Candy Crush Saga Level 346

If you want to beat Candy Crush Level 346 you should definitely have a look at this helpful video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 346

Once you have the center section fairly cleared, try a striped/wrapped combo in those bottom rows to clear out the side sections.

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3 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 346”
  1. JanC

    oh my word! what a tedious grind! two days, counless lives: i finally passed it (on iphone; no boosters) by following Patricia’s strategy, plus the useful tip above that simple matches of three seem to encourage the set-up for creating wrapped candies, which, matched w a stripe while shooting from the center bottom, was the way through this nasty, dull level. luck didn’t help here. just brute repetition. so glad to see the back of it! if it shows up as a Quest, i will cry.

  2. Marie

    I agree with what another poster said. Try not to make striped. If you do, you get more and more opportunities to make more stripes. If you make wrapped, you get more opportunities to make wrapped. Someone also posted many levels back that when you trying for wrapped, make 3 candy matches instead of 4. Seems the 3 candy matches “set up” the conditions for wrapped. Anyway, I did pay for 1 booster because I had the candy on the board and I was sick and tired of this level.

  3. Lei

    In my every move i made sure i formed striped + chocolate donut combos to clear the left and right boxes. You have 12 jellies on those boxes therefor you need at least 4 fishes to clear it. Horizontal striped candies are very helpful in clearing the boxes.
    Clear all the easy to reach jellies first before freeing up your fishes. Good luck!

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