Candy Crush Saga Level 347

candy crush level 347Target

Collect 10 wrapped candies, 2 color bomb  and score 10000 in 50 moves – This level is updated since August 2013!

1 Star: 10000 points
2 Stars: 50000 points
3 Stars: 70000 points

Stuck on Candy Crush Level 347? Don’t give up! Just read the tips and watch the video below:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 347

Create as many of the wrapped candies as you can before you explode them and possibly break the blocks around the chocolate factory to reduce the amount of time you’re battling the chocolate menace. Use the color bombs you must create to reduce the colors on the board to make creating the remaining wrapped candies easier.

Candy Crush Level 347 Walkthrough Video

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109 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 347”
  1. Knubbyah Zafar

    Found it. This has become REALLY easy. Guys….don’t give up. Its time to use Boosters. I had 1 of the Lucky candy boosters (tick mark on a candy) and when i used it, it kept sending me lucky candies through out the game and everytime i switched one , it gave me a wrapped candy…..MUHAHAHA….won the level with 12 moves to spare.

  2. Marcia

    On an earlier level you gave tips on how to quickly firm wrapped combinations. For those of us struggling on this level could you repeat those tips, please? Thanks!

  3. Luci

    I told my grandson (who is 5) that I was not going to play candy crush anymore that I was too frustrated. He told me I should never give up so I told him he could play the game for me. He sat at the computer and played a few games and then called me to come and look what he did. He had a computer screen full of wrapped candies and 2 color bombs. I told him to let grammie have a chance and I took over and won the game. I don’t even think he knows how to make wrapped candy. Go figure…..this game is really just luck. This has got to be proof.

    • Knubbyah Zafar

      Found it. This has become REALLY easy. Guys….don’t give up. Its time to use Boosters. I had 1 of the Lucky candy boosters (tick mark on a candy) and when i used it, it kept sending me lucky candies through out the game and everytime i switched one , it gave me a wrapped candy…..MUHAHAHA….won the level with 12 moves to spare.

  4. Luci

    I have tried all of the tips on this website for this level and I must have played 300 games at least. It has become so boring to sit and waste my time pushing these candies around the board. I can’t even concentrate on this game anymore that’s how fed up with it I have become. I really loved to play the game but this is not playing anymore it is just torture. Sometimes I get a good board and I miss by one wrapped candy and other times I rarely even get to make a wrapped candy at all. I am saying goodbye to CC.

  5. Robert Kennedy

    I finally finished this level. very, very challenging. one of the toughest. after playing many times and considering various sources of strategy advice, here are my thoughts:

    Luck & strategy both count. a lot. a bad board with good strategy will fail. a good board with no strategy will fail. true for most levels, i know, but this one in particular. develop a strategy and be patient.

    keep restarting the board until you get a wrapped or a color bomb. preferably a wrapped ’cause you need so many of them.

    if you have a choice of forming a wrapped or a color bomb, choose a wrapped. again, you need those. the color bombs will come.

    work the lower sides if you can to encourage cascades.

    try to avoid exposing the chocolate wheel but no need to get too anal about it. remember, only 3 of the meringues will expose the wheel. the upper corners will not expose the wheel. if you expose the wheel, then fight the chocolates as you work on specials.

    avoid stripes but again no need to get too anal about it. if you create one, then plan the crush to set up a wrapped or color bomb.

    make every move count! mindlessly crushing 3s won’t cut it. you should choose every move to work on a wrapped or a color bomb. look for any 2 in a row and plan how to turn it into a wrapped or color bomb. it may take 2 or 3 moves to create the special but you have to plan. you won’t get enough that fall into your lap.

    when exploding a color bomb, choose your swap color carefully. again, use it create or set up a special.

    strategically give up when it is a lost cause. with 50 moves to get 12 specials, you need to create a special about every 5 moves. you won’t get many multiple specials with one move. if you are down to 20 or 25 moves and you still need 7 or more specials, you are going to lose. give up and move to a hopefully better board.

    Keep at it. if you can stay disciplined with your strategy, you’ll eventually get a good board. i got done in 40 moves once i refined my strategy and got the right board.

    this is 1st level where i really needed follow a strategy for every move. 50 moves feel like a lot but creating wrappeds don’t come easy so you see have to concentrate

    Good luck!


