Candy Crush Saga Level 361

Bring down 2 chestnuts and 2 cherries and score 45000 in 45 moves

Patricia Frederick’s Tips on Candy Crush Level 361

Move the ingredients to the exit columns as soon as you can. Use striped/wrapped combos to clear the bottom blocks and open up the actual exits. Open both sides of the board, even if your ingredients are only on one side as this gives the chocolate more area to move. (If you only open one side, the chocolate has no choice but to concentrate there making things more difficult. Use vertically striped candies to push the ingredients out.

Pat’s Notice: After the last update King removed a layer from the blocks at the bottom, making it easier!

If you are among the many that can’t pass Candy Crush Level 361 here is a decent walkthrough video that will definitely help you:

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32 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 361”
  1. Ina

    Well, the last game put me over the edge. I have come so close, only to loose by special candies setting off or bombs. this last one I had only one more combo to make and the move was there, with 6 moves left…and surprise…a bomb was at zero. not about to spend 2.00 for 19 bars for one move. I’ll try a few more times but getting frustrated with this level with no desire to play anymore.

  2. Ina

    Well…looks like this is it for me. There is no way I can pass this level, 361, and I can hardly make striped/wrapped. Players have been leaving at the levels we complain about. I love this game but I figured there would come a level that will loose my interest, especially when its not even fun. Even if I try once and a while and by fluke pass it, I’ll play till the next one gets me, but one day I just won’t care and that will be it. It’s too bad candy crush doesn’t read or care what their players who have gotten this far have complained about. Looks like they’d rather loose us than make us happy. I spent some money…not much..when I knew I could pass. But levels like 361 gives you no incentive to play it. Fix this candy crush…please.

  3. Ina

    I tried a few times today, got down to one ingredient left and ran out of moves when it was one away. The game after that one was a disaster. This might be the level that winds me down. I don’t even feel like playing it. I love this game but when levels are not any fun to play and boring, it gets pretty boring playing it over and over. Then I’ll just stop playing it.

  4. Ina

    This level is a boring, impossible least for me. In all the games I played I might have made 3 or 4 wrapped/stripe. Thats it…not even a lot of stripes and impossible to make any matches low to get through the blocks. Lei’s tip has not helped me as it has others. the level is just not fun. Loosing interest from this one.

  5. Mary K

    I beat 361! I followed Lei’s advice and played the original column where the first ingredient sat. All other ingredients fell into the same column and I was able to open just that one set of blockers. Her strategy works! The candies fell beautifully in 3 attempts… as I learned the how. No boosters, three stars! Thanks Lei and Patricia!

  6. Kathy

    Been stuck on this level for ages and then read that there was an update which removed one of the layers. What update and why didn’t I get it? Without this update it is impossible to pass this level!

    • Kathy

      Finally passed it but only after having to pay for extra moves! This game sure knows how to make money out of people!

  7. Naomi

    These levels…I truly loathe this game. Wish I would just quit playing..puts me In a rotten mood..And there is no update to take off a layer of meringue. Not that it would help. I get nothing on this level.

  8. Mary

    Well, I thought level 350 was going to be the end of the road for me. The bloom was
    truly off the rose. However, this level I don’t seem to even come close. King may think
    it’s great to get harder and harder, but you have taken the joy out of this. Even the the
    videos don’t seem to offer any real help. They all seem rather generic at this level. I’m
    just totally bummed.


      That’s the only thing about this saga is that you will come across quite a few levels that could seem like the end of your days especially when some of these levels are just based on luck. We suggest that you just keep utilising the tips available here and hope for a lucky board to come your way. You could also try playing your level on a different gaming device

  9. Christine

    You said King had made this level easier. If I install Candy Crush app again on my iPhone, will it preserve my current level or will I have to start at level 1 again?

  10. Jean Davenport

    Thank you candy crush for giving us our daily spin on the wheel.

  11. Jules

    I have been checking with this site for tips since I began playing. Whenever one would stump me…I came here looking for pointers rather than buying boosters. I sincerely believe this site is charmed! Even if there are no real pointers other than encouragement, I go back and beat that particular level within the next 2 tries!!! Thank you for all you do!!!


      Thank you very much Jules, we are happy you feel this way and that is exactly what this site is all about. If the tips don’t help then the encouragement will. And level 361 is a great achievement :) Keep us updated on your progress

  12. Marie

    Well this is the level that has done it for me. Too many levels that are darn near impossible has taken the fun out of this game. Too bad King doesn’t understand this. I was one who would occasionally buy a booster and since I refuse to link to my face book and allow access to my friend list, I also paid for each chapter. No more. Found a BETTER WAY TO PLAY.…….Go back to the beginning and try to get 3 stars on every level. A heck of a lot more fun and enjoyable. No need to buy boosters or pay another single cent. Too bad King, it’s just not fun anymore.

  13. Stacy

    The key for me to pass this level was chocolate bombs mixed with either a solid or stripe. I easily made several of these swaps and passed with three stars after about four tries.


      thanks for sharing your tips stacy! Keep supporting.. you get what you give :)

  14. Teresa

    You CAN do it! I was just about to give up and delete CC, when I got a stripe and a chocolate! No booster, mostly luck with a little skill! Should have seen this 58 year old woman jumping up and down fist pumping!


      Oh Teresa you’re on fire! Keep crushing!!

  15. Mark S

    I have been stuck for a week. I notice that I get closer when playing on my PC. When I play on my I Phone I rarely even get one ingredient down. The game used to be fun and I have bought boosters in the past, but this level is just plain boring and I am really not interested in it any more. Too bad King does not get this, because I buy boosters and have made it to this level, but I am thinking it is time to uninstall as this level is not even remotely entertaining.


      I feel you Mark. if you can’t play this level anymore, i would suggest that you wait till next update.. if many gamers find it hard is pretty sure King will deliver an easier version of the level after the next udpate..

  16. Marlene

    I’m on level 361……yuck. Where us the exit lane fir thus board?

  17. Lei

    Again when I saw the number of comments on this level i was like here we go again, level 350 all over again?
    But amazingly i passed this level first try with a few moves to spare. Everything went by fast so i was so shocked it was that simple.
    All the ingredients came down in one column only which was weird after reading your comments. What i did different from the walkthrough video was i only tried opening one column only, the column where the first ingredient came from, all the rest i kept closed. So all the rest of ingredients came down from there only.
    The ingredients do not come down together though they come after a few moves then 2nd ingredient comes down.
    Have fun crushing everyone !


      You’re such an experienced Crusher! The number of comments shouldn’t make you feeling anxious!

    • DBV

      I had the same experience. On about my third try I had a great board and all the ingredients came down the same column. Finished the level with 14 moves left.

    • DBV

      Had the same experience. Got a great board and all the ingredients came down the same column. Finished the level on my third try with about 14 moves left. Call me Mr. Lucky.


        Well done Mr Lucky! If you come across any tips then please keep us posted :)

  18. Fidget

    All round boring level. It’s one of those where you need to get the “goldilocks” board – the one that’s just right, otherwise you’ve had it.

    Still, it’s onwards for me to 362.


      I feel you! Good to read you finally did it! Keep Crushing!

  19. Emma

    I just passed this level only on it a day and I found the best way was to make a speckled bomb and mix it with a stripe. Then I made striped and wrapped combo and another speckled to take out the remaining colour. I still had 14 moves left when I passed.
    Don’t give up


      That’s the spirit Emma.. noone should give up and let himself thinking a level can be passed only if you pay!

  20. Trung

    Thanks for the video. I have been stuck on this level for a few days. It looks like the mobile app has problems so I will try it in facebook.

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