Candy Crush Saga Level 356


Collect 10 Striped Candies and score 40000 in 50 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 356

Make all the striped candies you can because you’re going to lose a few trying to get them matched together to collect.

If you can’t pass Candy Crush Level 356  you should take advantage of the aforementioned Pat’s tips. The video below needs an update while the last version of the level is different than the previous!

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31 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 356”
  1. Jayjay

    I easily passed this (after 10 days of struggling) after I figured something out! You can increase the number of pre-made striped candies GIVEN to you by the game and use this wealth of striped candies to make your matches. I did this by primarily making my three-in-a-row combinations from situations where you have two candies of the same color in a row or a column separated by a different colored candy. Whenever I supplied the missing candy in the MIDDLE to the pair, it seemed to trigger the dispensing of bombs and candies, usually in the upper left square. The bombs were easy to dispose of because of the number of striped combos I was accumulating. You still need to watch everything and use some strategy, but you do not have to rely primarily on making your own striped combos from scratch. Like buying frozen pie crust or strudel dough, the job was easier to complete (and more fun)!

  2. Ina

    Decided to try once this morning and made 4 combos with enough moves to finish only in the last few moves was one candy between two stripes, used the lollipop I had to remove it and made the last combo. Boy..was I relieved to put this level behind me right up there with level 350. You not only need a lucky board but you need some strategy as well, keeping your eye on all boxes and removing bombs at first chance. This was only the second time I made it to one combo left. Glad to have this behind me.

  3. Ina

    This level is as bad as 350. I’m lucky if I make one match. Lucky boards are not happening for me. I’m just ready to give up on candy crush. The board is bad enough without having to worry about bombs. It’s so hard to make the stripes and get them close even though I have figured out how the board moves. Another impossible level on a game I adore…but not enough to frustrate me like this. Sad…sad…sad.

  4. Ina

    After finally passing 350 with a lollipop…. Here we are again at a most frustrating level. This is a pure lucky board level and after playing and playing…interest goes down. That’s where I am. I’m not going to waste the few lollipops I have on making these combos. I got down to needing one and just couldn’t do it before running out of mores. I now am lucky if I make 2 or 3. Last game was 1… So you absolutely need a lucky board. You loose half the stripes you make. I love this game but seriously…help us here…the bombs waste moves

  5. JanC

    Passed this level today, playing on an iphone, no boosters. For me, I do think I got a lucky board. It was such a frustrating level, I could only stand to play a game or two at a time. I don’t think experience / repeating improved my game. I regret that I have nothing to add to the tips & strategies already posted here. Am only here to say that it’s possible to pass the level without spending money or spending weeks, so don’t give up :)

  6. Jazz

    This level is pretty frustrating, and not really based on luck. You really have to pay attention to where all the candies are going to land and stay focused. It took me a bit to get it but once I got used to the way the board flows I got the strategy down. Just stay focused and make as many stripes as you can as you will accidently lose many trying to pair them. You must plan your moves ahead if time here. It’s a tricky level but you will get it. Don’t give up!
    As always, thanks for all the tips on here!!


      Thanks for the tip and encouragement Jazz, that’s exactly what this site is all about! Happy Crushing!

  7. Karen

    I’m with Jean Davenport on the level front. I’m on 356 but is still on 350 on my iphon. My laptop and iPhone are syn and always moved on to next levels until 350. Can any one give me any advice/tips?


      Sometimes there is delays when syncing caused by technical glitches and so forth. If the problem persists then you should contact King

    • Kim Hall

      Restart your phone. If that doesn’t work, make sure facebook has updated.

  8. Jean Davenport

    Please help. I passedl level 350 on my PC. And I am now on 356. But to my shocking surprise I am still on 350 on my iPad? I can see the stars on the path that I past on my PC. Has any body had this problem?

    • Ramona Hinson

      I am having the same problem. It makes me sad since I usually play on my iPad. I hope we can find some help.

      • Tia

        Just delete the app on your iPhone or iPad. Once you download again and sync to FB it will update to the correct level.

  9. Andrew

    I almost lost the will to carry on with this level but then ….

    When I had 3 striped combos in the bag, I used 3 lollipops (from daily booster) to shift the remaining 2 combos into line. Phew!