      Thanks for sharing that detailed tip! It will definitely help other Crushers out!! And Congrats :D Crush On!!!

  6. GraceH

    This is the only level so far where I haven’t wanted to play two games in succession. Several times I got quite close to the goal, but mostly nowhere near. I finally got past it by using three of my free boosters: two magic hands to move a candy and a lollipop to get rid of the last obstacle. It was worth it. Didn’t enjoy that level at all.


      Congrats on passing and happy you can finally turn your back on this level :)

  7. Aino K

    I just can’t get past this level. Today i had just 1 colorbomb to go, but with 1move it was impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at ccs. It’s just if you’re lucky you can get past this.
    Btw is it true, that if you try for example one month in a row, the toothfairy will help you pass the level you’re stuck on?


      We haven’t quite worked out the time limit as to when the Tooth Fairy appears, but she’s appeared TWICE in our Candy Crush Journey and advanced us onto the next episode, so yes eventually the Tooth Fairy will advance you :)

  8. Alluded

    I finally passed this level on my PC after not even getting close playing on my iPhone. Play it on your PC and you will have a much better chance. This has been the case for me on other really tough levels!


      We couldn’t agree more! Switching devices is a great trick :D

  9. Wendy

    Oh my gosh. I just passed, no moves left. I almost didn’t breathe for that last move to detonate 2 wrapped candies together. I hate to admit I have been on this level…months. I can’t say I used any strategy except the one that mentioned exiting the game before starting to make sure you can begin with either a wrapped candy move or color bomb move obvious on the board. This was an absolutely hideous level. This was the closest I’ve been to giving up. I’ve never been stuck on any level for longer than a couple days. But…I didn’t give up, just left it alone & came back. I have to remember it’s just a game…but seriously had to keep reminding myself of this. Wow. So glad to move on I still can’t quite believe I did it :)
    Thank you Patricia & others who left tips :)

  10. Ina

    OMG…just passed this level with 8 moves left. I followed Mary K’s tip about not making stripes…Thank you Mary K. Your tip and a lucky board for a change got me through this.

  11. Ina

    I’m about done with this level. I can’t make everything needed. I’ve come close but not close enough. There are so many negative comments about this level, it amazes me that anyone can pass it or that candy crush doesn’t make it a little easier to get what you need to pass. I spent the .99 for the 5 extra moves…which I hate doing but I needed 1 wrapped candy to pass and couldn’t make it with the extra moves. I won’t do that again..I’d rather just find another game to play. Way too frustrating and not even a fun level to play. This could be the one that ends it all for me. I’m proud of myself for getting this far.

  12. Mary K

    After several days, I did it with 14 moves to spare! No boosters. My best tip. Avoid making striped candies and once you have your two color bombs use the additional opportunities to make color bombs and turn them into wrapped candies when you can instead. It seems counter intuitive, but this works!

  13. Ina

    Impossible!!! I don’t know how anyone passed this level without a Majic board. Last try I made my first wrapped candy with 16 moves left and only able to make one more. Not even a chance for a color bomb. Came close once getting all the stripes but no chance of a color bomb. Very disappointing and frustrated beyond belief. This level is going to do me in.

  14. Ina

    Not liking this level at all…made plenty of color bombs and stripes but could not make more than 3 wrapped…Tried everything but the candies just weren’t lining up.Was so looking forward to a few easy ones after 345 but guess that wasn’t to be. Not sure I’ll get past this one either.

  15. Siv

    I think the best method to solve this level would be to form more specials, which will in turn automatically creates wrapped candies. I am able to solve the level using this technique


      Let us know how it goes, good luck!

  16. jayjay

    It took six days to beat this level. On day two I started exiting games on which I could not make an opening wrapped candy or color bomb. If your device will allow you to do this without losing lives, I really recommend doing this as I averaged about 6 exited games to every played game. Once you are in a game, use the striped candies you accumulate to freshen the board and give you some free wrapped candies. I open the wrapped candies as soon as I have them since I found that there were times they weren’t credited when combined with a striped candy. On to the next level!

  17. czaree

    This level is challenging but at least you are not pressed by time or bombs. After many attempts got the tenth bomb but unfortunately already finished my moves and unable to explode it. A lot of luck needed beside a little skill that you must have developed to reach this stage.

