Candy Crush Saga Level 350

If you find that Candy Crush Level 350 is pretty tricky you need to watch this. A pretty helpful walkthrough guide in order to beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 350

This level requires striped/wrapped combos to get through the heavy blocks in the bottom row. The row with the bomb dispenser can be tricky so try to create a horizontally striped candy and “carry it along” without exploding it in case you accidentally set off the dispensers. Once you have cleared the blocks beneath the dispensers, the bombs can slip out into play and can be matched or swapped with regular candies.

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139 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 350”
  1. Mary Lou

    I have been on level for almost 3 weeks yesterday I had one move left I had all the jellies free I zoomed in and saw ALL my jellies free so I knew I was ok I took my last move and it said 1 jelly left I zoomed in to find something before my last move and all my jellies were free I waited almost 3 weeks playing to get this I have never had this before friends say they have but 3 weeks and you do this to me this is being DISONEST I check before my last move because I did not want to loose over 1 move could you please make this right I play a lot and love the game but for you to cheat me like this is WRONG


      Mary we are only a support community, any issues regarding the game itself – such as technical glitches – can be taken up with the creators of the Candy Crush Saga… King! Here’s a link to their support form, hope this helps –

  2. David

    I have had no problems until this level 350, it really is the hardest so far. I had never used any boosters but after a week of trying the only way I could see was to collect the daily free boosters. Most are of no real use but after two weeks I had several lollipop hammers and eventually I had a board with one move left and only a few jellies and hammered them to allow me to move on. David

  3. Jayjay

    I just beat 350 after nearly a month of playing. No boosters. The only fish I saw came at the end. My tips are few: if you can exit out of an unplayed game without losing a life, only play games where there is a move on the bottom row. Avoid making horizontal striped candies above the dispensed bomb line. Concentrate either on getting rid of the blocks in the lower rows or on making vertical striped candies or chocolate bombs which I tried to save up. When you get down to about 20 moves, open up your play. Look for plays that cover lots of territory like chocolate bombs paired with striped or two wrapped candies. Remember to use anything to shut down the time bombs: a vertical stripe from above or a chocolate bomb paired with the correct color. 350 can be beat!

  4. Jessica

    I finally beat this no boosters and 6 moves left after a month. Got very lucky 2 wrapped/wrapped combos in the middle cleared mist of board without dropping the bombs.


      Congrats on finally beating one of the most evillest levels around!

  5. Ina

    Still can’t pass this level. I hardly play now, maybe once a day while I’m waiting for coffee to brew. But I don’t sit down and play for awhile anymore. I go on to help friends, all behind me, with lives and 3+, so I’ll play a game…fail and close app. Too discouraging for me. Have found other games to play. I liked this one the most. If I ever do pass on a fluke play…I’ll continue. This is really the first time, I’ve actually lost my determination. Sad

  6. Mary K

    I too finally beat this level after about a month playing. I actually enjoyed it and found the strategies mentioned here really helped. I did not use any boosters or fish or help from the wheel. I got a good board and played it smart! You too can beat this level! It just takes a lot of patience. By far the most satisfying win ever!

  7. Wendy

    Hi everyone. I finally passed! This level is a stinker but I was on level 347 for much longer! Hang in there people! Try to remember it’s just a game & not important! I finally got a good board & was able to make a lot of wrapped/striped combos—in the middle of the board. Just a bit if strategy & luck combined. Try to stay in the middle & keep away from the bombs until you can’t help but release them. If you’re too frustrated leave the game alone for a while.
    Good luck all :)

  8. karrie

    Ive been on this level for 3 months now. I think I am done with candy crush….I play 20 times a day and still cant get thru. I have done everything and anything to get thru this level….I will NOT pay to get to the next level. Goodbye CC

    • karrie

      Will I be approved?

  9. Ina

    So it looks like I’m not the only one who can’t make any matches on the bottom once the top is cleared. I’m only playing to use up the 3 extra moves friends have sent but I am close to quitting because of this level. I thought with the update today that king would do something but obviously not. I don’t mind spending a buck or two once in a while but no more. This level is totally by far the worst level I’ve played yet and if it’s any sign of what’s ahead..then I’m done.

