Candy Crush Saga Level 349

And here we go to Candy Crush Level 349! For those of you that can’t pass it, you just need to carefully watch our video:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 349

Try to avoid the bomb dispensers when creating the color bombs if you can—they are 10 move bombs. Keep the chocolate from closing off both sides at the top or you won’t have any candies to work with. Lastly, when you match your color bomb with a color, pick one that won’t open the bomb dispensers in the lower outer columns.

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24 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 349”
  1. jayjay

    This game relied too much on getting a lucky board to be fun. I resorted to the exiting maneuver and got boards where I could open with a color bomb after exiting/reentering first 20 times, then 35 times, followed by 20 times, and 80 times. I won on that last try when the game gave me two color bombs after I made the first one. This is comparable to having to fold repeatedly in poker because you were dealt nothing when you would like to PLAY. On to 350, which many consider the toughest game. I am ready for a challenge!

  2. timbellina

    I got through this dreadful, boring level after two goes.

    No clever strategy….I got a choccy ball early doors, then used a ‘free swap’ from the bonus wheel a couple of moves later to get into position to make the second one.
    If you have got a choc ball from the bonus wheel, you could try bringing that into play to give you a head start, but obviously that’s a gamble.

    Just try and keep an eye open for all possibilities.

    Otherwise….yes, it’s a b-hatch of a game!

  3. Refiunus

    Meant exiting tip! Not top, that Rhonda gave on here

  4. Refiunus

    I was stuck on this level for about five days until I read the exiting top!
    I kept looking at the board till I could make a chocolate ball and made the next one in about five moves and crushed it! Thank you for the tip!!

  5. Rhonda

    So it seems that most of you are saying to ‘back-out’ of the game if you don’t get a decent board? Please, PLEASE explain how to do this on an iPhone? I’m wasting one life after another, hoping to get the one that is actually playable. I would very much appreciate a reply from someone. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

    • Rhonda

      Well apparently I won’t get a reply. It is ridiculous to lose all 5 lives within 5 minutes. Where is the fun in waiting for more lives if they will be lost so quickly. Someone should have re-thought this level. Guess I’m stuck

      • Growler

        On my Iphone you backout just the same as on Ipad. Just look at the board, make no moves on it or it counts, press the symbol in bottom left, choose the red door and you are back on the map, select game again and you get another try with another layout.

  6. Loobyloo

    My first and possibly only response to a forum but I just had to! Following Sharyn Cliftons advice I got a colour bomb sequence on my third fresh board, used it to eliminate the least common colour, a second colour bomb sequence fell from the sky. Game over!

  7. Melissa

    I’m having alot of difficulty woth this level as it is a quest version. Not only is there chocolate and bombs, there are spinners that get released from the top in fumm columns!! Does anyone else have this? I difnt see anyone report about the spinners on here. I love the tips and comments on this site. Has always provided decent strategy. Thx!

  8. Lynda

    I think I need a mulligan on this level


      Good Luck you can do it! :)

  9. Bleach

    Was really frustrated playing his level and must have tried it 40 times or so.. About to give up and Mr King had obviously decided enough was enough and presented me with a board which allowed me to complete this level in 2 moves.. Guess he does have a conscience.


      Luck is always welcome when speaking of Candy Crush. So you keep crushing?

  10. betsy

    OK, I just did it again. Finished in 15 moves. Definitely a matter of luck and not making any wasted moves. Watch for an opportunity to make a color bomb and focus only on that. If you are lucky you’ll get it made before the chocolates cut off the candies. If not, just end the game and start over. I ended the game about 20 times before winning and then won twice in a row.


      Thanks for sharing betsy!!

  11. betsy

    Strange level. Just keep trying. I thought it was impossible between the chocolates cutting off the candies from falling and the bombs. I was finally able to make a color bomb within a few moves and matched it with the same color candy that was next to a row of chocolate. Made a couple of random moves and a second color bomb dropped. I was so shocked I almost overlooked it. I immediately exploded it and completed in 13 moves. This one is 90% luck but be sure to watch for an opportunity to make that first color bomb. Good luck!

  12. Mark Schumacher

    Have played this level 7 times and it seems that it you are not able to make your first color ball in the first few moves you are done as the chocolate spreads so quickly you cannot even try to make matches because you have to keep clearing the chocolate. This just another frustrating level that requires a lucky board.

    • kim smith

      exactly what happens to me…..

  13. Lei

    2 color bombs
    This was an easy level for me. Just make sure that chocolate do not cover the top part so new candies can continue to fall.

  14. Fidget

    Thought I might be stuck here for a while, but I’m through after a few tries and, with a whopping 35 moves left!!

    The first colour bomb match was already set up, so made that in first move, then just tried to keep the chocolate in check without releasing any bombs… and accidently created the second colour bomb. Happy days!


      Good for you fidget! keep crushing!

    • Paula Karr

      Same thing happened to me. I had just told my husband, “I HATE this level, it’s no fun.” Next time I tried, I got through it with 39 turns left.

      Good riddance to it!!!!


        So big Crushing brother is watching us? :P Good to read you did it! Keep crushing!

        • X

          I’ve also noticed a tendency to get a perfect board immediately after ranting about yet another moronic luck-based level on here, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

          I’m just going to reroll this one until I get a board where I can make two C-bombs on the first move. I’ve tried boards with one C-bomb available and been screwed every time, there’s just too many problems to cope with in any way other than cheesing it.

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