      Well it just goes to show how great the free daily wheel is! Glad you made it Andrew!

  10. Margaret

    What is with this level! Tips are good if it were possible to follow them. You cannot work in bottom right hand corner if there are no matches! I did not understand about some boards requiring only 3 combos and some boards requiring forming 10 stripes. Aren’t all boards the same. I cannot even get close to 5 combos and boosters do not help. How do you contact King to lodge complaints or inquire about an update! This level will make me find another form of entertainment


      I feel you, sometimes it helps if you take a break from the game as you will receive a different board when you return. But the link for King is as followed

    • czaree

      This level I find super boring. You have to really concentrate I guess which is not my style. After getting through past very difficult levels in days at most I find it hard to go into this fairly challenging level as it just doesn’t get me going.

  11. Melanie

    Very frustrated. Not even fun anymore. It’s more frustrating to get to this level and have it so hard I can’t move beyond it. I am done with Candy Crush!!!!


      Have you read all our tips/discussion here? Our walkthrough videos have also proved helpful. Don’t give yet, but maybe take a couple hours break and then return to the game with a clearer, calmer mind. Good luck!

  12. ofelia

    please tell me why I don’t get the lives sent by my friends. what should I do?


      You could be experiencing a technical fault. What device are you playing on, maybe try switching to a different device? If it doesn’t sort itself out them contact King

  13. James

    Just got 4 out of the 5 needed. Aargh!

  14. Lei

    Thank you crushingcandies for the walkthrough videos and tips finished the level in about 10tries hehe!
    Candies would fall from the top left box to lower left box to the top right box then to the lower right box.
    Requirement: 5 striped + striped candy combo

    *What I did was I made striped combos in the lower right box but in my every move i watch for striped opportunities in the other 3 boxes. Then when i get my striped candies i let it fall down until it is beside another striped candy. Do not depend on luck believe me it does not work here. If you have a combo formed use it right away because you will lose the opportunity if you wait.

    *There are opportunities for wrapped candies but do not form it as it is not your requirement. Always form striped candies.

    *Avoid accidentally blasting your carefully made striped candies. So do not place these candies beside candies of the same color. Because if it blasts you go back to square one.

    *If you see bombs kill it as soon as possible before it jeopardizes your board. You can use the bombs to make striped candies.

    *No boosters can help you in this level i have realized that.

    Good luck everyone! Keep crushing!

  15. Lei

    When i see lots of comments i fear that the level is quite hard! I hope i can pass this in a few tries.


      hehe that’s true, sometimes many comments mean a great deal of complaints! But i’m sure you will do it in max 10 tries!

      • Lei

        I was laughing when you said 10tries because i finished the level in 10tries too! Thank you for the tips and videos!


          You’re welcome lei!

  16. Fidget

    I agree – it’s a horrible level. I thought it looked quite easy at first.. but no, took me about 3 dasys to get through. With my carefully crafted stripes suddenly going off(and I’m sure when they weren’t supposed to at times) and those pesky bombs, and making a move in the bottom right pane causing an avalanche… I thought I was never going to get through!


    This level is all about forward thinking:

    * You really have to think about the consequences of each move before you make it – especially in the righthand side panes. Blindy matching in the hope of getting lucky probably isn’t going to work (I tried!).

    * If you get a match, if you don’t use it right away, you’re taking a big gamble because you’re likely to lose it.

    * Keep an eye on the bombs. My general policy on them is kill them at the first opportunity, but in this level, see if there’s any moves you can make to bring the bomb into play to make a stripe. If you can’t see any, probably best kill it rather than wait and let it kill you.

    * If you’ve got some stripes in different panes, try and avoid matching three colours vertically in the bottom right pane because it can cause untold misery for any crafted stripes in all areas of the board and you find yourself back to square one with no stripes at all.

    I think it’s a bit of a random level, but this is what worked for me in the end.


      ooh! detailed tips here! Thank you so much for that!

  17. Julie

    I HATE THIS LEVEL! It isn’t any fun. I make striped candies, but they explode or arent ANYWHERE near another. ARGHH! Plus I can’t seem to get the above video to load, so HELP,! Any tips?!.

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