  10. Ina

    Interesting that 350 shows up on the 10 evilest levels every month. I tried a couple times today…still no luck. Eventually it will stop. This level is ridiculous. I’m sure a lot of people stopped playing at level 350. Well…at least by not caring to play 350 today. I finally made a double batch of peanut butter/pumpkin cookies for the dogs. An accomplishment.
    182 small treats.(15 dozen +2). :-)

  11. Ina

    I haven’t been playing this level is too hard and too boring. Each game I play is taking me closer to just not caring. Sad….because I adore the game but this level is wearing me down. It wont be long now…I’ll just play less and less and that will be it since its impossible to pass this.

  12. Ina

    I”m about done. I’ve taken breaks and it makes no difference. I’m not any closer to passing this level. The level is hard enough but the bombs are killers and I can’t make any combos on the bottom where I need them if I make them at all. It’s very hard to match colors as well towards the end. Whenever I open candy crush now, I just want to close it because this level is not even fun.

  13. wotamugsgame

    Are you reading this

    I’m not going to keep shuffling these frigging candies around indefinitely. If I don’ t get through this ridiculous level soon, I’m uninstalling!

    Stuff your stupid Saga.


      We are only a support community to help other crushers out, if you have a complaint for King themselves then please follow this link –

      • Wendy

        Hi “crushing candies” :) We hear you about not complaining here (those of us who know you are a support community) but…when we email candy crush saga, we only get a form letter response. They aren’t reading any emails (I don’t think anyway–how can they when they only respond with a form letter) I personally apologize for people complaining here about how the game is made as you have NOTHING to do with that, but…candy crush saga doesn’t read email complaints…

        • Ina

          I agree Wendy and I have complained plenty…just me venting. I’m sure they know all the complaints but they ignore what’s the use. The forms are worth nothing and neither is posting on their FB site. They have no problem taking people’s money though.. Level 350 has been on the 10 most evilest levels, probably since the list started. Takes awhile to get to 350. I am homebound from a Total Hip failure, 4 years ago, and I play this game all the time. I love it. I’ll be 61 next month and this game has helped me pass the time..along with my wonderful english bulldog, Nugget. But I may have to delete. I play once in awhile now because this level is not fun and you know your never going to get the 10 to 12 + boosters that the “no” booster video shows. I lost track at 3 wrapped and 6 color bombs and that did not include the stripes…hmmm I could pass with all that. I know I will delete soon…never to return because I would never start over. There are other games to play. This game will run its course and people will loose interest. Just like me and several others. They could fix this level but they won’t.

          • Wendy

            Hi Ina! A long time ago, I emailed, got the form letter in response, so emailed them again & complained about that…they actually wrote back “scolding” me for emailing too many times!! Can you imagine?!

  14. Ina

    Trying everything I read here and used the jelly boosters I got on the daily spin. But getting nowhere except more anxious and frustrated than ever before on any level. It just seems not possible to pass. Even rolled over boards looking for ones with moves to start with. NOTHING is helping. When I’ve used all my saved boosters up on this level and haven’t passed, it will probably end this game, I love, for me. I’m too old for my heart to be racing if I think I can pass it and the wham…nothing even close to make the combos I need. I’ve never seen so many negative comments on any other level on this site, so I know I’m not alone in this boring frustrated level. A shame candy crush doesn’t realize or care that so many people quit trying to play a level this hard. With every player that quits there’s always a new one starting that will eventually quit if they even make it this far. At least I’m proud of myself for that.

  15. Ina

    I was amazed I got past 345 and a couple after that. This level is the worst. I agree with everyone and nobody wants to get stuck on a level for weeks and months. I know there will be a level that will stop me from playing this game. Could be this one if I can’t pass it. I refuse to be stuck on a level for weeks and months. There are plenty of games out there to play. I’ll give this level a chance but the higher we get the worse they become and this is not worth the frustration. Candy Crush should make it easier to pass this level or they are just going to keep loosing players. Sad but true.

  16. timbellina

    I am convinced this game is…I won’t use the word ‘rigged’, but let’s just say it suits somebody’s purpose for players not to succeed.
    I have a screenshot taken from level 350, that I believe has put the game into a position that would not be possible in normal play.
    Everybody enjoys a challenge, but not one that is designed to be impossible to achieve.


      We feel you Timbellina, what was the problem that you occurred? You can send a message to King along with your screenshot

    • carolyn patrick

      The wheel is definitely rigged. I don’t know that this level is rigged, but it is just too difficult. King wants to make money off this one. Too bad – they are out of luck. I don’t spend money, I just move on.

