Candy Crush Saga Level 357

If you can’t complete Candy Crush Level 356 you shouldn’t lose your patience. Watch our vid, follow our tactic and you will beat it:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 357

There are several ways to get the ingredients out here—shoot vertically striped candies on the far left side of the board (above the dispensers) or make striped/wrapped combos or horizontally striped candy matches on the right side. Color bombs matched with the color candy blocking the exit can also help.

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7 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 357”
  1. John59011

    Fun level ? Cannot agree here. 18 ingredients to bring down in 30 moves ? Even with just 4 candies in colour, it is too much…..because what do the ingredient generate apart from ingredients ? Answer liquorice !! Thats the problem here. If 7 or less ingredients brought down in 15th move then just press the quit button and begin again. Sorry, not fun level. Seems like level passable only if to buy extra moves if in a very good position after 30 moves.


      even if you find it hard, you need to stay calm and focused and you can definitely do it without extras! Come on John keep trying!!

      • John59011

        Done with no boosters. Last move to lucky free the last ingredient :) On computer


          Thanks for feedback john!!

    • Tessa

      Absolutely agree 100%! This level stinks.

  2. Lei

    Fun fun fun level! Easily got 3 stars! I matched lots of color bombs and made lots of wrapped + striped combos. Easily finished the level doing that.
    You can either make combos in the upper part of the board using vertical striped candies or make matches in the right side of the board to bring lots of ingredients down.


      Totally Agree! Really fun level!!

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