Candy Crush Saga Level 362

3 striped and color bomb combo

For those of you that can’t beat Candy Crush Level 362 there is always a solution. Just watch this video walkthrough and find your way to success:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 362

In the very beginning, avoid making horizontally striped candies (they could accidentally set off the bomb dispensers—this will happen with the first combo you collect, but delay it to avoid the distraction of any bombs.)

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5 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 362”
  1. kandl

    I can’t get away from the bombs. there are just too many. Any suggestions?

  2. Lei

    Enjoyable level but quite difficult.
    Requirement: 3 striped + color bomb combo
    1. What i did was i made my first chocolate color bomb then made a striped candy and swapped them. It is rather easy to form such special candies in this level.
    2. Then i unfroze the 2nd color bomb below and swapped it with striped candy. Do not unfreeze the 3rd color bomb so it would not go off accidentally.
    3. You can unfreeze 3rd color bomb and swap it with a striped. But mine went off when i did my 2nd combo so i had to make a 3rd color bomb and level is done!
    4. Be mindful of the bombs on the side pannels.


      Oh keep providing the requirements! Many Thanks Lei!


      Third color bomb? I only see two.

    • Susan Flynn

      Did what you said Lei but cascading set off bombs and could not make enough combos to get rid of them. Game over with many moves left. Once you set off first chocolate bomb with striped all the bombs drop. The video has one great board. I should be so lucky.

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