Candy Crush Saga Level 364

Collect 3 Cherries and 3 Onions

Candy Crush Level 364 is a tough level. Find how to beat it by watching this:

Patricia Frederick’s Tips for Candy Crush Level 364

The rows of bombs, blocks, and chocolate can be removed separately with horizontally striped candy matches or with one well-placed striped/wrapped combo—you will need to hit the block row one more time to totally remove it.

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9 Responses to “Candy Crush Saga Level 364”
  1. wotamugsgame

    Hazelnuts? Onions?? Acorns???

    They’re EGGCORNS!

  2. Berkster


  3. JanC

    found this level to be easy & fun! 3 stars & close to half million points. Playing on iphone, concentrated on making special combinations in lower left to take out first the row of bombs, then chocolate, then blocks. Got it within four or five lives.

  4. JanC

    Found this level to be very easy & fun! Got 3

  5. Paula Karr


    Those are hazelnuts . . . who would want onions as part of their candy? LOL.

    • Omar

      Ha ha, first I thought they were coconuts, but they are actually chestnuts.


        It doesn’t matter if they are chestnuts or onions.. you need to bring them down

  6. Lei

    3 cherries
    3 onions
    The ingredients would come down from the left box to the upper right box down to the lower right box.
    1. Eliminate first the chocolates in the lower row using horizontal striped candy or a combo.
    2. Use wrapped + striped combo or striped candy to eliminate the 2-hit blocker.
    3.You get lots of opportunities to form color bombs and wrapped + striped combos. Form all the special combos to bring the ingredients down.


      Its really useful that you add the requirements of each level.. help us update every level! Thanks for that and thanks for the tips!

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