  17. Naomi

    People who have beat this: Did you get jellyfish in the board, just as the sample video has? I do not have those. I like a challenge, but since I am never close to beating this, in almost a week, I do wonder if it IS indeed missing the fish? Or something? I truly have a better chance at Powerball….I just

    hate to keep wasting time on what may be pretty darn close to, if not completely, impossible!

    • Sam

      Hey Naomi

      This level’s tough, no doubt about it, but it’s definitely not impossible. I did it in about a week with no fish or boosters of any kind.

      The most important thing, without doubt, is to avoid letting the bombs come down for as long as possible. Just concentrate on clearing the blocks in the middle / along the bottom. Once you’ve got down into the bottom three or four rows, you need to get a couple of good stripped / wrapped combos to clear what’s left.

      You need a little luck but you can definitely do it. Good luck!

  18. quewpie

    I’m done. This level is ridiculous. There’s no skill involved, whether you get past this is 100% random. Even with boosters, forget it. There have been other frustrating levels but this has the added detraction of being absolutely mind-numbingly BORING. Sorry King, you’ve lost me on this one.

  19. JanC

    Can hardly yet believe it but I did it! Passed the Cursed 350! With advice read here + fish I won on the Daily Spin: the last of the fish ate the last jelly on the final turn. I had been holding little hope of passing after reading all the wails here. Lost count of how many days it’s been. Haven’t been playing anywhere near as often because it has been so discouraging. But I followed the tips here & persevered.
    The board didn’t seem esp lucky. Didn’t pay a penny. Got no help from Facebook. Did it on an iPhone. Here just to say that yes, it’s possible! Good luck: don’t give up

  20. RCH

    Your video for level 350 says there was no booster usage. So where did you get all the jellyfish to help you out? Did you earn them from the daily wheel and save them up? I play this game on my PC via an android emulator, not connected to Facebook, and this level doesn’t inherently contain jellyfish.

  21. Joan Petrillo

    I thought level 347 was the Pitts but finally passed it with some help..350 is hopeless even with all the tips..not fun any more..I also would like to know why they take away all my lives that my friends send me if I don’t use them right away ???..maybe it’s time to find a new game I play for fun ,not to get frustrated….


      Level 350 has been one of our Evillest levels many times before so there’s no surprise your experiencing difficulties! But if you can hang in there, then you’ll be able to beat eventually :) And lives can only be accepted from friends if you 4 or less lives left. You have the option to accept these as soon as you sign onto your Candy Crush game. If a friend sends you a life while you still have 5 lives in play, then that life will simply be void. It is very annoying we know, but its Kings rules we’re afraid. But good luck and happy crushing!

      • carolyn patrick

        Yeah, what’s the point of sending and receiving those extra lives? I have never been able to use a one. :-P


          You can only accept a life if you have 4 or less lives available otherwise, the lives friends send you when you 5 full lives, will simply not register

          • Duffy M

            I don’t understand why you’re saying extra lives can’t be accepted/used if you already have 5 lives when you fire up Candy Crush. All you have to do is X out the extra lives (top, right) and they go to an envelope thing on the top, right of your screen. They stay there to be used when you need them unless you close the game out before using them.


            Well thanks for the tip Duffy, we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! As we’ve always closed the game before using them! We shall remember this in future, it will definitely help us beat some levels much more quickly :) Thank you!

      • Carlynne Allbee

        This level is discouraging so many people. Candy Crush should remove the bombs. The level is still a huge challenge. I know because even without triggering ANY bombs, I still cannot beat this level. Came withing 1 – 5 jellies, but did not beat it.


          We can’t agree with you more Carlynne, we’re hoping one day that King will update this level to make it just that little bit easier for us!

  22. Linda J

    This level took me 7 days. This was one of the most difficult levels to pass. Thank you for your tips and videos. They are very helpful. I almost gave up, had one candy left and bought a lollipop.


      Congrats Linda and glad we could help :)

    • carolyn patrick

      7 days? Must be nice! I have been on this level for more than two weeks with no progress. :-(


        Just hang in there Carolyn, you can do it!

  23. trish

    I have been stuck on 350 forever on my iPhone., I went to my desktop to play today and it skipped me to 351 which is weird since after 350 you need tickets to move on.. when i look it still shows zero stars like I have not finished 350.. also on my phone it has not moved me past 350. Is this a new thing on candy crush?


      thats very odd. Must be experiencing some kind of glitch. I would talk to King soon to get it sorted as you may end up losing all your progress :( here’s the link. Good Luck

      • Danny

        Exact same thing happened to me. Looks like I’ll have to beat this level on iPhone or iPad before it will sync. I’m on 354 on PC facebook.