    You actually only have 4 to 5 moves per wrapped candy and color bombs. That’s tough unless you get a very good board or a lot of luck when you detonate combos and cascades and got wrapped candies and color bombs in the process not just once but a few times. Too much luck and a little skill involved but I have never needed more than a week to beat any level before so I shall keep trying.


      Yes, just keep at it czaree, you will get there in the end! :)

  18. JanC

    omg: got it! indeed, it took days, but this morning on the first board of the day, with the final two moves, i made the 10th wrapped candy & with the final move, detonated it. on the last board of the night last night, i had the 8th, 9th &10th wrapped candies made but ran out of moves before i could detonate them. that was the closest i had gotten up to that point. perhaps the candy crush gods smiled on me this morning but i am here to testify that this level is winnable: got three stars, playing on an iphone, no boosters: just Patricia’s tips plus an acceptance that, judging by the number & general tenor of comments, this level would be challenging & would likely take a long time to master (i find wrapped candies hard to make). but i can say, i didnt hate this level or find it nearly as frustrating or tedius as some i’ve slogged through. i looked at it as giving me the practice i needed on making wrapped candies. it worked!

  19. Margaret Wehr

    I have been on 337 for three weeks and cannot even come close. Please change the target amounts needed to pass this level. There is not even anything I can purchase to achieve this. Got this far but I know I will not get this one.


      Well done for not purchasing, that’s great! But we are only a support community, any faults/complaints etc involving the game should be sent to King by the following link –

  20. Merrilee

    FINALLY did it after about 5 days of trying constantly on 3 different devices, and it came down to the FINAL turn…just luck…pure and simple.
    I didn’t use any boosters for this turn, either.

  21. Pam Goldsmith

    So long Candy Crush…. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing.but this level has done it for me…cant do it and bored with it

  22. Rachel

    I felt very unmotivated to do this level, especially after a few tries. The combination of making wrapped candy with a chocolate machine! Ugh! I wasn’t getting anywhere either on my PC or my iPhone. So, I played DreamWorld levels for several days and then came back to it, on the PC. For whatever random reason, I got lots of wrapped combos right away and then was able to make the candy bombs and complete the level with 20 moves left. I don’t think this has much to do with my skill! In any case, I think that the previously-mentioned tip of concentrating on making the candy bombs first, is a good one.

  23. Diane weber

    I agree this level stinks! I’ve played a whole board and got only one wrapped candy! I hate to say it can’t be done as there are people who have done it, but I have to say, I didn’t get this far because I’m no good at this game. So what’s up with this level and are they going to change it? It’s boring as hell and I am really loosing interest. Maybe that’s for the best. I think I’ve played it along with my boyfriend at least 50 times and haven’t even come close to making it! Let me know if they are going to do something about it and maybe I will come back. So long candy crush, I’m taking my life back lol

  24. Helen

    Most boring game yet probably time to stop. Thanks for help in past but time now to reclaim my life

  25. Karen Cartwright

    Whoop hoo after 2 days I’ve done it. Now I can get the housework done! I found making colour bombs when easily presented mixed my board as well as making wrapped candy and able to finish with 4 moves left and more than ten wrapped candy

  26. Karen Cartwright


  27. Jean

    I made it past 347 : ) don’t know how I did it .But all I can say is never give up.


      Well done!! Keep that gaming attitude at you’ll be playing the top level before you know it :)

  28. Sandy Porter

    I try to remain positive but I am so tired of this level. It is zero fun and mindnumbingly boring after a zillion attempts. Making wrapped candies is the worst. And yes I read the tips. I never watch the videos. What is the point? You never get that board.

  29. Phil Rupp

    Skill? No point. This game gives you what it wants, when it wants. Those easy levels you blow through create the illusion this game is worth pushing forward. Then they dump these goofy levels where you need to spend money to continue or wait for the King software gods to give you the boards. I find these videos comical. There should be a footnote: “Accomplished on __th attempt,” to keep it real. Just wish for luck because most of this game requires not skill, just when the game feels like giving up the next level.


