the same to me as the ones I didn’t pass on!


      The good thing here is that you did it! Keep crushing James

  11. Lei

    Thank you crushingcandies for the help you have given me all those levels!


      i said it in the past and i will say it again now! Are you interested to join our team? :)

  12. Lei

    What a tricky level you have to clear all jellies that you cannot even see!
    There are 26 jellies in this level, 12 are visible, there are jellies under the fishes.
    14 jellies are under those blockers.
    You have 7 fishes, so you just need 5 fishes to eliminate the jellies under the blockers. Make sure you do not release the 5 fishes until after all the visible jellies are eliminated.
    Do not make big combos and moves as these will release all fishes. What I did was I formed 2 chocolate donuts and combined it with a fish which resulted into 6 fishes with just one move. I did this twice. That cleared all jellies.

  13. Federica

    I passed this level after not many attempt, i thought it was very difficult as everybody says so but it is actually easy. The trick is to use the fish to clear the jelly hidden under blocks. So first you have to clear the jellies on top and then try to clear the ones with no fish, so the end the fishes can just clear the ones you need.

    • Team

      thanks for sharing your tips federica :)

  14. I have cleared the creamy parts many times but it never says I have won. Are jellies hidden at all in the bottom two rows as well? I’ve cleared a bunch of those as well but never see that there were jellies underneath them. Is there a mess up in this level?

  15. Lori Cee

    So…is there any strategy, or is it pure luck? I watched the video and read the tip, but it seems to me there’s not really much you can do except play a thousand times and hope…which I’ve pretty much been doing…lol.

    • candy

      the tips & strategy will updated but not pretty soon.. we are trying to provide tips for each level.. but we are at level 100 at the moment :/

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