          That’s really frustrating Danny! Have you sent King a message? Here’s a link to their support group but good luck in the mean time and happy crushing :)

        • Karen Cartwright

          The same has happened to me. Still stuck on 350 on my iPhone but now on 365 on laptop as it somehow had moved to level 351. I have tried sync both iPhone and laptop but no joy (these were sync previously). I even contacted cc and they advised updating my iPhone CC app. But can’t as I have to wait for update message. I even deleted and re installed CC on my iPhone but no joy their either. I don’t play on my iPhone much

          • Rachel

            Same here. So, I am happily moving along on the PC and it seems I will be on 350 forever as my Candy Crush commute game.

    • Sharon

      Same thing happened to me too!

    • Jenny

      Yep same thing here. Passed on my PC but not on my phone.

  24. Debbie

    I have been on level 350 far to long I am finding it impossible to beat. I refuse to buy any extra boosters. Nov 27 and still trying to crush the closest is having 1 left and nothing close to crush it. So I guess i met my match. I will try a few more time. But it’s not fun any more. I like a challenge but this is driving me crazy.

  25. Ad

    I’m out. No point in playing anymore. Horrible level.


      Have you read all the tips available here? This is a frustrating level but you’ll be able to beat it eventually :)

      • DJ

        I think I’ve been on this level for about 3 weeks now……REALLY??? Why would you make something so difficult that people are so frustrated that they want to just quit?


          This is a very evil level DJ. it can make the best of us crumble, but hang in there and keep using our tips. You’ll get there eventually. Good Luck!

          • carolyn patrick

            Too many of us are tired of “hanging.”

  26. Karen Cartwright

    I’m out of here. Tips on this site been excellent but I’m unable to pass this level. Been on for two months DBS the last two weeks just playing when have a few moments but not with any real interest dnymore. Bye suger Crush x

  27. Barb

    I have spent a fortune to get to level 350. Didn’t mind so much because it got me to the next level. Tried spending money on this level still didn’t complete . Not going to spend another penny on this level. Candy Crush you may be losing some of your big money contributors on this level.


      Level 350 really is a frustrating level so i get where your coming from. Maybe have a break from it for a while and see what your chances are when you return :) Good Luck and i hope you pass it and without spending a penny!

  28. triv

    I just got tired of trying to pass this level, here’s where I step off candycrush. Bye!


      Instead of giving up completely, why not simply have a break and try again in a couple of days. Hope to hear from you soon :)

      • Nauja Jensen

        Why retur to something thats not fun anymore? A game is meant to be fun to play and something so fustrating as this is not fun.


          Ahh 350, a level that’s a part of our Evillest 10! Your right this level is very frustrating, but if you keep applying our tips and hopefully some luck comes your way, you’ll beat it!

  29. Ron

    This level is nearly impossible to beat. Played it around 250 times and only once twice I had a ‘chance’ to complete the level. Just because out of the blue the cholocate balls appeared. You need around 8-10 of those to complete the level.

    There is another way of beating this level, as I did with other very difficult levels, like 147. Stop playing for a month and then play it again. You’ll see you will complete the level in no-time. The reason is that King does not want to lose players over nearly impossible levels. So when you do return they help you out by making it easy to complete.


      Some levels will always be harder then others, but you’re right it seems when you do take a break from the game, you’ll more than likely receive a good starting board when you resume playing. But don’t forget our tips and videos here :)

  30. Jean davenport

    I have been playing for a while now on 350 and I haven’t seen any fish??


      You usually need to buy boosters for a game, but there are other ways of beating a level without them. Don’t forget to check out our walkthrough videos and see if you can win with them :)

    • DJ

      I agree….no fish on my level 350. Even when I win a fish booster to use, there are only a couple of fish.

  31. David

    Can’t pass this level at all. I think it is impossible without boosters (which I have never purchased). By the way I tried spinning that new Booster Wheel and it tells me I need an online connection even though I am online. Tried several times and get the same result.

    • Beau Nerr

      I am happy I won the lottery before I beat this level. Those odds were more stacked in my favor. The statistical probabilities if achieving this without boosters or additional moves = 0. The cheerleader that will follow will encourage you it it possible, but I suspect that optimism is from excessive marijuana intake. I just wish they’d share!