      I feel you, but many crushers have made it to level 500 without spending a penny. Try Patricia’s tips if the video didn’t seem to help. Keep going and Good Luck! :)

  30. noncentric

    finally passed this level! 10 wrapped and 2 color bombs. took around 30 attempts.
    i focused on getting wrapped, and took color bombs when the opportunities presented themselves. got some extra color bombs after the required 2, and using them to remove colors from the board. that seemed to help me make wrapped candies, as I have a hard time “creating” wrapped candies. striped and color bombs are more easy for me to see.
    having a good board also helps though, as there were several before where I couldn’t get more than a couple wrapped candies.


      Thanks for sharing your tips! This is what is all about!!

  31. nancy

    I.finally made 10 stinking wrapped candies! I took lots of advice from here, decided it made sense to work on wrapped candies, the computer helped with this pattern, and each time I.did it this way, more wrapped candies appeared, then the choc bomb came. I’m do relieved, this is the closest I’ve come to giving up! out still took a few tries, but I’m so happy to be done with these!!! thanks to everyone for the tips!


      great news nancy! Bravo!! keep crushing!

  32. Gail

    this level is totally frustrating and boring. Every other level has had several different things to look for and this only the wraps and the speckled and I don’t see how anyone can get through it unless they are incredibly lucky. I’m about to pack it in – where’s the fun when skill and observation count for nothing !!!!!!

  33. sansan lee

    Passed this level after 40/50 tries..
    It’s hard, but if u can reach 347, sure u all can pass this level..
    Just be patient and waiting for the right board. i finished it with no move left.. (lucky me ;) )
    Patricia’s tips is very helpful as usual. thx. Here’s an additional tips base on my experience, Try to form the wrapped candies from the beginning, and the color bomb situation will appear it self..
    Good Luck..


      Hello Sansan! Thank you so much for the positive feedback! And i can’t agree more.. if you can reach 347 there’s practically no leve you can’t beat!

  34. Gail

    This is a totally boring and irritating level. there is very little opportunity for any meaningful intelligent play and almost everything is dependent on luck. I have so much enjoyed this game but this will probably end my involvement. One few colour would help as one possibility.


      347 is big time pain in the ass! Don’t give up Gail! Keep trying, follow our tips, read the conversation and you will do it!

  35. Mark Schumacher

    I passed this level by playing on my PC which only took about 5 tries. The I phone version was a nightmare.


      This is a common situation in more than one level!! Thanks for sharing!

  36. Mark Schumacher

    Why are there two versions ? My PC had the one shown and my I phone has the two wrap/color bomb combo. Think it is time to say good riddance to candy crush.


      it’s not the first time this happens.. choose the easiest and beat it!

  37. grnflash

    Hi. Ok, first, thanks Patricia for all the helpful tips to get this far. But after playing 347 at least 50 times yesterday and only making a match twice, I decided to switch strategies this morning. Knock out all the blocks first to open up the board and be willing to deal with the chocolates. No cares about making stripes along the way, would just set them off as I went until the blocks were gone.

    Won on the second try with 9 moves left and another sprinkle plus a wrapped on the board. And even though I didn’t play my first game through (after a chocolate ate a sprinkle just as a wrapped was about to fall next to it, which would have made the second match) – I was still encouraged since I was finally making the right candies in the right places.

    Anyway, people may want to give this strategy a try. The “luck” factor this way was more about where the chocolates popped up instead of making specials, then getting them together.


      Thanks for sharing your strategy! As we always mention there is more than one strategy that do provide great results!

  38. penny

    WaHoooooozey!!!! I did it!!!! After being stuck 3 weeks & going thru about 500 lives I beat it!!!! Was ready to quit & kept taking breaks…..& it was the one with 2 pair color bomb & wrap combo….hard little bugger!! Pure luck & perserverance!!!!!! Hang in there every one!!!! Whew….now for more craziness………. lol


      This “WaHoooooozey” expression stands for “I’m so excited”! We’re happy to see CCS can do that!! Keep Crushing Penny!

  39. krisp

    This level is retarded seriously considering not playing anymore. Though I don’t want to stop play as i have spent a bit of money in the game and starting to regret doing so. Fml


      guess you noticed it’s completely different since the last update! Pat shared a few new tips for that.. did you try to utilize them??

  40. mary a

    So has this level changed since all of these tips were posted? I have 10 wrapped and 2 choc candies to complete, not 2 wrapped/choc . It’s still very frustrating and will end my mostly pleasant run in Candy Crush. I am not even close.


