Candy Crush Saga Level 345

Our video for Candy Crush Level 345 will definitely help you elaborate the right strategy and beat it!

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 345

The toughest part of the level can be breaking through the blocks to remove the bombs in time. The mystery candies are always a risk, but worth it. A color bomb/striped candy combo will take care of the striped candies you need. Then just keep clearing the board to collect the yellows and greens.

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10 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 345”
  1. Luci

    This level is so hard and unfair. I can’t even get past the locked candy let alone go through the blocks and get the bombs. All my moves are along the very top and then I only get match 3. I never get to make a stripe or wrapped let alone a color bomb. I have become so frustrated and upset. I have played 40 games so far and I only ever got to destroy 1 bomb. That is just so wrong. I don’t have to worry about getting the orders I can’t ever destroy the bombs.


      Try playing this level on a different device, you may receive that winning board you need! Good Luck

  2. Ina

    This level is just not working for me…no matter what I do, including using iPad and iPhone to find the perfect board. No such thing…I get close…but impossible to make what I need to pass. This could be the one level that sadly makes me look for something else to play.

  3. Ina

    Sadly I’m about done no matter how much I love this game. Just played the level and needed one more wrapped candy..when I couldn’t make it, I spent the lousy .99 against my better judgement for the 5 extra moves. Didn’t help and I’m not doing that again. That frustrated me more than anything…1 wrapped candy…that’s all I needed. My heart was beating so fast because I was so close….can’t keep putting myself through this at my age.

  4. Ina

    Wow…this level is impossible no matter which device I play. I have only got to the bombs twice and never see combos that are in the video they show. I’m still hanging in there but this level is not even fun to play even if it is hard. I know one of these levels will end it for me as much as I love the game.

    • kandl

      Ina, I am having the same problem, can’t get to bombs in time or get any combos to break through. It’s like the same board over and over. Making me crazy! What am I missing??


        Your either be dealt really bad boards of King has made this level ridiculously hard! Try playing this level on a different device as you’ll find different boards are created whether you play on PC or Mobile, etc

  5. Kay Brewer

    Patricia thank you so much for your support to us Candy Crushers much appreciated
    Love the games agree can b a little frustrating at times. Take a deep breath we get there in the end
    Is there any way I can get extra life’s without putting pressure on friends so buying?
    Go crushers ,,,,


      Her tips can be just the thing we CC players need to complete a level and I’m sure your friends wouldn’t mind helping out a friend in need :) If not, patience is a virtue. But Good Luck, you can do it!

  6. Lei

    What worked for me were: I eliminated the locked candies by horizontal striped candies. As much as possible using green or yellow candies to reach the requirements.
    I used striped + wrapped to eliminate all 3 bombs. Then by using special combos, more greens and yellows would come diwn. I swapped chocolate donut + green striped candy to complete the requirements.
    Good luck everyone!

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