      • David Ayud

        Pass the pipe. I agree Beau, there’s just no way to pass this level without boosters. I am giving up for the time being. Taking a hiatus til next year. Going to play the Lottery like you did.


          If there’s a will, there’s a way but luck does play a factor into CC games also. Keep us updated if you manage to defeat this level, good luck!

          • David Ayud

            Passed the level but paid about $6 to do so. Never paid to pass a level before but I did this time because I was so close. Not going to spend that $ again though.


            Well done for passing it! And paying $6 out of 500 levels is not bad at all and good luck with your next set of levels :)


        Some levels are pretty tough, but its all part of the game. Well done on your lottery winnings and enjoy spending them :)

  32. Jean

    I made it this far 350′ I will not back out now. It only takes the time it takes. I’m in no hurry.


      Patience is a virtue! There’s no doubt in my mind that you will complete this level :) Good luck

  33. Beau Nerr

    Without boosters or extra moves, there is virtually no way of clearing this level. It’s just that simple.


      Many crushers have beat this level without paying a penny Beau – and level 350 is a great achievement, if you’ve made it all the way to here then I’m sure you can beat it! Keep Calm and Carry on Crushing :)

      • Beau Nerr

        Statistical anomalies. Only explanation for those who passed without aid of moves or boosters.

  34. Grandmakate

    I have never spent a cent yet but 350 is diving me crazy! I got down to 2 jelly once but that is it. Never have had fish on PC or iOS. They would help. Eventually they all happen some how!!


      Have you tried our walkthrough video? if not there’s a great new feature coming into play – free daily spin where you can win lots of goodies. Maybe you could get lucky there! However, don’t forget about our tips as they could prove helpful. Good Luck!

      • Mary C.

        I have never gotten the spinning wheel everyone is talking about or any free boosters. Is this because I am playing on a Kindle Fire?

  35. Lynda Krapohl

    I am conveinced this level is impossible for me.

  36. Maria

    Please help! Stuck in 350, I have cleared 71 jellies, seen the videos, read the tips and not able to pass. It is boring.


      Don’t give up, you have made it this far so you can definitely beat level 350. Fingers Crossed!

  37. Mariann

    I finally passed this level after trying for almost 2 weeks playing about 15-20 times per day. I was about to give up but somehow I got a good board with with combos and chocolate bombs forming out of the blue and it let me pass. Wrapped candies work the best. I used my PC and only focused on clearing the bottom jellies. The top jellies took care of themselves through the cascading effects. The most important thing is not activating the two sides bombs. Once they are out it is almost impossible to get rid of them unless you have most of the bottom jellies cleared out and even then you probably will not be able to get rid of them before they explode. Don’t give up and DO NOT spend money on boosters. You will clear this level. Just be persistent.


      Thanks for sharing your experience and well done for completing level 350! :)

  38. Jayne Harry

    Thank you for the great tips which have carried me this far. This level (350) has driven me nuts and despite using all the tips and having loads of great combos, it is just to difficult to pass. Playing games should be fun – right? My patience and time on Candy Crush is fast coming to an end. Perhaps having fish makes the difference between success and failure, but there are none on my PC version and I believe without them this level is impossible to pass.


      Maybe try this version on your mobile or tablet? Still, don’t give up there’s plenty more in store once you et past this level

  39. Smokey

    This is always the first place I come for help/tips! I don’t bother with the videos…but the comments and especially Patricia’s tips always help. This level is killing me! But I do believe that the candy crush gods listen when you complain about how you will never beat the level and then suddenly they let you beat the level. ;-) It happens all the time to me, but its taking way too long this time.I have come close maybe 3 or 4 times out of over a hundred tries, so maybe my luck is about to kick in! Still… this level could be the end of me. :-(


      Very Well Done to reach level 350, we’re glad that ours and Patricia’s comments have proved useful. So hold on, if you’ve come this far then you can definitely beat this level!

  40. Denise

    I like challenges, but when you can’t change up any possible moves the game becomes very boring. I too have seen no fish, playing on both computer and ipad. Why does the game suddenly remove ALL your saved up lives. This has happened multiple times. What’s up with that??????????