      Try to utilize Pat’s tips! They will definitely help you :)

      • mary a

        But the video and tips are for choc/wrapped together. My game calls for 2 choc and 10 wrapped. Did they change the requirements? I find it impossible to create more than 6 wrapped.

        • mary a

          OK, never mind! I bought a booster and passed the level. I think I finally got the good board like Lei has stated. Thanks for the tips!


            You’re welcome dear! Keep Crushing!

  41. Lei

    Been in this very difficult level for 3 days!! I am glad im done with it!
    It does help to try and try as candy crush will eventually give you a good board. I wasted thousands of lives in this stage.
    1. What I did was form all my candies below the board.
    2. Keep the chocolate factory locked as long as possible.
    3. Always focus on forming wrapped candies, do not try to form striped as i have noticed if you keep on forming striped, the board will give you more striped opportunities.
    4. Lots of luck
    I finished with just 3 moves to spare but got 3 stars and topped all my friends score. So this is a doable level without buying boosters.
    Moving on! Thank you crushing candies for all the help!


      thank you so much Lei for sharing your tips?

    • Diane weber

      What do you mean formed your candies below the board?

  42. Lei

    This is such a difficult level i have been in this for days..more tips pls? Will i focus on getting the wrapped first or the chocolate first?
    - LEI


      finally you did it :)

  43. Fidget

    Must be variations of the game going on then because on phone & PC, it was match colour bomb+wrapped x 2, for me.

    But hey, I’m at 349 now.. and to anybody thinking of jacking it in at 347, then it might be best cause 349 is waiting… and it’s not good! lol!


      Guess you are right!

  44. Julie

    IF YOU CAN, play this level on a PC. You only need to create 10 wrapped and 2 sprinkled color bombs. You do not have to swap them. Soooo much easier.


      Thanks for underlining that Julie!!!

  45. Fidget

    Wonderful: Level Completed

    Ye know, I don’t mind being stuck on a level for a few days if there’s something interesting about it, but #347 was just boring and clearly designed to thrawt your efforts with there being too many chances to make stripes – which will explode any wraps/colour bombs you manage to make, and give wrapped and colour bombs too far apart to have a chance of matching them. The cholcolate is also on a mission to swallow your wraps and colour bombs as well block off the whole top row if it gets a chance.

    Happy to be through mind you, but it was pure luck. Levels like this don’t do the game any justice – it’s a case of the game will let you through when it decides to.


      Good to read you passed it! If you ask me luck is necessary but also a decent strategy, in order to better take advantage of the lucky board is also useful!

  46. Annika

    Whis is the level different pn the desctop?

  47. Mirbakshi

    This is the worst level I have come across in my entire Candy Crush life. i have played it over 200 times and everyday I swear to delete the app and never to install any other game in my phone. Candy Crush has lost its sheen because of this level. let us all call upon the creators to modify this level. We don’t have an eternity to waste on this useless level


      Did you read the latest Patricia Tips for 347?

  48. Missy

    This level is so hard. I’ve tried over a hundred times and still haven’t came close. I’ve try only breaking one side top side bottom side. I think they should give you a option to skip the level I would be willing to pay 1.99 to skip a level. I’ve been very patient with the over really hard levels . I have no more patience for this level. Think ill find a new game. But thanks for a great app just wish that some levels were alittle easier. The video makes it look easy but ours don’t fall in line like the video.


      IF you didn’t utilize our tips you should give them a go! They’ve helped hundreds of crushers till now

  49. Emma

    I also have another suggestion….keep to one side of the board.
    I found playing the left side made it possible to make the items required whilst the chocolate took up the right side. This may not happen on every board but it worked most times I tried it.
    Keep playing as it is passable :-)
    Happy crushing


      Good tips as usual Emma :) Thanks for that!

  50. Emma

    Yay finally passed after a day on this but it did take some extra moves but was worth it to get of this frustrating level.


      great news emma! Keep going dear :)

  51. Chelsierre.blogspot

    I still cant get thru this level. But i discovered that theyll ask you to collect particular orders by emoving wanted itemss. But i find it hard though. They should put counter bcs i lost count.