  41. Crush This

    Video is a joke. Where are my fish, color bomb to start and generous candy distribution? Almost a week and haven’t even come close. Not even a little. This may be the end of CC for me. You don’t get to 350 w/o having an idea how this game works, but it looks to require more than big luck to beat this level. Pretty stupid.


      Did you take the time to also read tips/discussion/tactics shared here? Cause they will be really helpful for you!

    • X

      This video is not a no-booster video.


        Please make sure you’ve read the tips.

  42. Cherlyn Lim

    Still stuck here….(???)
    I have read all your tips and the best I got was 72/73……


      the bad thing is…. OUCH!! The good thing is you can definitely beat it if you reached 72/73!!

      • Cherlyn Lim

        Yes, finally!! Thanks for your tips!! I just keep trying and trying patiently.


          We are glad to help you Cherlyn! Keep crushing!

  43. Pam

    I’ve never seriously thought of quitting until this level. Tried my ipad and PC and neither have the fish and I can’t beat this level. Most times I get a color bomb, stripes are positioned that I can’t get near it. After playing nearly 100 times, I only got close once. One candy left. Frustrating and boring at this point.

    Has anyone won without the fish???

    • Pam

      Finally passed this level!!! Pulled out every stop.
      Worked from the center
      Made every power up possible and only used them wisely
      Used color bombs to eliminate colors rather than with stripes which usually brings on the bombs.
      Used the bombs at the end to make last few matchs.
      Had no moves left to spare. Took at least 100 games and I don’t ever want another level like this again!!

      Good luck, you’ll need it!


        !ouch.. 100 games.. this is hard but the important thing here is that you beat it! Bravo Pam!!

  44. Gail

    This has totally stopped being ‘fun’. I thought 347 was hard but I almost always got close to winning. This level, after two weeks + I have only once come even close. I think this may be the end of my Candy Crushing Days. How long can a person go back hoping for the board that actually gives chances to make good matches. I totally agree with another poster who suggested there should be some way of eventually getting past these really random ones – a small payment perhaps to end the agony.


      There are many desperate crushers that would consider giving up after 350, but there are also a few tips here that can definitely help you.. hope you tried to take advantage of them!

  45. Michelle Lubbers

    I’m here pleading with the candy to let me pass this level! I have not, will not buy boosters to win. I cannot even come close. As Sansan said, making a complaint usually renders a winning board. That’s why I’m here too, lol. So far it has worked, but this level is really testing me. It got so bad, I even went into previous levels and earned more stars just so I didn’t feel so defeated. Still crushing…..


      did you try to take advantage of our tips and the relative discussion?

  46. sansan lee

    I haven’t pass this level yet.
    As i saw in this web, if people complained about how difficult the level was, so hard, etc etc, not long after that, they passed the level. LOL.. So i decided to make one.. :)
    Once again thx for, Patricia and the other gamer for provides so manu usefull tips and instructions.. The best website ever for the best candycrush tips..
    Wish me luck…


      All our wishes are with you Sansan! And you will do it sooner or later! Keep the faith!!

      • sansan lee

        Thanks for the wishes..
        I passed it already..
        Special thanks for Lei’s tips. it really helps.
        I read Fidget tips too, but my english not very well, so im quite not understand the instruction.. ;)
        Tips from me: focus at bottom, if u create combos, the upper area will clean it self. I got 1 color bomb/stripe combo, 1 wrap/wrap combo, and couples of stripe..
        So addicted to candy crush and You are my hero. I think i say goodbye long long ago to candy crush if i didn’t find you… LOL Thx

        • Lei

          Yehey bravo sansan! You made me laugh when you said that after people complained they passed the level hehe! But there is a point there it is because they have played the level a million times, candycrush just gives them a very doable board eventually..lets keep on crushing more candies!


          yeah, seems wishes work miracles :P ! Keep crushing!!

  47. Kzd

    Without the fish or color bomb at the start this level is all but impossible


      Probably you should try the “restart-without-losing-lives” option!!

      • Judy H

        I’d like an ‘undo’ option.


          many of us would like this option, for sure!!

  48. Lei

    Hi everyone,
    After around 2weeks stuck in level 350 i am moving on yehey!
    This is the longest I have been stuck in a level since level 65!
    I watched and rewatched the walkthrough videos and reread every tip and strategy everyone posted!
    1. Keep the bombs locked as long as possible so you have to eliminate the blockers and jellies without ticking the bomb of.
    2. All your first moves must destroy the middle portion as much as possible.
    3. Make a special candy, or rather lots of it. Wrapped+ wrapped is the best combo because it destroys a lot of blockers!
    4. Try very hard to form a wrapped candy and place it carefully on top of the middle striped candy so you get a combo that can destroy all the 5-hit abd 4-hit blockers below.
    5. I noticed early on in the game i get a lot of horizontal striped candy and it would fall in line with the 2 bombs. Do not tick it of at all cost! It the bomb goes you get 12 moves wasted on eliminating those!
    6. Form wrapped + wrapped or wrapped + striped combos below the bombs. Or above the bombs to remove massive jellies above.
    7. Do not waste moves, every move must eliminate the blockers and jellies.

    Good luck everyone! Read and reread every tip and rewatch every strategy in the walkthrough videos! Thank you crushingcandies for the tips!


      Yeaah you did it at last!! Bravo Lei!!

      • Lei

        Thank you crushingcandies for the tips and strategies! I will keep on crushing!


          You’re welcome and we DO really appreciate the fact that you provide tips on every level you beat!!

          • Lei

            You’re most welcome. I just try to pay it forward as crushingcandies has helped so much with tips and videos it is about time i share my tips with other candy crushers! Here’s to finishing levels without buying boosters! Haha!


            This is very kind of you! your support is pretty valueable! Keep sharing Lei!

  49. Lei

    Been in this level for around 2 weeks now..thank you for the tips!


      did you finally beat it?

      • Lei

        I am still playing level 350. I hope to beat it too.


          i am sure you won’t give up! THough you are definitely an expert crusher you can give a go to Pat’s tips!

  50. Fidget

    Phew! Level Completed. I think this has been the most difficult level yet. The good thing about it is that it leaves you room for strategic moves rather than relying mainly on luck.


    * Try and focus on working your way down through the blocks towards the middle of the board so that you don’t release the bombs too early. If you can get a wrapped and striped (or more than one combo) well above the bomb dispensers and in the middle of the board, then even better – the vertical hit will blast the blocks and the horizontal hit won’t release the bombs, but will help clear jelly in the top half of the board. Otherwise, make vertical stripes – there’s plenty of opportunity for that, and use them Obviously, if you make a vertical stripe in the same column as the bomb dispensers early in the game, try to match it out of the column, or don’t use it.

    * If you’ve made a horizontal stripe above the bomb dispensers, be mindful of your moves because bringing it down into line with the candies under the bomb dispensers is asking for trouble if it goes off or you’re forced to use it. So don’t be afraid of getting rid of it by matching it in the top half rather bring it down into line with the candies under the bomb dispenser.

    * Once you’ve cleared a path through the blocks, try and get wraps and/or horizontal stripes down there before using them.

    * Don’t neglect the jellies in the top half – the ones at the left and right hand sides in particular. If there’s a match that will get rid of them, use it. The last thing you need is clearing all the jelly at the bottom to find you’ve got a couple in awkward places in the top half of the board and only one move left.


    * Take a gamble. If you get a sparkly, use it. Depending where you’re at in the game, matching it against a colour might be better than matching it against a stripe.

    All in all, I think this is one of the more enjoyable levels, despite it being quite hard.


      Wow! detailed tips here! Thank you for that!

    • Lori L

      Gee, thanks for those so “useful” tips Fidget. I think we all get the strategy of this!!
      Patricia, Where are the jelly fish??? Sure would help on this basturd level!!

  51. Susan Lieb

    Another difficult level. It is starting to get boring.


      If you ask me, tough levels make the game more interesting!

  52. Bryan

    Woohoo! Just beat it and without boosters which I never pay for. Some advice on this level for those still struggling. Always keep your focus on the middle and try like heck not to make the bombs appear. If you notice you can make a special candy somewhere else, go for it. Wrapper-wrapper combos or vertical stripes are the best. Even just a standard three candy swipe is good if you can knock out more jelly. When you get down to the final two rows, the bombs will have to appear but if you focus on the cream below and to the side of it, then those bombs will eventually fall into the rest of the candies so you can deal with them. I won on my last move with a horizontal stripe wiping out the last two jellies and I never got closer than five jellies before so a lot of it is luck with the board. Goo luck and keep crushing!


      thanks for sharing your tips :)

      • June Reich

        How do you get those firebombs eliminated once it falls out of the ejector, please?

  53. Mary Lou

    when you say mail do mean email address or home address thanks

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