  52. Tata

    I was just reading this thread last night after working this level for 3 days. Truthfully, I have quit at half-way through the number of moves on many attempts as it was pretty obvious I wouldn’t finish the level. And as luck would have it, I finally made it last night. There was just no rhyme nor reason. I actually had 2 speckled candies near each other on the left side of the board, and 3 wrapped candies on the right side, two of which were next to each other! I told myself no way was I getting the right pair together and was resigned to just quitting it and starting over. This level has proven me right again that there is a random number generator built inside the game, that at some appointed time (or iteration), it will drop you a layout that is actually attainable. But you won’t hit that number generator if you quit! So my advice is to just keep playing it, don’t stress, don’t pull your hair out over any strategy beyond how to actually create the ordered candy. I can tell you that it’s difficult to replicate all the tips because for all I know, the tip was only a result of a lucky layout to begin with and wont ever happen again. You all got to this level for a reason…keep going back to why you are here at this level. You must be doing something right, right? You can’t reason with a computer program…like in a casino, they pay out when they want to payout. Some judgment and strategy development is inherent in the entire game and tips like use a striped and a speckled together, or a wrapped candy and a striped is best, are general tips that are helpful. Or try not to hit the chocolate (which by now we all hate!), or leave the fish for last are tips I count on. But specific ones like keep to the right side of the board…well, that’s not how the cookie crumbles, or in this case, that’s not how the candy crushes.


      Great news Tata! thank you for sharing your tips! We really appreciate that :)

  53. Bryan

    I had my second color bomb and wrapper lined up right next to one another and then a chocolate covered my color bomb! WTF?!?! I never had chocolate cover up special candies before. Soooo pissed off right now since its hard enough to get one combo!

    • Bryan

      Ha! Finally beat the level just now after my incident earlier today. Funny thing is that I didn’t unleash the chocolate until I was positioning the second combo which was in the bottom right of the screen away from the chocolate. Onward!


        Great news, keep goin bryan!


      .. but finally you did it!

  54. Aperson

    Life is too short to bother trying to get past this level!

    • Team

      This attitude makes sense of course.. you can also try to take advantage of Patricia Tips and see if you can beat it!

  55. Linda

    This level is beyond BORING. I’ve hung in there til now, but this one has me ready to delete.

  56. cheryl

    Even though I gotten this far, I’m not good at knowing if I move this candy up here it will drop this one down 4 rows below. Worse level yet & quite boring.

  57. Steve

    I agree with the other posters. This level is just ridiculous. After dozens of attempts I haven’t even gotten close with this one. The skill-to-luck ratio is so off with this level that it’s not even funny.

    One way to solve the problem would be to reduce the number of colors by half. Otherwise, I say just get rid of it completely. What a horribly thought out level!

    • Team

      did you try to utilize patricia’s tips?

  58. Barbara

    My 3-months candy crush-addiction ends HERE!! Boring…..

    • Team

      we know the feeling.. if you feel you are done you’d better stop now!!

  59. JP

    this level is not possible…any time I actually manage to get either a wrapped or spotted candy on the board, they are not anywhere near each other. I have managed to detonate one combo once…in about 200 games. I have been playing less and less frequently and I think my days of Candy Crush are coming to a close

    • Dona

      Yep, I am done. If I can’t get past this level, what else is there to do?

      • Team

        you shouldn’t give up for sure.. be consistent and patient

  60. Janen

    They really messed up with this level. I don’t mind luck-based games, but it should be A factor not THE factor, and not this frustrating. This level should be deleted or completely remade, either that or this is the end of my candy crushing days. This is as entertaining as throwing ten dice and waiting for ten sixes to come up. And sortof the same mechanic. Just awful.

    • Team

      we partly agree.. luck is a serious factor, but its also the ability to follow the right strategy.

      • Gina Sabo

        There is about a .001% skill factor here. Give me a break and admit that this level is tedious and boring. Switch, switch, switch, switch, switch….etc! LOL on the skill candy crush team! LUCK is all there is on this one!

        • Team

          guess you should express your complaints to King

          • Janen

            I would but there’s no way to contact them, no official email or nothing. Believe me, I’ve looked. I think the huge drop rate of players from this level will speak for itself though.

        • Luis Gtz

          I totally agreed that this level is boring and you don’t have to be smart to play is be Lucky. I hate this level.

          • Team

            luck is ALWAYS welcome when speaking about Candy Crush!

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